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  • posted a message on Sleeves and Storage Discussion
    I'm in the final stages of foiling my cube. As many of you are aware it's pauper cube. While there's only a handful of kinda valuable cards (N/M foil USL Rancor, N/M Alpha Prodigal Sorcerer and Terror, etc...) would the benefits of KMC+Perfect Fits outweight the cost?

    I use the cube weekly and shuffle pretty hard. I have the very cheap Ultra-Pro sleeves and they are splitting on the bottom constantly. I need to upgrade my sleeves sooner or later (probably sooner) but if I need to do it I want to do it right this second time around.

    Your thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Who would you like to cube with
    Quote from Konfusius
    7 of you guys who are reading this because you spend quite some time in the cube forum, in order to improve your own cube by sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences. There are a lot of interesting people and great magic players in the world, but who can match the love for cube better than fellow cube owners?

    Quote from Goodking
    I'd like to Cube with anyone from the Cube forum really. We have a good sub-community going on here and I'd relish the opportunity to actually play MtG with people other than my partner!


    I want people who love cube so much they will discuss it endlessly. I'm sure the enormous amount of feedback would cause my head to expode but it'd still be totally worth it.

    Quote from rantipole
    1. Evin Erwin
    2. Tom LaPille
    3. Aaron Forsythe
    4. wtwlf
    5. calibretto
    6. silent edge
    7. Tori Amos (any excuse to meet her)

    No offense meant to others on this forum. I just find myself most often agreeing with wtwlf, calibretto, and silent edge, so I'd want to meet them and get a chance to sling some cardboard.


    Nice list, though I would point out that actively seeking those who disagree with you can potentially provide so much more in viable feedback. Seeing other opinions, in action in pick choices, and discussing a contrary view is something that has always benefitted me more.

    Of course, one could argue that I'd just been wrong more often but I'd like to think that being challenged to defend my perspective (and testing it and opposing views in action in cube draft) has not only improved my cube but helped strengthen my ability to review cards and make plays. (I'm not going 0-3, 0-4 in Limited events anymore... though I've still got a lot to learn.)

    Honestly though, I'd just be happy to meet other cube players who are earnestly excited about a Pauper cube with a heavy multicolor and Limited focus. I'm convinced that I exist alone in a niche that's just too small.
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  • posted a message on Star City Games' 5k Philly
    Quote from FoxBat
    I'm in the philly area and was debating going for the side events, I've never cubed before and this would push me over the edge to head out there. Smile Is there a good time range to show up, I definitely wouldn't want to miss some cubing. Oh and how do we all find you? Grin

    If you want a fully powered, broken-card packed cube experience (perhaps the best kind of cube experience there is) then don't bother to find me.

    However, I will be there around 1:30 PM with the first goal of getting cards signed. After that I would be open to cubing with my pauper cube - if you like Limited and/or commons (the Pauper concept) then you'll get a kick out of my cube. I'll be wearing a black shirt that has "I'm with pwnd ->" in white text on it. I'm also a heavy-set, tall white guy with a goatee but that probably describes half the guys you'll see there so it's not as useful.

    Send me a PM if you want to meet up (even to just trade/swap stories/play EDH)!
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Quote from knuckles29
    I'm asking this as a general:

    Do the new ZEN common non-basics Kabira Crossroads and others warrant an inclusion if room can be found? I'm asking because of adding the Map. I would count Desert instead of the Piranha Marsh and add the other 4.

    Long Version (Short Version below): To be honest, the only one of these common "spell-lands" that I would like to add is Teetering Peaks. A free +2/+0 with access to red mana seems great when burn is the most common splash and that +2/+0 virtually assures that you can send a formerly 1/X dude in and get a trade up on the block.

    The others are fine too but in a cube so focused on aggro the other abilities are significantly less relevant. I wouldn't just add the four and skip one - Piranha Marsh is a fine turn one play if you don't have a one drop (like, say, you're playing U/B or B/G) and providing unbalanced access to colored mana from nonbasics seem inelegant and clunky.

    The main reason that I don't add them is the lack of "punch value" they add: none of these feel super efficient compared to the lands I have and without landfall on every other card they don't provide any synergy (though I'm considering adding Adventuring Gear and/or Explorer's Scope after seeing them in action enough). Fitting these in likely requires cutting five of something, and I would like to keep my overall land count low. There aren't any lands that I can clearly cut (thanks again Klug! :)) but if I end up adding some equipment that provides benefits from running lands I think it could balance out.

