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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Quote from icehippo »
    Hi everybody. I’m seeing Dromoka's Command played more, anyone playing this card like to explain why this card is so good and worth including in the main board?
    Quote from Joban8 »

    On a similar note, it appears Open the Armory has gained some favorability again; a lot of those same lists that have D Command have OtA as a 2 of MB. OtA always looked so good on paper, but never really panned out in practice; aside from 1 of auras that one might want to tutor up depending on matchup (Spirit Link), OtA is almost always going to be used to fish for a Coronet. The problem with that is we need access to 3 white mana and 4 mana total in order to play both on the same turn. I think a case can be made for OtA in decks that play a lot of 1-of toolbox auras, but there's no benefit to be had by jamming it into a typical decklist IMO.
    These decks you are seeing are basically just copying the decklist of the GP Liverpool winner (team modern):

    Mostly I think it just comes down to that the first 57 cards of the deck are a lot more important than the last 3. As long as you have the core of the deck the final few choices are only going to make a marginal difference and it's possible to win with worse variations of a deck. As this was a team event it's hard to know if he even won a lot. What we can see is that the the normal "5th removal spell", Dismember, was unavailable as one of his teammates was using it. In general I find Dromoka's Command fairly terrible as it's completely unreliable in the matchups where you need removal the most. You cannot guarantee that your creatures are larger, it doesn't exile and having to hold up 2 mana instead of 1 is also a huge downside. The flexibility of countering a bolt or killing an enchantment would only make it worth running in very specific metagames.

    Open the Armory is awful in Bogles. The extra 2 mana to choose an enchantment from your deck make pretty much every choice terrible. If you want a slower powerful enchantment, which is pretty much what it is, you should be running Unflinching Courage instead. The best reasons to be running Open the Armory is probably the possibility of including Gelid Shackles and Wheel of Sun and Moon as fetch targets, but he's not even doing that so not sure why he's running it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    In the next game, he turn 4 plays Spoils of the Vault with Lab Man in play. My 6 card hand was not going to beat the following turn's Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace anyway.

    Spoils of the Vault + Laboratory Maniac isn't really a combo. Or do you mean he played Angel's Grace + Spoils of the Vault + card draw?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    [quote from="mcsavage702 »" url="/forums/the-game/modern/established-modern/aggro-tempo/220251-g-w-auras-bogle?comment=2593"]
    You guys probably already know this, but Leyline protects against Gifts Ungiven too. Not that you would side it in only for those, but...

    Against Storm Leyline of Sanctity are decent as they force an answer before they can Grapeshot, and stopping Gifts Ungiven is also useful. However, I had one Storm opponent side out Gifts Ungiven and some Past in Flames to be less vulnerable to Gaddock Teeg/Leyline/Rest in Peace. Instead he took in Pieces of the Puzzle and went for a more straight forward storm plan. So be careful about oversideboarding too much and slowing yourself down.

    Regarding the Kor Spiritdancer I just feel like it's not the best card, especially in multiples, and a long time ago I replaced one with a 21st land. But again, this is a meta dependent choice and the difference in results will be very marginal either way. Hard to say what is correct.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    With more and more cards getting printed there are a lot of auras competing for the same flex spots. Spirit Link, Gryff's Boon, Cartouche of Solidarity, Spirit Mantle and Unflinching Courage are all reasonable options. I've just found Spirit Mantle to be the most useful recently. It's excellent against Grixis Death's Shadow and it helps a lot with blocking against decks like Human, Hollow One and so on. With all the options available now Spirit Link feels a bit too narrow, unlike all the other auras it's truly useless in a number of matchups. Path to Exile I've always felt were essential, it helps so much against decks like Affinity, Burn, Humans, Eldrazi, Hollow One, Bridgevine, Bant Spirits and so on. Even in matchups where it's weaker like Jund and Mardu it's still very servicable and will buy you a few turns to topdeck something. But, if UW control becomes dominant, it's certainly time to drop the Path to Exiles and go all in on Gryff's Boon.

