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  • posted a message on Instant Coffee Game (read the rules please)
    War//Peace is great. 9/10. Grin

    Monster//Man is a little lacklustre. Monster doesn't seem 5-colour at all. It even makes a monoblack token. 5/10

    Frenzied Hermit 3RR
    Creature - Shaman
    When ~ comes into play, put four 1/1 green Squirrel creature tokens into play.
    Squirrels you control have Haste and First strike.
    At the end of your turn, sacrifice all Squirrels you control.

    Next: A flip card that begins as a creature and ends up a non-creature artifact. Grin
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  • posted a message on Instant Coffee Game (read the rules please)
    Seems nifty. Although I'm not sure it would prevent counters from being moved via Graft, since they're moved, and not removed and then added. If that makes sense. Which is a good thing, because it would get out of hand rather fast if it did. 8/10

    I'll just do the Graft one, I guess.

    Cytospawn Nettle 1URG
    Creature - Plant Mutant
    Defender, Graft 3
    At the beginning of each player's upkeep, ~ deals 1 damage to each other creature with a +1/+1 counter on it. Creatures dealt damage this way must attack this turn if able.

    Next: A non-black Gorgon.
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  • posted a message on "I Don't Like You" game.
    Spellsplitter Prodigy 2UU
    Creature - Wizard
    Instant and sorcery spells have "Kicker X" where X is the converted mana cost of that spell and "If the Kicker cost was paid, put a copy this spell onto the stack under your control. You may choose new targets for the copy." (Mana cost includes colour)
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  • posted a message on Poll: What's the best cost for "destroy target creature"? (monoblack)
    Devour in Shadow is a BB instant.

    It has life loss, but it also prevents regeneration.

    So BB seems about right. Instant, I'm guessing. Because it doesn't lose you any life, but it allows regeneration.

    But I guess the rarity would play a part, too. Rend Flesh is almost "Destroy target creature" in anything non-Kamigawa block. It doesn't prevent regenration either.

    So, perhaps as an instant speed common, 2B is roughly about it?
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  • posted a message on Fixed Mox?
    Oh. My go!

    Ersatz Mox 0
    Artifact - R
    ~ comes into play tapped.
    ~ doesn't untap during it's controllers untap step.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    "I think it's broken..." - Frustrated Artificer

    Illusionary Mox 0
    Artifact - R
    When ~ comes into play, if you have 5 or more life, sacrifice ~.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.
    Like a mirage, it only appears when hope is lost.

    Coveted Mox 0
    Artifact - R
    1: Gain control of ~. Any player may play this ability but only if ~ is on the stack.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

    Makeshift Mox 0
    Artifact - R
    As an additional cost to play ~, discard an artifact card.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    "I made it myself!" - Tezzeret

    Christmas Mox 0
    Artifact - R
    As you play ~, choose another player. ~ comes into play under that players control.
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    It's filled with the Christmas cheer.

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  • posted a message on Just an idea: Diplomacy.
    Blessing of Fortitude
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant opponent
    Creatures enchanted player controls get +1/+1.

    Sage's Tutelage
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant opponent
    At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player may Scry 2

    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant opponent
    Creatures enchanted player controls get -1/-1

    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant opponent
    At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player shuffles his or her library.

    And so forth.

    Basically, they're made for multiplayer.

    If you give an opponent a positive effect, they'll be less likely to kill you considering that when you lose, your enchantment goes. They may even help you to keep your enchantment in play.

    If you give an opponent a negative effect, they won't be very happy with you, but every other player may protect you, considering that your enchantment is wreaking havoc on a mutual enemy's board position.

    Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on N' Icecream (U/B/R/G Control)
    Maybe you could replace Verdant Force with Forbidden Orchard? It's cheaper (A total of zero mana.) and colourfixes. It'll also let you cut Icy Manipulator as well as let you run less lands and less acceleration.

    I'd cut Stone Rain in favour of some kind of board control. Burn comes to mind, which also combos well with Gelectrode.

    Maybe you could cut down the combo pieces to two or so each and add some more cards that'll search them out for you? Card's that'll search up combo pieces as well removal are a bonus.

    Just some ideas. =/
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  • posted a message on GUW Slivers

    As you've probably gathered from any/all of my other posts, janky decks are my faveourite kind. However, occasionaly a janky deck comes along that I love too much to let it stay janky forever.

