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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ELD] Charming Prince
    Oh dear, what a man! *falls in a faint*

    I like this card a lot. 2/2 for W1 is quite impressive for such an utility card, scry 2 is useful for early turns and white is the color that has a very limited access to filtering, so it's a welcome inclusion. It's like a white version of Sage's Row Savant or Omenspeaker, but with more possible modes.
    The flicker mode is limited to your creatures (you own) and therefore much weaker than something like Flickerwisp. Nevertheless, this mode is potent with cmc 5+ creatures and sometimes it will appear as late top deck and is much more valuable than 3 life of scry 2 at this point. Oh and you can Homeward Path a stolen creature with him Smile
    I am looking forward to test the prince.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ELD] Questing Beast
    Doesn't feel right to me. I mean, I am happy for those who seek to include all the power they get into their Cube... but this is nothing I would want to cube, it just feels kind of bland and uninspired.

    I am also not playing True-Name Nemesis due to similar reasons - which irony, that it's a card that helps against it. It's like Wizards is creating a small minigame for your Cubes in which one silly card beats the next silly monstrosity :p
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  • posted a message on Banning Criteria discussion: Allow players to win out of nowhere
    My EDH Cube has an I-win card for each color in it's pool.

    Finale of Glory
    Rise of the Dark Realms
    Genesis Wave

    White is really the worst color for such cards if you ask me. There are of course many other possible candidates. Just think of Exsanguinate and stuff like that.

    The thing that we should not forget: Powerlevel varies tremendously. Some people play with just precon decks, some people play with 3000 Dollar decks. The precon deck will not win just because it plays some banned I-win cards. But in the hands of the 3000 dollar decks, some cards like Paradox Engine become broken.

    So the problem is, the same is true for stuff like Sol Ring. The casual guy can play Sol Ring and nothing horrible happens. The progamer will use it to win out of nowhere turn 4 or so. That's why some cards become problematic.
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  • posted a message on Counter-Subtheme (+1/+1 and thelike)
    I support EDH and Oathbreaker in my Cube and a counter-theme has been more and more present.

    Some recommendations:

    Chasm Skulker is playable on its own, but very scary with even minimal support.
    Ixidron does not remove counters on your creatures, so it can be quite strong in a counter-deck.
    Disciple of Bolas can break a stalemate when used on a boosted creature.
    Similarly, Prime Speaker Zegana, Greater Good, Traverse the Outlands and Rishkar's Expertise give you a nice payoff for having boosted creatures with a lot of strength.
    Spikeshot Elder becomes scary with some counters and mana.
    Dreamstealer is another good target for counters.
    Gyre Sage and Incubation Druid provide a nice mana boost for counters and Champion of Lambholt makes your creatures unblockable at some point.
    Evolution Sage is a very strong proliferate enabler, maybe the strongest we have. Just imagine her and Fertilid as a ramp-engine. The synergies are endless.
    Fathom Mage is another strong payoff card.

    The magic of this theme is, that most cards are quite playable on their own, like Verdurous Gearhulk. But in combination with a support card, they become gross. Stuff like Hardened Scales, Doubling Season or Corpsejack Menace makes sure that you can do silly stuff, but they suffer from being not good on their own, compared to other cards I named. So the question is, how deep do you want to support this theme and depending on that, you can decide what to add.
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  • posted a message on London Mulligan
    I have two EDH groups and both use the new mulligan. We like it, although the casual part of people preferred the old one. The strongest argument seems to be "this mulligan is used in each format", which helps to accept it.

    We use the modification that you do have a free mulligan, you also have a free mulligan if you have no lands on your hand (reveal) and we put each unused hand to the side but shuffle them only into the library at the end of the whole mulligan procedure.

    What I like most is that you don't do silly things like "oh 1 Sol Ring, 1 Land and the rest is *****. I put 5 cards away and draw better suff, but keep my very explosive start" Smile
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  • posted a message on Banning Criteria discussion: Allow players to win out of nowhere
    Quote from Onering »

    Expropriate should typically be worse than Time Stretch. Blatant Thievery is a good card, but Time Warp is better, and I'd rather have 2 Time Warps than a Time Warp plus a Blatant Thievery most of the time, especially when the former comes at a lower cost. It's a great splashy card, but it only becomes a problem when someone other than the caster votes for time. That's a problem that you should head off before it resolves by explaining how stupid it is to vote for time. 3+ time walks is usually going to be insurmountable, but a timewalk plus a Blatant Thievery should not be (at least when Time Warp wouldn't win on its own).

    I can't agree here.
    Time Stretch provides you an additional extra turn, but doesn't steal permanents. I doubt that you can establish as much power in your additional turn on the board as if you steal the best permanents of your opponents. Also, Time Stretch is not a solution, it doesn't remove a threat on your opponents side, Time Stretch can also be a dead card if you don't draw gas after casting it. Expropriate is just so much more of a "I win" card because of the combination of things it does.
    ALso, Expropriate is better than Blatant Thievery, because it doesn't target and can steal even the scariest stuff.