    On the other hand William Ljungberg also went 12-3 at GP Prague with a list containing 4 Gryff's Boon and 3 Unflinching Courage but only 1 Path to Exile and 1 Spirit Mantle. All in all the deck mostly relies on the 30-34 fixes slots and the rest makes a smaller impact. I haven't been testing enough against the current meta to make any authoritative statements.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    I feel like the matchup is good overall, probably 60-40. To start with they will only draw Scapeshift in something like 50% of games. Secondly it's not always fast enough. They need a fairly specific draw to play Scapeshift with 7 lands on turn 4 and even then we might still be on 19 or above due to Coronet or not taking damage. Meanwhile Bogles will win on turn 4 very frequently. Primeval Titan is often not enough to win as we have Path to Exile, and it can't really block a large Bogle either. After sideboard we have Gaddock Teeg to shut off the Scapeshift plan, and if we can protect him with Umbras that can mean game over right away. I'm generally more worried about Pyroclasm than Sweltering Suns as that can be cast before Umbras or Ethereal Armor comes down. And then there's Leyline for some extra disruption.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    I also played this deck in GP Stockholm and finished with a respectable 12-3 record for a 19th place. Unfortunately I lost the round 15 win-and-in so missed out on top 8. All three of the losses were against UW Miracles, which is somewhat concerning, but I also beat it twice in the tournament. Terminus is a huge problem but it's also almost the only relevant card in the matchup. I was frequently able to reload and overcome the first Terminus and in several duels I won through 2 of them. All in all I think this matchup is fairly close to 50-50. One thing to note is that you need to keep Spirit Mantles post sideboard to get through Timely Reinforcements. Take out Path to Exile instead, as they are even more useless than against the old UW control.

    In addition to this I beat GDSx2, Bridgevine, Jund, Affinity, Mardu Pyromancer, Bogles, Titanshift and Bant Spirits. I won't recap every game because it's not super interesting and to be honest I don't remember all. Some interesting notes:

    I basically gave away one duel against Bant Spirits. I started out with turn 1 Bogle and he had turn 1 Mausoleum Wanderer. At this point I had only 1 more land in hand along with Kor Spiritdancer, Rancor and 2xDaybreak Coronet. I played the Spiritdancer figuring that between the next draw step and Spiritdancer trigger, I should be able to draw another land. Of course I did not, and as a result he was able to Spell Queller both of my Coronets (once off a Collected Company) and counter all the Path to Exiles with Mausoleum Wanderers. If I just play Rancor and pass on turn 2, the next turn's Daybreak Coronet will just straight up win me the game.

    I also gave away one duel in the mirror which is especially embarrassing. I was on the draw and we both had a turn 1 Bogle. She was stuck on 1 land and I just had a Dryad Arbor so we played 1 aura each on turn 2. On turn 3 I still had no third land but I played a Spirit Mantle to be able to reduce damage by blocking (her bogle was 5/3 at that point). However, assuming she had any 1-mana aura (exceedingly likely given the lack of lands) this would not have been enough as I would die over 2 turns anyway. I was at 10 after 3x Canopy use and 2+5 damage from the Bogle. Much better would have been to play a 1 mana aura using Dryad Arbor, then EoT Path my own Arbor to get double white for Daybreak Coronet. This would have beat almost any play from her side, especially given that I could follow up with the Spirit Mantle next turn.

    In game 1 against Bridgevine he was on the play and on turn 3 he attacked me with Greater Gargadon, Vengevine and four 2/2 zombies. I was able to chump the Gargadon with a Bogle, kill one zombie with my Bogle+Ethereal and take 10 damage to go from 14 to 4. On my turn I could play Spider Umbra+Daybreak Coronet to attack for 8 gaining to 12, and at this point he couldn't even attack as Greater Gargadon would die to the 8/8 first strike lifelink and his other units would not deal enough damage. I guess this highlights how good this matchup is, that even with such a crazy start on the play I was able to win on turn 4.

    Against Titanshift post sideboard he had Engineered Explosives but I was able to build up on a Spellskite. Gaining to 26, even a "36 damage Scapeshift" was not lethal as I could pay 24 life to redirect.

    All in all I'm happy with my deck choice and will probably play the deck again in the future. I'm still interested in the blue splash for Stubborn Denial as a way to fight against Terminus (and combo decks like Storm/KCI), but as I had no time for testing there was no chance for this tournament. The prevalence of Field of Ruin could prove problematic for this plan.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Game 1 against burn, I was at 3 against an opponent swiftspear and 2 cards in hand and 3 lands. His earlier play has been all burn spells to trigger the swiftspear. Tapping all his mana each turn

    I had a 5/3 bogles with opponent at 12. With 2 lands in play, my hand was all lands except a canopy.

    My choice is to
    1.attack with the 5/3 (rancor, ethreal armor) and hoping to dodge any burn spell for one turn, and draw a gryff boon for lethal or lifelink aura next turn.