    And GUW Slivers just so happens to be one of those decks.

    My testing hasn't been thorough or at all extensive. Just against whatever pops up on MWS whenever I feel like a game.

    Pretty much, you stall, play lots of Slivers and Psionic/Attack everyone to death.

    Plated Sliver/Sinew Sliver: Pump your critters, usually enough to hold an Aggro deck back long enough to win, and have the added bonus of letting your Slivers Psionic things without dying.

    Gemhide Sliver: Turns all your critters into BoPs, which is always a good thing.

    Quilled Sliver: Lets you pull some combat shenanigans. It also trounces Elves! when they don't combo (Doesn't happen often, but it's nice when it does.) and helps to ward of Aggro decks.

    Dormant Sliver: Makes your Slivers cantrip, so you can keep your hand stocked. The Defender clause doesn't matter, because by turn 4 you're usually done attacking anyway.

    Root Sliver: Trounces counter control, which is always nice.

    Psionic Sliver: There to deal the 10 or so points of damage. (I guess you could also shoot down an annoying critter with it, but I haven't had to do that so far.)

    Telekinetic Sliver: Taps down anything nasty and/or denies your opponent of enough mana to do anything. Again, always nice.
    Bant Charm[/CARD]: Just plain nice.

    Rune Snag: Counters things you want countered, even though it isn't that great.

    Weird Harvest: Seems like a silly idea (Or so I'm told.) but it's great late game, when all you need to a Psionic Sliver to finish off your opponent and you have a zillion mana or a little earlier to search up some Sinews or whatever you happen to need.

    The sideboard is, admittedly, a little iffy. So far it's all in theory, and I'm not that keen on systematically testing it against every deck and it's mother. But the basic gist of it is:

    Root Sliver: Against counter-heavy control.

    Umezawa's Jitte: In theory, it's supposed to give the deck a slight Aggro edge. In theory...

    Kataki, War's Wage: Affinity. 'Cause I hate Affinity.

    Gaea's Blessing: Aginst Brainfreeze-flavoured Elves! (Actually. I just realised Gilded Light does that and so much more. Any ideas on what should go here?)

    Gilded Light: Burn, Non-Dragon Elves! (I've actually never played an Elves! with a dragon in it. =/) and other nasties that want to aim things at my face.

    Any help would be just dandy. Expecially regarding the sideboard (Which sucks.) Thanks in advance! Grin
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  • posted a message on The Rogues Gallery
    Also known as "The Big Big List of Unpopular or Unheard of Archetypes"

    I'm a big fan of non-competitive and different decks based on some ridiculous idea or another and I seem to have a fair bit of them lying around.

    So I've started a thread to compile them all. Smile

    Post a name along with a general overview and/or a decklist and I'll stick it on the list. Grin

    A White Weenie deck that uses critters with protection, first strike, flying and such along with Concerted Effort and Worship to create a lock against everything except enchantment removal, a few combos and non-targeted, non-damage removal while simultaneously bolstering your critters into unblockable, untargetable, flying, double striking slaughter machines.

    Cerebral Vortex
    Uses Vision Skeins, Trade Secrets, Wheel of Fate and similar effects to force your opponent to overdraw and then burns them in the face with Cerebral Vortex and Ebony Owl Netsuke.

    Aggro Shamans
    Uses cards like Bosk Banneret, Elvish Visionary and Eternal Witness to pump out a large amount of Shamans before either using Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro to power out a massive Fireball or dropping a Rage Forger and swinging for a burn-aided win. Runs Flamekin Harbingers to tutor up consistent Forgers as well as a lone Ingot Chewer, Eyes of the Wisent and similar situational Elementals.

    Uses Linessa, Zephyr Mage's Grandeur effect alongside Undertakers and other "Graveyard to Hand" effects to continuously bounce opponents permanents to their hands. Win condition can be whatever you happen to like the sound of.

    Momir's Toolbox
    Runs Momir Vig, Simic Visionary alongside Coiling Oracle, Mystic Snake and other GU critters to tutor up Silver Bullets to whatever you happen to be having trouble with.

    Flaming Weenies
    Runs efficient beaters with Protection from Red along with an extensive suite of red board sweepers in the vein of Pyroclasm, Pyrohemia and Slice and Dice to destroy opposing critters while leaving your critters untouched.