    Short Version: Only one appeals to me and unless I provide real incentive to run spell-land nonbasics over a basic I don't see adding them.
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  • posted a message on Star City Games' 5k Philly
    I'll be heading to Philly, specifically NOT playing in the Tournament. Meeting up with a buddy and getting cards signed is my goal since I can't get there before 1 PM-ish. I'd love to cube.

    We should probably share some sort of identification call-out: I'll be wearing a black shirt that says "I'm with pwnd ->".

    Hope to see you there!
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  • posted a message on Online Booster box prices for Zendikar already ridiculous
    Quote from Memnarch
    I had a preordered box of Zendikar come through another website (MagicInferno). The price was about $105 shipped and it got to my place the Monday after the release. I'm rather pleased with their service, and I'm glad I chose this route rather than eBay (where, undoubtedly, having gone to one of the other groups would have cost me time and the now-jacked prices of a box).

    I can vouch/confirm/attest to MagicInferno. I consistently order singles through them (free shipping at the qualified cut point is nice) and I preordered a case of ZEN back when Day of Judgment was revealed at ~$73/box - the case rate price at the time. While they didn't ship my case on release day (as they had apparently for Memnarch) they did ship on Monday and I should receive today according to the UPS tracking.

    They are fast, relatively cheap, and have helped make good on the one error on their part.

    Yes, if you missed what I just said, I preordered before the distributors raised prices and they honored the price I ordered at - no returned money, no hassle, and no significant delays. Not every online retailer is terrible.
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Quote from Usman
    To be honest, I think Minotaur compares more to Spur Grappler than Fault Riders.

    I think Minotaur's underrated, I dunno if it makes the cut in a powered cube, but it's certainly worth a look in a pauper one.

    Quote from knuckles29
    does that mean Spur Grappler-> Minotaur?

    I think the general consensus is that First Strike > Bushido > Flanking, hence why I replaced Suq'Ata Lancer with the Ruinous Minotuar. He's a healthy dude that does a lot for me. Spur Grappler is already in here and for any breakneck B/R or R/G aggro deck, "tapping out" every turn is not a drawback at all. The 'Taur can get there for five with a virtually neglible drawback. What I really like is the subtle implication: either the opponent trades away some X/5 or less dude (or has to hold back a 2/X first strike dude) or takes five to the face - it's a punisher mechanic I can really get behind in a Limited environment.

    I think I may over-value him slightly, but he seems great for mad red beats and makes a great partner for Grappler if thay can team up.
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  • posted a message on [450][Powered] Silent Edge's Cube
    Quote from argus
    Rare-B-Gone is the most underrated card in my cube. It usually tables but when I played it was a massive blowout. Balance is nothing compared to Rare-B-Gone which kills planeswalkers, lands and hands. It needs some building around, namely running more un/commons and really makes R/B an appealing combination!

    MaRo has ruled that Rare-B-Gone does hit mythics - nothing rarer than an uncommon is safe!

    Fowl Play looks like an awesome card. I really need to hunt through Unglued for some treasures like that to bring onboard my cube.
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  • posted a message on The "Should I Run This Card?" Thread
    Brave the Elements - No, too narrow.
    Emeria Angel - Yes, it's a nice little threat to drop.
    Gatekeeper of Malakir - Maybe, while I like my ETB spell-like effects, BBB is rough and unsplashable. If black is deep enough to get a mono-focused deck out of then he's great, otherwise you might want to skip.
    Plated Geopede - Maybe. Red has some pretty good stuff around the two mana mark and this might be hard to fit properly. He's good but not WTF-PWN'D good.
    Scute Mob - Yes, he's a great finisher and loves late game ramp effects (Put me solidly over five? Sure!).
    Scythe Tiger - No, shroud does not make up for being an X/2.
    Vampire Nighthawk - Yes, this guy does WTF-PWN for you.
    World Queller - Yes, and probably still underrated. A very tidy guy that draws removal.
    Steppe Lynx No, he falls very flat very quick. I didn't like him at all at the prerelease.
    Spell Pierce - Maybe, as it is a conditional counter. The one mana cost is nice but non-creature is bad. There are at least three soft counters at 1U that I would run before this unless you have a proponderance of spells compared to creatures.
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Fault Riders is fairly similar to Ruinous Minotaur at a glance, but there are a few very important differences: Riders needs you to sac lands to do it's job. A Grey Ogre is fine and all but relatively unexciting for Limited (exception: morph). Even if I'm holding back because it's unprofitable to attack (say, pro-red dude or 2/1 first strike sits there) if I want to get my value out of blocking I still lose a land. The Minotaur requires a land only if I hit my opponent. I can block all day for free and, if the opponent drops removal on him, I don't lose anything other than my dude. I like Mintoaur because it's a great cost/reward situation and forces an uncomfortable choice on your oppoent: waste removal on an 5/2 or take five and Stone Rain the land my opponent needs least. Throw into consideration the burn suite available to red and this guy becomes a real problem for the opponent. I lived the dream in multiple games at the prerelease: don't ignore the 'Taur!