    2. Or stay on defence to avoid goblin guide, and only goblin guide and hope to topdeck lifelink aura

    What will you pick?

    Game 2 I drew an interesting hand against burn on sb game playing first:
    Fetch x 2
    Horizon Canopy

    My deck only plays one arbor.
    Do you think that is playable?

    Game 3 sb game against burn, hand is this which I play first:
    Path x 2

    Would you keep this?

    1. It's definitely worth attacking here. In addition to Gryff's Boon, Spirit Mantle and Ethereal Armor are also lethal. He might even choose to chump with Swiftspear right away as he might not be able to the turn after if you play Boon/Mantle. In total these add up to many more outs than just the 4 Coronets if you wait.

    2. This is an easy mulligan. Keeping without a hexproof creature is always really sketchy against burn, and having the Dryad Arbor in hand makes it much worse because you cannot fetch it EoT. The Leyline cannot make up for this by itself. If the Dryad Arbor was a Spider Umbra instead, it's potentially keepable because you can fetch Arbor at the end of opponent's turn 2 and then suit it up with Umbra+Coronet right away. Still, he might not tap out on turn 2 and you're screwed.

    3. This is a keep. While again you have no hexproof creature, this is a 6-card hand that in addition to Leyline can defend itself with the two Paths. I don't think you're favored to win the game with this hand, but it's probably better than an average 5 card hand.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Abundant Growth was never a core card in Bant Hexproof. puts the average number of copies at 0.2, so basically 1 in 5 decks ran a single copy. That's not exactly relevant for Modern Bogles though.

    In modern, I feel like this card does way too little. The point with Keen Sense is that against a grindy deck with few creatures, it can run away with the game and create a continuous source of card advantage. If someone is trying to leverage Mana Leaks, Logic Knots and Cryptic Commands against you, drawing an extra card every turn will win you the game. Not so with Abundant Growth, which is basically a do-nothing card in those matchups that slow you down but that the opponent has no need to counter or deal with. Remember that a card that draws two cards provides card advantage, but a card that draws just 1 card provides no card advantage at all. I'm not sure exactly what matchups Abundant Growth would be good in? It always slows you down and doesn't provide any card advantage.

    That being said, I've never liked Keen Sense either as I feel that it's a win more card. If you are already connecting with a creature to the face you are already winning the game, and Keen Sense doesn't at all help you get to that point. Something like a Cartouche of Solidarity of Gryff's Boon will actually let you attack through or around blockers, while Keen Sense can often be embarrassing in those situation. If you are arguing that the Keen Sense can come down early and help you draw into more auras, I would probably prefer replacing it with something like Unflinching Courage that is a slower but extremely powerful card. Unflinching Courage will most of the time have a bigger impact than whatever you can draw from a Keen Sense.

    Reid Duke made a great choice back in Worlds 2013 to play 4 Keen Sense and 0 Path to Exile maindeck, because 7 of his 15 opponents were playing Jeskai Control. That's probably the only tournament in history where Keen Sense has been worth it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Against Titan Shift, do we sideboard in Teeg?
    His only utility is to stop Scapeshift but the card is one of the win condition for Scapeshift...

    And with the increased adaption of Terminus in UW control, that matchup has turned from fair to unfavorable. Any good sideboard cards available for that matchup?

    Yes, we do. As long as they cannot cast Scapeshift we can often win against Primeval Titans with Path to Exile or just by having a 6+ power first striker. Cards like Anger of the Gods and Lightning Bolt can deal with Gaddock Teeg, but if you can throw an Umbra and something else on it that's very difficult for them to deal with.

    Against UW Control I'm really not sure, Terminus is very problematic. Gaddock Teeg is obviously great in the matchup, stopping Terminus, Cryptic Command, Teferi, and so on. Still, it dies to Path to Exile and many other cheap removal spells that they run, so it's not reliable. Other cards that has been good against control in the past like Guttural Response and Mana Tithe are also not reliable against Terminus. The best thing I can think of is splashing blue for Stubborn Denial.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Some pros said that you can keep hands with fetch for dryad arbor as your only creature in some matchups.

    I found that to be fragile and too slow most of the time.

    In what matchup is that play workable? I am refering to a hand of 6-7, not 5 or below where in that case you may be forced to keep that and hope for the best.

