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  • posted a message on The Multiplayer / EDH Cube Thread
    My changes list for Ravnica Allegiance is:

    Sage of Epityr > Benthic Biomancer: Sage is strong in my cube because of the wizard tribal theme, but not strong enough. I am quite thankful for the new addition, it's great for Marchesa, Atraxa and has some neat random synergies with Nissa or Hadana's Climb.
    Mardu Shadowspear > Gutterbones: These attackers that do 1 damage to each opponent are all playable, but still quite weak when the board is cluttered. Shadowspear still has the possibility to abuse it for "cast" triggers like Extort, but Gutterbones can also offer such a functionality since it recurs to hand and is the better attacker.
    Comet Storm > Electrodominance Comet Storm is a hard cut, but I like the flexibility of Electrodominance too much. ETB-creatures with instant speed can be a blowout!
    Gyre Sage > Incubation Druid: I am quite sure that the new Druid will be a strong multiplayer addition. Joraga Treespeaker is the green Sol Ring - and Incubation Druid may be known as green Gilded Lotus!
    Craterhoof Behemoth > End-Raze Forerunners: Vigilance is very important in multiplayer and I guess with some tokens this can finish off one player but doesn't open your flanks against the rest of the table.
    Natural Order > Guardian Project: Natural Order is very strong, but my cube doesn't have many degenerate targets, but a heavy etb theme and the new enchantment fits that much better.
    Huntmaster of the Fells > Rhythm of the Wild: Rhythm, sac outlet and a persist creature? Oh yeah! Huntmaster is not that strong in multiplayer where it more often than not stagnates and doesn't flip.
    Xenagos, the Reveler > Domri, Chaos Bringer: Xenagos has a neat ultimate with Doubling Season, but Domri has so, too. And Domri draws you gas, which Xenagos doesn't.

    And for commanders
    Olivia Voldaren > Judith, the Scourge Diva: Olivia 1.0 is a very strong card in 1vs1 drafting, but in multiplayer she often does nothing before the next sweeper removes her.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Biogenic Ooze
    I am not sure how this compares to Deranged Hermit and Tendershoot Dryad. It is most likely stronger than Dryad in 1vs1 Cube.
    Triple green and one colorless is a lot for just one 2/2 that maybe continues to grow.
    I like that even if your opponent destroys your creature during their turn, you will still keep a 3/3, while Hermit and Dryad will only leave you with 1/1 creatures, although Hermit provides 4 of them.
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  • posted a message on [RNA] [CUBE] Incubation Druid
    It's not broken or even strong in Cube, but an interesting card design for sure. Also, it is the first Adapt card that I actually do not hate Grin

    Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, Hadana's Climb and Rishkar, Peema Renegade are the playable green cube cards that come to my mind and support this creature. And even then, the payoff is slow can easily be negated by removal. I would not maindeck her in a 1vs1 game, the body is too weak on it's own to be relevant as blocker.

    This creature is solid for EDH. Joraga Treespeaker, also known as green Sol Ring, is still much better, but Incubation Druid could be a similar albeit weaker variant of this effect. I will test it in my EDH cube for sure...
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Nikya of the Old Ways
    I dislike the drawback too much. I doubt that you can pick enough creatures regularly to construct a strong deck that plays around the drawback. Also, answers in cube are mostly noncreature spells.
    I would not even play her as commander in an EDH cube for the same reasons.

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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] End-Raze Forerunners
    End-Raze Forerunners is better in multiplayer cubes due to providing vigilance for your team. But even in 1vs1, it's less risky to go all in with this, compared to Craterhoof Behemoth.

    This card is most likely cheaper than Craterhoof Behemoth, for people who still need a big green finisher on a budget.

    But in the end, I guess Craterhoof Behemoth is still stronger. Even 1 creature on the board together with Craterhoof Behemoth provides +2/+2 and trample with the etb trigger. 3 1/1 token and Craterhoof Behemoth provide 24 power on attack, while with End-Raze Forerunners your team just has 16 power, a significant downgrade.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Ravager Wurm
    This feels like it misses the third option: destroy target artifact or enchantment or cmc 5 or 1 higher base power to be more impressive. Especially the missing 6 power can be a problem if you want this wurm to be removal für late game bombs like Titans.
    As it stands, this has to compete with Dragon Broodmother in my cube and even with heavy etb support, I doubt that it can take over games and win you a round in a multiplayer cube like Dragon Broodmother. Nevertheless, for a 1vs1 cube with heavy etb theme, this will be a welcome addition.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Dovin, Grand Arbiter
    The +1 ability is kind of boring. I am not sure if the -1 ability is enough.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Deputy of Detention
    I wonder if this is actually better than Reflector Mage, just because it can hit any nonland permanent, not just creatures. Being able to neutralize a planeswalker, artifact or enchantment could outweigh the drawbacks.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Sphinx of Foresight
    My gut feeling is that free Scry 3 in the first upkeep is very powerful and can change the course of a game dramatically.
    The problem is the rest of the card. If you don't have it in your opening hand, then you will only get something very mediocre, especially with all the strong etb value alternatives at cmc4.
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  • posted a message on Thawing Glaciers
    Some people put on quite a show when they have to shuffle their 99 card deck constantly, especially the ones with tiny hands. Maybe that is the problem of your player? Smile
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  • posted a message on Khorvath's Fury and Reverberate
    thank you very much Wink
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  • posted a message on Khorvath's Fury and Reverberate
    I cast Khorvath's Fury and then I want to cast Reverberate in response.

    Question 1: When do I choose the "friend or foe" part, when I cast the spell or when the spell resolves?

    Question 2: When I copy Khorvath's Fury, can I choose the "friend or foe" part anew or must I pick the same modes of the original spell?

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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Incubation// Incongruity
    I am not sold on this one.

    Pongify/Rapid Hybridization has been interesting, because it provides blue cheap creature removal, but even then the 3/3 threat you donate your opponent is a problem. I would rather play Beast Within, because it offers versatility in form of the many possible targets - even your own land for an emergency threat. For mono blue I would prefer Curse of the Swine as exile removal. But in the end - for a 1vs1 cube, I would not play any of these, because they can and will backfire regularly.
    And if I wanted a cmc 3 blue and green instant-based answer, I would pick Temporal Spring for its ability to put a land on the library and all the other uses.

    I also dislike Commune with Nature. The spell will fizzle now and then, even if your deck has many creatures. Creatures are on high demand during a draft, so I would always evaluate the card with that in mind.

    Nethertheless, the card is playable indeed, if you don't play a powered cube. However I am crossing my fingers for the rare Simic split card Wink
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  • posted a message on Scryfall takes over card search site - lame...
    Scryfall is bloated, misses some search options, is slower and doesn't work on some configurations. I dislike it and miss Frown
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Tithe Taker
    Afterlife is really interesting. I hope they offer us a three drop that surpasses Hallowed Spiritkeeper.
    This particular two drop is not that interesting. I would rather play something like Imposing Sovereign for a more relevant static ability.
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