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  • posted a message on Advice on a sealed pool
    Dream Trawler is extremely busted. You should play that card. I would try to go straight W/U and not splash if possible, but it's hard to see your full pool in this layout so I'm not sure if you have enough playables for that.
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  • posted a message on Theros Beyond Death Sealed Pool Help
    Your best rares are Phoenix of Ash and Shadowspear. Red is also your deepest color offering very nice removal with double Omen of the Forge and Iroas's Blessing. You also have some good creatures in red such as Anax, Hardened in the Forge and Underworld Rage-Hound. These cards push you towards an aggressive strategy. From there it's a matter of deciding what second color best supports that strategy. To me it looks like white is your best bet. It helps you fill out your curve with low drop creatures and provides additional removal with double Revoke Existence, Triumphant Surge, and Dreadful Apathy (though you may not want to main-deck all of these). You can build with tokens and heroic as sub-themes, and Phalanx Tactics should be an all-star in the deck I'm envisioning. Good luck!
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  • posted a message on Rate my Theros Beyond Death draft /10
    Well if you want to compare experience I've been playing since Revised (3rd Ed) and playing limited pretty consistently since 8th Ed. If you don't believe me on the lands thing, check out the "3-0 deck compendium" in this very forum. You'll see approximately zero decks that run less than 16 lands. You can probably Google up some winning draft decks from recent Mythic Championships as well and see how many lands they were running. Again, I guarantee it's 16+ for nearly all of them.

    It definitely helps to explain the low power level of your deck if you are wasting 7 picks on hate drafting. You seem pretty set in your ways though, so hey you do you. Best of luck in your future drafting!
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  • posted a message on Rate my Theros Beyond Death draft /10
    You don't think there are enough non-basics? Those Temples were all over the place.

    They're rare and most people will only run them if they are in both colors. That means most decks will have 0-1 temples in them. But let's assume they do have a temple, they draw it, and you draw your Field. You spend your two mana to "get them" by killing their temple, which they then get to replace with whatever color basic they needed more. You're very unlikely to actually color screw them unless they were using that temple to splash a third color, AND they don't have a basic of that color. That's an extremely narrow scenario. This isn't Wasteland, it doesn't actually leave your opponent down a land. The main purpose of Field of Ruin is to kill lands with extra utility beyond tapping for mana (for instance, Field of the Dead). Leave this card for the constructed players and don't waste your precious draft picks on it.

    This deck is running a 32% land base. What makes you think it needs a higher percentile clench than that?

    Uh... My large amount of experience with this game? Very few decks can get away with less than 40% land. This is pretty much the established best practice for all Magic players in the know.

    I might have done some wasted grabs with a lot of the lands, but I lucked up at the end when I was able to grab that Underworld Fires—that's the nope. Same with Mire's Grasp at the beginning. A bit of an advanced tactic grabbing things that can be a major threat against you.
    Oh boy... This is NOT an advanced tactic. Hate drafting is way overrated by newer players. Think about it. In an 8 player draft where you end up playing 3 of the people you draft with... You have about a 43% chance of playing against the player who would have taken that card you took from them. Even if you do play them, there's a good chance they never draw that card. And in the narrow window where you play against that opponent, they draw the card, and it matters... Well it's still only affecting maybe one or two games out of the 6-9 games you play over the course of the draft, versus taking a card that you can put in your deck that could potentially make a difference EVERY SINGLE GAME. Sure if there's absolutely nothing useful in a pack for you, feel free to counter-draft. Otherwise, you're basically weakening your deck for a long-shot gamble that frequently won't matter.
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  • posted a message on Rate my Theros Beyond Death draft /10
    I'm not sure why you think Field of Ruin wouldn't get passed. There's not enough non-basics in this set to make that card playable, let alone good. I wouldn't even run it in the deck as you have. You're also not running enough lands. Usually you want 16-18 lands in a 40 card deck (this one can definitely get away with 16).

    As far as rating the deck, it looks below average to me. If 5 is average, this is maybe a 4. Your deck is confused... It looks mostly aggressive, but then you have defensively statted stuff like Nyxborn Courser and Thaumaturge's Familiar, along with slow, value based cards like Idyllic Tutor and The Birth of Meletis. I think you gave up too much power by staying mono-white. I also think your deck needs to decide what it's trying to do and focus on that.
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  • posted a message on Traveler's Amulet over land
    I think running 16 land and a traveler's amulet instead of 17 lands is pretty reasonable. It starts to get a little dicey after that, though. The more lands you cut for amulets the more you are running the risk of getting no land hands and taking tempo hits. Personally if I was adding a second amulet to my deck I would cut a spell for it. I would probably not run 3 unless I had a particularly greedy amount of splash cards.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Elspeth, Undaunted Hero & Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears
    No, there's also the original Ashiok and Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded.
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  • posted a message on THB-Gamespot shows off Ashiok and Elspeth planeswalker cards and Buy-a-box god
    It seems like they pulled back on the power level of planeswalkers for this set, which is probably a good thing after the multi-format wreckers we saw in War and Eldraine.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/21 - Murder, Tomebound Lich, Cloudkin Seer, Common Lands
    I'm actually excited about this limited format. Can't remember the last time I felt that way about a core set.
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  • posted a message on Petition to put a "Dont face Mono Red decks" option in Free Play
    I just auto-scoop to mono-red in free play mode. Don't get me wrong, I ladder with mono-red, but that's the place for it. There should be a place for off-meta decks and brews. There's basically no downside to quickly scooping in free play, so as soon as I see a turn one Firebrand or Lavarunner it's head explosion for me. You get a mark in your W column, champ, but no play experience and very little quest progression. You want to play a big boy deck, take it to the big boy pool.
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  • posted a message on 9 more cards leaked on reddit (7 new)
    Wow, I thought they decided Pegasus Courser was too good for a common. Trusted Pegasus is probably just better given the stat distribution. Both of these strictly better Wind Drakes should be very strong for limited.
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  • posted a message on Sunblade Angel (AliEldrazi Twitter spoiler)
    It's fine for limited but not a bomb. 3 toughness means it dies to any old bolt type removal. The stats are just too low for six mana to get me really excited. You can usually only fit a couple 6 drops in your deck, so the bar is pretty high.
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  • posted a message on Worst deck, ever? lol
    Man, this thing is like the Plan 9 From Outer Space of Magic decks. Every single card is terrible, including the lands. Kudos!
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  • posted a message on Arena is like built for Brawl...
    It seems like War of the Spark would be the perfect time to introduce Brawl to Arena, with all the new planeswalkers and legends coming out. Hopefully WOTC takes advantage of this opportunity.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    It also doesn't say 'target creature you control'. That's not likely to come in handy too often, but I guess you could use it on creatures you don't control. I don't know why you would, but you could.
    Opponent A plays some must kill threat that's going to murder everyone if they untap with it. Opponent B plays Avatar of Woe. You could give Avatar haste so Opponent A never gets to use their monster. I like when cards allow these extremely niche interactions.
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