    I keep Bogle-less hands quite frequently. I am much more likely to do it on the draw, because Bogle-less hands tend to be better against turn 1 discard. Mulliganing to find a creature only to have it discarded can be disastrous. In general, you want Bogle-less hands to be very well-balanced apart from the lack of Bogle.

    Things that make me more likely to keep a Bogle-less hand:
    • Daybreak Coronet with another aura
    • Umbra
    • 2 white mana in addition to the fetch
    • Path to Exile
    • Kor Spiritdancer

    For example, this hand is great, probably better than many hands with a Bogle: Windswept Heath, Razorverge Thicket, Horizon Canopy, Hyena Umbra, Rancor, Daybreak Coronet, Path to Exile. I would keep this against most decks. You have a creature via the fetch, you can protect it with an Umbra and with the Coronet you will beat any deck relying on creature combat. A turn 5 goldfish is not great but if a combo deck stumbles it can be enough. It also has a Path which is great against any creature strategy like Affinity, Burn, Humans, Bridgevine etc.

    It's also worth noting that even without a Bogle in the starting hand, there are 8 left in the deck and only 53 cards. Each card you draw has a 15% chance of being a Bogle. It's not uncommon for me to fetch a Dryad Arbor EoT on turn 1 only to draw a Bogle and play that instead. This gets even more common with 6 card hands where you get to scry, and on the draw.

    Some comments against the meta. Sideboard is more important as you won't know their deck for game 1 usually.
    • Humans - only punish is Reflector mage that they sometimes take out post SB. Keep reasonable Dryar Arbor hands.
    • Tron - Dryad Arbor can be dangerous against Dismember, Karn or Ulamog, but this matchup is all about sideboard anyway. You're looking for Gaddock Teeg and Stony Silence, so if you have those absolutely keep hands without a Bogle.
    • UW Control - Because of Path to Exile and Cryptic Command Dryad Arbor is awful here. Almost never keep 7 card hands without a Bogle and rarely 6 card hands.
    • Hollow One - Dryad Arbor is ok here, but you need to have the right tools. Preferably Daybreak Coronet.
    • KCI - Dryad Arbor is fine here, but again we're looking for sideboard cards. Stony Silence/Gaddock Teeg is much more important than a Bogle.
    • Burn - Dryad Arbor is very risky here as it not only dies easily, but is also often too slow. On the play with an umbra it gets better, but still need Coronet and/or Leyline, maybe both at 7 cards.
    • Jeskai - Dryad Arbor is awful here. If you keep a 5 without a Bogle you're hoping to draw one rather than win with Dryad Arbor.
    • Mardu - You can keep Bogle-less hands with an umbra here, but 7-card hands would need to be pretty great to do so.
    • Bant Spirits - 4 Path to Exile is enough to be vary, but if the hand is great with Coronet and nice auras you can keep even at 6-7.
    • Bridgevine - They have few ways to interact with Dryad Arbor so as long as you have Coronet or Rest in Peace feel free to keep without a Bogle.
    • Storm - Due to the speed needed here I would rarely keep 7's relying on Dryad Arbor. At 6 cards you might need to keep turn 5 goldfishes with some protection like a Rest in Peace or a Path to Exile.
    • GDS - They have a lot of removal so it's rarely worth it, but on the draw with Leyline and a balanced hand you can keep.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Quote from Joban8 »

    I'm all for trying out non-traditonal lists, but even when you consider auras/enchantments of any color that have been printed since RTR, the short list of playable cards is pathetic. Especially considering there was an entire 3-set block built around enchantments during that time span. Regardless, Bant is an interesting option that has always seemed like it'd have potential; I'd like to see someone tap into it and put up some tournament results.

    I don't agree with this, there have been plenty of Auras printed. In our own colors we have Gryff's Boon and Cartouche of Solidarity that are good enough to see play, and several other cards like Forced Adaption, Glaring Aegis and Cartouche of Strength that aren't that far from playability. Looking at blue we have Aqueous Form, Arcane Flight, Curious Obsession and Cartouche of Knowledge as possibilities. White and blue have gotten enough auras that UW Aura decks have been standard viable even without hexproof creatures:,

    Red has gotten Consuming Fervor and Madcap Skills and the two remaining Cartouches and all 5 Ordeals are also borderline playable, but those colors aren't really serious contenders for our deck.