    Uses "Mana Myrs" (Gold Myr and Co.) to pump out a massive amount of Myr and then either drops a Coat of Arms and swings or activates a Myr Incubator and removes every card in the deck other than the 4 copies of Coat of Arms (The deck runs only artifact lands), ensuring you draw one next draw as well as pumping out 40 or so Myr tokens. Lodestone Myr provides an alternate win condition and Myr Retriever allows you to salvage key cards.

    Aims to play beefy morph creatures (Rockshard Elemental. Soul Collector. Akroma, Angel of Fury) face-down before playing Ghostway during an opponents turn to blink your critters out of play, returning as their face-up alter-egos and ready to smash face. Counters and various other methods of control provide backup and buy time until you're ready to blink your critters.

    I'm not sure if there are tags to hide text, so if there is let me know. Thumbs Up

    Also. No "OMG! Those suck!" because, well, we all know that already. They are, however, enjoyable and non-competitive to boot.
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  • posted a message on RG Shaman Deck

    This, everybody, is my Shaman deck. Somewhat aggro, somewhat combo, defiantly not tier anything-below-5 but super fun to play.

    Basically, it works like this: Drop a Banneret and then drop your hand before playing a Rage Forger or two and swinging for the win OR drop a Sachi and power out a huge Demonfire.

    Harbinger fishes for Rage Forgers, Ingot Chewer, Cloudthresher, Wood-Kin & Eyes of the Wisent, depending on what you happen to need at the time.

    Elvish Visionary, Harbinger & Commune with Nature help keep it somewhat consistent.

    It's not too bad against control (Or the control decks I've played, anyway.) and it's OK against aggro.

    So. Does anybody have any ideas to improve it's general goodness?

    Thanks in advance. -Thumbs up-
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  • posted a message on Two-Card Combos
    Volcano Hellion + Ragged Veins.

    Cheaper than Spritemare and could be somewhat usefull for every-day smashfacery.

    Somewhat. =/
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  • posted a message on UB Faerie Aggro
    My UB Faerie Aggro deck:

    Basically, it accelerates into critters/Bitterblossom with Chrome Mox and then pumps everything with Leige, Scion & Noble, swinging whenever possible.

    Generally. You either win quickly or not at all.

    Any ideas? Critiques?

    Lands are mostly basic. I know. But non-basic lands really aren't needed.

    Oh. And what on Earth would I put in the sideboard?

    I was thinking removal and counters, to turn it a little more control-ish if need be.

    Thanks in advance. *Thumbs up*
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  • posted a message on Two-Card Combos
    Wall of Blood and Rite of Consumption.

    Turn 4 kill, if you're lucky. =]
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  • posted a message on Maeton Block
    Maeton Block consists of:

    Set 1: Revolt
    Set 2: Crucible
    Set 3: Renewal

    Card distribution:
    • 20 common cards per colour.
    • 10 uncommon cards per colour
    • 10 rare cards per colour
    • 5 artifacts of each rarity.
    • 5 lands of each rarity
    Type spread:

    • 4 instants
    • 4 sorceries
    • 8 creatures
    • 4 enchantments
    • 2 instants
    • 2 sorceries
    • 4 creatures
    • 2 enchantments
    • 2 instants
    • 2 sorceries
    • 2 creatures
    • 2 enchantments
    • 2 legendaries
    More cards may be added after I finish what I've got planned already.

    A visitors guide to Maeton:
    Courtesy of the Maeton-City tourist information centre.

    Maeton consists of floating plates revolving slowly around a core of pure mana. The inhabitants, through their ingenuity and resolve, have rigged large sections of land together to provide a platform for their ever expanding cities, the largest, the most vital and the most populous of which is Maeton-City (Which the plane is named after. The -City suffix was added later to prevent confusion.) A sprawling metropolis boasting a myriad of markets, a highly disciplined police force and weekly church services, there is no area in the entire plane of Maeton comparable to Maeton-City.