    As for Expedition Map, both Desert and Arena are great cards to fetch up, and tell the player splashing Fireball that a Mountain isn't worth the 3 it woudl cost to go get? Map will be great - I had no color issues and only one land to fetch in my prerelease deck (Teetering Peaks, FYI) and it was worth it every single time. It also saved my bacon when I did need fixing (i.e. didn't draw my Arid Mesa - if you can't tell I went solid Red-White). I love the Map and you should too - again, this thing is colorless Sylan Scrying!

    I am skipping on Khalni Heart Expedition for now, though it's tough to swallow losing out on two lands for 1G despite the quest-based nature.

    Kor Hookmaster is a great tempo card and hits as a Grey Ogre - an acceptable size if unimpressive. My issue is that it's strictly that: tempo. I have five tappers in the cube - slower but far more effective over the course of a game. It's not that I don't like or want the Hookmaster, I just don't see where he fits in better than or upgrades over anything I have. Tight cube it tight, and I'm already stretching it by cramming extra cards into it.
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  • posted a message on [427][Peasant] The Original Common/Uncommon Cube
    Klug, from running with the changes to my cube I can tell you that cutting Aven Riftwatcher for Kor Skyfisher would be bad. I'd change up with Stonecloaker - if you're going to bounce one of your dudes, and without combat tricks, the Skyfisher makes this cheaper anyway.
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Quote from eidolon232
    Sure, you want to have the Recluse? There is already a huge number of Spiders in your cube and I would prefer my 6 drop having more than 1 toughness.
    Patron of the Wild (also costs 6 mana) would be one of the cards I could see cutting in favor of Mold Shambler.

    I like Patron since he muddles up the "I wonder what morph you have there?" question. Morph is strongest when your opponent has no clue what it could be and guesses incorrectly. I like morph variety and a two color deck should be able to use these best.

    Quote from knuckles29
    Have you updated your list either on blog or 1st post?

    also, I cut Thornweald Archer for Recluse

    The first post is updated - I stopped updating my blog for now. I'd like to find a better way to share the cube than to just point to this thread, which is what I was doing consistently. The discussions here have been so relevant that I can't avoid simply making this the home base (which I'm glad to have), I just need a clever way to integrate more content.

    I would not cut Thornweald Archer for Deadly Recluse - in fact, I was generally convinced that the opposite would be better. I run both because they're awesome and I like green to have access to any removal and removal-like effects it can get.

    ZEN Changes as of 10/1:
    OUT --for--> IN
    Brilliant Halo ----> Journey to Nowhere - Removal, yar!
    Lumithread Field ----> Kor Sanctifier - Disenchant on a stick.
    Aven Squire ----> Kor Skyfisher - Better two-drop.

    Repeal ----> Into the Roil - The same but better?
    Cloud Elemental ----> Welkin Tern - Blue aggro FTW

    Executioner's Capsule ----> Disfigure - More efficiency.
    Foul Imp ----> Heartstabber Mosquito - More removal.
    Severed Legion ----> Vampire Lacerator - Aggro FTW

    Flame Jet ----> Burst Lightning - Modal efficiency.
    Tin Street Hooligan ----> Ruinous Minotaur - 5 power for three is just too good to pass up. (See below for importqnt Hooligan info.)
    Suq'Ata Lander ----> Torch Slinger - ETB burn is great.

    Sudden Strength ----> Vines of Vastwood - Better pump spell.
    Giant Warthog ----> Mold Shambler - Mini-Woodfall Primus FTW

    ~ADD~ ----> Expedition Map - Colorless Sylvan Scrying? Sure.

    Yavimaya Barbarian ----> Tin Street Hooligan - Hooligan was almost always cast as RG. This changes makes sense (and freed up room in Red).

    These are the actual changes implemented and reflected in the first post. The Online Analysis does not have ZEN loaded yet so those links will not reflect changes until later. The last minute change was getting Ruinous Minotaur in here - he's a solid beater unanswered and holds the fort well for a red dude.