    Compare this with the number of cards other linear decks have gotten and there's not a huge difference, most decks have only gotten a couple of potentials in the last 5 years. Bogles has a bit of a problem because the viable pool is reduced to such a huge extent, with the only thing we care about is the highly contested 1-2 mana GW creature aura slot. It's really hard to create fair but viable cards in that extremely small design space.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    Guys, when are we supposed to take out the dryad arbor?
    Or the dryad arbor is not supposed to be boarded out?

    Never take out Dryad Arbor. Even in matchups where it's worse than usual, having the option available of using 1 of 8 fetch lands to get it is just so useful. Sometimes they just don't have the removal spell and you get there.

    @FoodChainGoblins: A bye is almost always good for your tiebreakers, but starting 1-2 is terrible for them. In a normal tournament, the person you beat in the first round starts out 0-1 and is unlikely to positively contribute to your tiebreakers. Statistically they'll often drop at 1-2 or 2-2 and which is 0.33 or 0.5 for your OMW%. The people that you beat in round 2 and 3 is going to be at 1-1 and 2-1 and will be better for your tiebreakers than the one starting 0-1. So getting a bye in the first round is helpful. Of course, the person starting 0-1 could end up going X-1 and being great, but statistically he won't do that often. In your case, if you won round 4 instead of getting a bye the person you beat would have been 1-3 and contributing 0.33 towards your average. So you would most likely have had even worse tiebreakers if you had not gotten a bye. In a 16 person 5 round tournament you will be knocked out of top 4 by starting 1-2 probably 99% of the time.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    If you could draw cards or prevent the opponent from attacking you with Sixth Sense, that would pretty much make it strictly better than Keen Sense and it would actually be a relevant upgrade. I can certainly imagine playing it on a turn 1 Glistener Elf/Vault Skirge/whatever to prevent attacks.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work because Sixth Sense gives the creature the ability, so the controller of the creature draws the cards rather than the controller of the enchantment. I tried to think about situations where there's any difference at all, but all I can come up with is extreme corner cases involving almost empty libraries and/or Spellskite. So I think you can use either of them or maybe a split to get around Meddling Mage.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    I looked at the match against Bant Company, and there were definitely some plays I don't agree with. Hope you don't think I'm too harsh.

    Game 1:
    Starting at turn 3, just passing seems way too weak. I get that you want to play around Spell Queller, but since he's a collected company deck he's likely to hold up mana for most of the game. If you don't want to risk the Daybreak Coronet I would at least jam the Kor Spiritdancer. Your play did end up working out since he played Spell Queller on end step anyway, but you couldn't be sure he had it.

    On turn 4 you made a pretty serious error of exposing Spiritdancer to Path by fetching too late. You should first fetch a plains, then play the Spiritdancer+Daybreak to ensure the card draw. If you did that he would probably have played Spell Queller on Coronet instead, so it might have ended up worse for you, but playing around the second Spell Queller seems incorrect.

    When you drew the Rancor, you knew that he had Spell Queller in hand (from Eternal Witness) and mana up, so there's no reason to play it right away. If you just keep it in hand he's forced to keep mana up indefinitely. Eventually you might be able to play several auras in the same turn or at the very least get a bonus card from a Spiritdancer. As it played out, without the damage from the Spell Queller on Rancor you would have easily lived another turn and won the game.

    When you draw the Spirit Umbra, it doesn't really do much on the Dryad Arbor. While there's some benefit to boosting the Ethereal Armors and chumping a flyer later, I would rather just keep it. You can use it for a second Bogle or Spiritdancer, even if you didn't end up needing exactly the damage it gave for the lethal.

    Game 2:
    On turn 3, it seems you missed 3 damage by not attacking with Gaddock Teeg. Not sure about the thinking there. Also I don't understand why you don't crack horizon canopy right away to see if you draw something. You have Ethereal Armor in hand so if you draw another spell you can just play both of them on the same turn.

    Game 3:
    It looks like you forgot to attack with Gladecover Scout on turn 2 and missed 2 damage? Feels like you're getting a bit tired and sloppy at this point, maybe in a hurry too. Always worth keeping in mind that with a draw one of you will make top 8 and it could be you. No reason to rush it if you have a bad hand.

    On turn 3 you path the Knight of the Reliquary and this looks like a mistake. You could just play the Cartouche and attack for 3 or 4 damage (depending on if you want to build 1 large or 2 smaller bogles). You know he has missed a land drop so getting him to 4 lands turns on Collected Company. He has no forests/plains to sacrifice to Knight either. Yes he could use Field of Ruin to get a basic land, but this would tap him out for the turn and you can Path it later (he also might not think of that play). The one problem is that in theory he can get a Ghost Quarter to lock you out of white mana, but this puts himself down to just 2 mana and nothing to sacrifice, it I doubt he will do that.