    Regarding the "but Expropriate is exiled"-argument: 1) if you want extra turn loops, you do not play Time Stretch but one of the cmc5 variants. Also, I have never seen a game where you would even need to use another Expropriate, if it resolves, that it's game over in 99% of cases. It's the very definition of a game ending spell.

    I bet that Biorhythm has a lower quote of winning games compared to Expropriate, it's a dead card in many more cases...
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  • posted a message on Banning Criteria discussion: Allow players to win out of nowhere
    Expropriate is so much better than most cards on the ban list. I can't take this ban list seriously and it's irony that they now offer these criteria - it all just looks even more random Grin
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  • posted a message on viability of 3 damage to each creature and all creatures get -3/-3
    I would like to discuss, if cards like Caldera Hellion that deal 3 damage to each creatures and cards like Night Incarnate that provide -3/-3 to all creatures are viable in commander.

    I often wonder if 4 damage & -4/-4 is the sweet spot of these limited sweepers. Cards like Crater Hellion are quite useful on many boards, while 3 damage & -3/-3 is more limitied.

    What do you think, are such cards significant enough in a vacuum? Or do you think that they are too limited for a very mixed meta?
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    I underestimated Urza and he earned his spot. It's wonderful to tap a Sword of X and Y for mana or even just an utility artifact like Cloudstone Curio.

    Also, I would disagree that you need a powered cube to make him work. Even with cheap non-powered cards like Jeweled Amulet you get your benefits - the effect maybe has even more impact.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Glint-Horn Buccaneer
    Quote from dschumm »
    I think I might be excited about this thing if the rummaging didn't cost anything

    Yeah, that is my concern too. I still have Sin Prodder in my list and will test this new Pirate, but 2 mana for the effect is quite a lot, even though it may be better than Prodder.
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  • posted a message on [M20] [Cube} Brought Back
    2 mana is the interesting part.

    The effect is more narrow than Faith's Reward because it targets in your GY (more disruptable) and the permanents enter tapped. But 4 mana is a huge burden and 2 mana even with small drawbacks makes this kind of effect better.

    Nevertheless, such cards are dead very often. I once tested two cards: Otherworldly Journey and Graceful Reprieve and both of them were almost unplayable, even with a huge focus on etb creatures. While Journey was useful at times because you can time the effect (and can use it as tempo removal), Graceful Reprieve was even worse, because you constantly had to keep 2 mana open for it to actually do something. Only a sac outlet helps with Reprieve and now this newly spoiled card.

    Maybe I underestimate the effect - returning a fetchland can be quite helpful and returning a planeswalker with all counters, ready to activate again is also a strong play. But how often do such things happen and wouldn't you wish to have something less situational in you hand?
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  • posted a message on Yarok, the Desecrated and Necromancy
    What happens if I have Yarok, the Desecrated on the battlefield and cast Necromancy, assuming that there are two legal targets in a graveyard for Necromancy. Can I reanimate one creature and with a second trigger a second one, while losing the first creature again? Or do I just get to reanimate one target, as if Yarok doesn't exist?
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  • posted a message on [M20][Cube] Cavalier of Dawn

    source: http://mtg.bigmagic.net/article/2019/06/preview/M20.html

    Cavalier of Dawn - 2WWW
    Creature - Elemental Knight

    When Cavalier of Dawn enters the battlefield, destroy up to one target nonland permanent. Its controller creates a colorless 3/3 Golem artifact creature token.
    When Cavalier of Dawn dies, return target artifact or enchantment from your graveyard to your hand.

    So here we have the white version of the new Cavalier cycle.
    4/6 Vigilance for cmc 5 is not impressive, but there is also the option to get another 3/3 Golem if you blow up something insignificant on your side (like a 1/1 token or a mana artifact).
    The more regular mode to blow up something on your opponents side is not impressive, but versatile. I like that the body and Vigilance help to mitigate the drawback of giving a 3/3 to your opponent.
    And finally, you can return an artifact or enchantment to your hand when the Cavalier dies, which helps to win attrition wars.

    I guess this one is too slow and narrow for traditional cubes. I could imagine trying this out in a multiplayer cube or in a low powered cube, although the casting cost is still quite a burden. A card must be really bonkers, like Cryptic Command, to justify this drawback.
    I will test this in the spot of God-Eternal Oketra, but I doubt that it can outperform her.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Urza, Lord High Artificier
    So, has anyone tested Urza already? I am shocked by the high price and still not sure if this card is worth the cost.

    I would cut Whirler Rogue or God-Eternal Kefnet for Urza and I dislike very much that he is just 1/4 with a 1/1 (without evasion) if you don't have other artifacts in game.

    I am overwhelmed by rating this card. My cube does not really support artifact decks, so is Urza anough good stuff in a vacuum?
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][WAR]- Blast Zone
    edit: misread the card

    It's solid and an interesting tool in the hands of slower decks.

    XX for counters is a bit inefficient though, you pay double the CMC if they only have one permanent that must be destroyed.
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