    Let me know what you think!
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Quote from eidolon232
    W: Thumbs Up
    U: Sky Ruin Drake is nothing I would associate with cubeing
    B: Thumbs Up
    R: the Zetkar Shrine Expedition-Token still dies to a 1/1 first striker without dealing any damage, after you have waited 7 turns to trigger it (if you have topdecked it without lands in your hand).
    Khalni Heart Expedition: this card isn't worth playing without landfall, because for thinning only you need to draw 23 cards to get back the card you have invested, even if you can trigger the expedition on turn 5.
    situation:5 lands and 7 nonlands on t5
    without expedition: 12 lands and 16 nonlands left in the deck.
    after 23 additional turns: 23*(16/(16+12))=13,1 nonland cards drawn -> 20,1 nonland cards drawn
    with expedition. 7 lands and 6 other nonland permanents on t5
    after 23 additional turns: 23*(16/(16+10))=14,1 nonland cards drawn -> 20,1 other nonland permanents drawn
    and this is alreadythe best case scenario...
    t: Expedition Map should work out great with the utility lands

    Quote from klug
    I like most of your includes but hate most of the cuts. I'd take a second pass to look for weaker cards, ie; cutting Lash Out, those white cards is a mistake.

    Thanks for the input. Here are my revised changes for the cube:


    [IN]Journey to Nowhere => [OUT]Brilliant Halo
    I'd like to keep as much removal as possible packed in; Judge Unowrthy hasn't been the most exciting yet but I've never seen anyone fistpump when drawing the Halo.

    Kor Hookmaster => ~SKIP~
    He's a cute trick but nothing else really stands to be dropped.

    Kor Sanctifiers => Lumithread Field
    Field is my weakest creature and, while useful to resist pingers, deserves to be here the least.

    Kor Skyfisher => Aven Squire
    Squire is fine but I think the Skyfisher can do so much more.


    Into the Roil => Repeal
    These basically have the same effect (bounce + draw) but Roil can nail the more expensive targets easier.

    Sky Ruin Drake => ~SKIP~
    I want more fliers to help out in blue but this probably isn't the card to go to.

    Welkin Tern => Cloud Elemental
    A fine upgrade.

    Disfigure => Executioner's Capsule
    Spending B to just kill a creature outright makes more sense.

    Heartstabber Mosquito => Foul Imp
    Both 2/2 flying, one efficient (Imp), one useful late in the game (Mostquito). There is plenty of these things for black to do on turn two than drop Imp.

    Vampire Lacerator => Severed Legion
    Legion seems a little clunky compared to Dread Warlock and the Lacerator just makes me happy.


    Burst Lightning => Flame Jet
    Flexible, scaling burn that can hit anything seems great.

    Torch Slinger => Yavimaya Barbarian
    (Tin Street Hooligan moved to R/ color)
    By pushing a creature that will almost always be played for RG into the multicolored section I made room for the new Slinger.

    Zektar Shrine Expedition => Suq'Ata Lancer
    Lancer feels pretty weak and the Shrine is pretty exciting. What more could I want?


    Khalni Heart Expedition => ~SKIP~
    I'll probably be fine without this guy but I have a feeling I'll be coming back to this at some point.

    Mold Shambler => ??????
    Oran-Rief Recluse => ??????
    I just don't know what to replace with these guys. I love all of the green dudes I have now and there's nothing in the spell section to replace. Help!

    Vines of Vastwood => Sudden Strength
    Counter your removal and hit for +4? Silly black mage, removal is for jerks.


    Expedition Map => ~ADD~
    Colorless Sylvan Scrying is still awesome. (Protip: Add this to your EDH decks of all flavors!) I can't wait to see the sick grabs this will help with.

    Any help/suggestions for the Recluse and Shambler would be greatly appreciated!
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Zendikar has hit players like no other set yet. I saw a Time Walk (see www.twitter.com/the_stybs for the pic), multiple foil fetch lands, and completely obscene sealed pools all cracked at my Prerelease. The only thing that can get better at this point is my case that I can't wait to crack my cube and the changes ZEN is bringing. Here's what my first round of changes is looking like; any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    [IN]Journey to Nowhere ==> [OUT]Judge Unworthy
    This seems like the right change. Trading sorcery speed guarantee for conditional instant is fine.

    Kor Hookmaster ==> Noble Templar
    I like the tempo and aggro potential of this guy. I did some pretty sick things with him yesterday and I think he'll feel right at home messing up blocking math here. Unrelated, I'm going to be taking out part of the landcycling cycle in every color - the fixing will be fine without it.