    As the game played out there was obviously nothing you could do anyway. With a mull to 5 into a weak start, matchups like this can be difficult. I actually he made pretty significant errors too, for example Negating the Rest in Peace which does nothing against the Worship plan or really any of his cards in play. Worth noting is that even against Worship you can actually draw the game with Daybreak Coronet or even win it by milling them out, so never concede the third game just to Worship.

    Game 1 was where you would have had to pick up a win and I think you easily could have with some better decisions. In the early turns there are certainly different arguments in favor of different plays, but playing the Rancor into the known Spell Queller, there's just no reason to do that.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    R1 - Humans: Bringing in artifact removal just to deal with Aether Vial is not worth it, especially not if you only have 2-mana ones. Aether Vial is already a pretty poor card against us since it's a bit slow. On the other hand Path to Exile is a powerhouse. I do not understand at all keeping them in the sideboard against an aggressive creature deck.

    R2 - Monowhite Hatebears: Again, Path to Exile is great here. There's a number of relevant creatures that you need to deal with and their entire game plan is creatures. Seal of Primordium is probably worth it too though, since you can expect some shenanigans like Worship, Spellskite, etc.

    R3 - Titanshift: In my experience Spirit Link is not quite good enough here, as they can quite easily get to 36 damage, especially as you slow yourself down by including it. I also think that Path to Exile is better than Spirit Mantle, as in the games where they don't draw Scapeshift you can win just by exiling their Primeval Titan. It can also prevent chumps from Sakura-Tribe Elder if it doesn't seem useful otherwise.

    R4 - KCI: We certainly have a lot of sideboard here. I would probably even bring in Seal of Primordium, as it helps stop them go off and can sometimes kill Mox Opal or Mind Stone or something like that. Engineered Explosives is a problem but since both Gaddock Teeg and Stony Silence prevents it we can live with it. It's almost Again I don't really see the point of keeping Spirit Mantle against a deck that doesn't really do creature combat at all. It's important to realize that Spirit Mantle is only good against some decks. The base stats on it is terrible, it costs twice as much as umbras and provide no protection against sweepers or extra abilities. Unless you desperately need early blockers or infinite chumpers could be a problem, take it out.

    R5 - 4c Saheeli: This is probably just gonna be a bad matchup but sideboarding seems fairly ok even with the misidentification. I would have assumed some sort of Kiki Chord deck upon seeing Oath of Nissa (and that's often combined with Saheeli combo) but there probably wasn't much to do. I don't think you can even bring in Seal of Primordium as you don't even know if he's running Blood Moon and you're desperate for a fast clock.

    R6 - Jund: Not much sideboarding to do here when Leylines are maindeck. Rest in Peace is certainly an option. My opinion on that plan is that against Jund you cannot afford to screw around too much. If you have a Leyline and Rest in Peace in play, how are you still gonna have enough creatures and auras to beat him down? Especially when he sees you are low on auras and focuses Abrupt Decays and Maelstrom Pulses on them while ignoring your utility enchantments. Even so, it depends a lot on their specific build. In the past I figured RiP was not worth it against only Tarmogoyf, but if they also played Lingering Souls I brought them in. The same argument could be had for Kolaghan's Command and Scavenging Ooze, though both are likely to be boarded out in the matchup so not sure about that. You could argue that RiP alleviates the need for Path to Exile to some extent, but it doesn't answer Dark Confidant.

    Spirit Mantle is a card that I'm quite torn on against Jund. It's often pretty bad tempo as it costs 2 mana and trades against the removal 1 for 1, and it opens you up to getting very blown out by instant removal. At the same time I have certainly won games where i was lacking action and just held a Tarmogoyf back several turns, and it's often a good topdeck in tight games. As I haven't really tested much against Jund since Bloodbraid Elf was unbanned I'm not gonna give any definite opinion here.

    Mardu Pyromancer: They certainly could play Crackling Doom, but as long as Bogles is limited to 1-2% of the meta, they're unlikely to want to. This matchup can be good or bad depending on the number of discard, Liliana of the Veils, Blood Moons, Engineered Explosives, Wear/Tears, and so on. I think it's fairly close to 50/50 though, as they still can't really deal with Daybreak Coronet at all.
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