    Kor Sanctifiers ==> Kami of Ancient Law
    Upgrading the weakest "almost-a-spell-on-a-stick" dude (Note: With Rend Flesh I wanted to keep the non-spirit over the spirit).

    Kor Skyfisher ==> Order of Leitbur
    Order is overshadowed by better aggro dudes already and is very white-intense; this Skyfisher is splashable, opens up potential abuse, and can gum up the board as early as turn two.


    Into the Roil ==> Cloud Elemental
    Cantrip bounce is awesome.

    Sky Ruin Drake ==> Traumatic Visions
    I'm not overly excited about the Drake, but the 2/5 flying dude can both hold the ground and swing if needed. If he doesn't work out there's always other options.

    Welkin Tern ==> Gossamer Phantasm
    Upgrade in weakness.


    Disfigure ==> Executioner's Capsule
    I like my removal to be a surprise. While Disfigure isn't removal of the "Destroy target" type, it's going to kill whatever it hits 99% of the time. It seems great as a replacement to a sorcery speed Doom Blade for 1BB.

    Heartstabber Mosquito ==> Absorb Vis
    A common ETB 187 effect. Sure, it costs a boatload but I think this will see more play (kicked) than Vis ever was even as fixing.

    Vampire Lacerator ==> Prickly Boggart
    Carnophage gets a bleeding buddy. I'm not sure if Boggart is the optimal choice, though I suspect a 2/2 beats a 1/1 with fear at the B cost.


    Burst Lightning ==> Flame Jet
    I like Flame Jet but this new Shock variant is the first variation that is actually useful. Scaling up to four damage basically gives me a second "Destroy target creature." for 4R.

    Torch Slinger ==> Fiery Fall
    Slinger is so similar to Skirk Marauder it's scary. Damage/Removal tacked onto a body is always awesome.

    Zetkar Shrine Expedition ==> Lash Out
    This is an uncomfortable change for me. While landfall is fine in Limited it lacks when top decked late in the game. This quest will almost always be awful late in the game. However, dropping it by turn 5 will virtually guarantee that it goes off and it will serve the same purpose as Lash Out did: hit a dude and (hopefully) player as well. The 7/1 trampler that pops off of this will eat any other dude in the cube, including the beastly Wirewood Guardian and still hit the player. I can't see pulling any of the unconditional burn but help me out if you see something that would let me keep Lash Out.


    Khalni Heart Expedition ==> Land Aid '04
    It's not that I don't want Land Aid in here (on the contrary, it's just awesome), this quest is splashable and ramps for two thins two lands out. It was awesome when this went off even without any landfall effects - a delayed Explosive Vegetation is still great.

    Mold Shambler ==> Sylvan Bounty
    Mini-Woodfall Primus is just awesome and every time he was played this weekend it was good.

    Oran-Rief Recluse ==> Giant Warthog
    I'm not keen on removing green's beef (with trample flavor too!) but a Wing Snare on a Canopy Spider is great. There are always fliers popping up in here and green should have more answers to deal with it.

    Vines of Vastwood ==> Sudden Strength
    Vines has been discussed thoroughly but I'll recap here: GG for shroud and +4/+4 is just nuts. Even an improved Avoid Fate is fine but stapling a better Giant Growth onto it is gravy.


    Expedition Map ==> ~ADD~
    I loved the map all weekend. Fixing and fetching up the land needed was a lifesaver. Anyone who drafts this and Desert will cackle with glee.

    So there you have it; please let me know if you think a different change could be made!
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  • posted a message on PMC v2.0 (w/ Spreadsheet Analysis) - Updated 10/12 for ZEN
    Quote from knuckles29
    i've spent some time thinking about this and i wanted to get your opinion.

    Mold Shambler's main advantage over Nantuko Vigilante and Wickerbough Elder is the ability to hit lands, since there are no planeswalkers here

    Nantuko and Wickerbough can be played at 5 mana, Shambler is a 6

    Nantuko has 3 modes (morph, 3/2, and all in), the Elder is a 4cc 3/3, and a 5 mana 4/4..

    Is either A) Mold Shambler worth a slot as a 3rd disenchant on a stick; or B) replaceable of Vigilante?

    I believe Mold Shambler is worth a slot as a third Naturalize on a stick. I like creatures with spell-like effects and getting rid of that annoying equipment or enchantment can make a big difference in the game. Being able to hit a land is a great bonus and can be relevant against bounce lands and Desert. Seems like a win-win for inclusion.
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