    Among the other areas of interest on Maeton are:

    The Ecoth Chains: A naturally formed mass of land held together by the fast growing algae which, like spider webs, has over time ensnared other land masses. The Ecoth Chains are so called for the long strands the land masses tend to form into. The Ecoth Chains boast countless ponds of stagnant water, a hauntingly desolate landscape (Consisting mostly of twisted trees and the masses of bizarre plant life which hang like a natural roof over most of the area) as well as numerous vicious native species. As a result, this is one of the most dangerous areas in Maeton, as well as the area most saturated with black mana and decay. It's rumoured that a shadowy cult dwells within the fens, feeding off the thick stench of despair to weave their dark arts.

    The Spire Mountains: Not exactly mountains, but a mass of magically abnormal stones which, due to an unknown anomaly, float sideways instead of flat, giving them the appearance of mountainous spires. Throughout tunnels dug into these rock formations a tribe of humans of unknown origin, whom call themselves "The Ushulk," have made their home. Very little is known about their primitive culture, and us morally and technologically superior Maetonians don't care to know any more about them than what we do already, which includes their culture having a penchant for explosions and a lack of orthodox religion. Unless you are a scholar seeking knowledge into their quaint civilisation, this is not a recommended tourist location.

    The Great University: Although not considered a part of Maeton-city, it's situated only a leisurely 20 minute stroll outside the city walls. A path has recently been created which will take tourists through some of the planes best tended gardens. Once there, only the lobby and adjacent rooms will be open to visitors: progressing any further into the schools labyrinthine corridors requires an invitation. It is here that Maeton-city's up and coming mages, artificers and alchemists perfect their arts. Perhaps the schools most famous student is Lells Ulothi, the alchemist prodigy and daughter of School Grandmaster, Sevin Ulothi.

    Skycloud Temple: The ingenuity of the Maetonian peoples never ceases to amaze. The aptly named Skycloud Temple is a monstrous white marble temple, constructed roughly around the 2nd era, which seemingly floats on a cloud of holy magic: a symbol of the Faith's supremacy over the mundane. Atop the temple's central spire resides the Conduit, who serves as the mouthpiece of the Gods. All lower floors of the Temple is open to visitors, and it is here where you will find the Maeton History Museum, which displays relics of Maetonian culture preserved for all time, ensuring future generations can experience our legacy in all it's glory.

    The Tangle: One of the many marvels of nature, the Tangle, it is thought, began life as a few loose rocks joined together with vegetation. Now, hundreds of years have passed, and the original rocks, if they ever existed, are long gone. Instead the Tangle comprises of a mass of twisting branches and vines. Like the Spire Mountains, the Tangle is inhabited by sentient life, although in a much more civilised form. The Tangle Elves which call the hulking ball of vegetation their home have engaged in open trading with the Maetonian Empire since their existence was discovered, have adopted Maetonian religion, and as a result, have been granted the status of an independent vassal city-state to the Maetonian Empire.

    And last but certainly not least, the crowning glory of the entire Empire, Whitehall Castle, where our Ruler and protector resides. Unfortunately, due to the sheer importance of our leader, nobody is allowed into the Castle without a permit. Regardless, it is an awesome sight to behold.

    In addition to these spectacular sights, there are countless smaller plates in orbit around The Core, featuring a range of landscapes from grassy knolls to jagged peaks to crystaline lakes.

    Maeton Geology and The Core
    An brief article on why our plane is the way it is.
    By renowned freelance scholar, Archmage Tral Liese

    It is no mystery that our world is incomplete. One needs look down to see that we live perched atop levitating slabs of rock and soil. But how can this be? Where did the rest of our beloved planet go? I believe I have found the answer.

    On a recent expedition to one of the countless satellite platforms surrounding Maeton-city, I witnessed with amazing clarity the birth of a new continent. I was looking over the edge of the platform, studying the flying patterns of Glimmerkites when the core grew faintly brighter and a sheet of soil floated slowly upwards until it was level with the existing landmasses. After bobbing in place for a few moments, the slab of rock stabilised and became indistinguishable from any of the existing levitating islands.

    I propose this: perhaps our world began as a void, and all matter on this world originated from the core? Even more tantalising, perhaps the core is less of a core, and more of a portal to other worlds? Although the evidence supporting the existence of worlds beyond our own is shaky at best, this theory would explain the peculiar way the Spire Mountains 'float' in the air: sideways. Unlike any substance known to Maeton kind, not to mention the queer behaviour of the mountains inhabitants.

    Although I believe there is a glimmer of truth to this, more research is needed on the topic before any drastic investigatory measures are undertaken, but I am confident that with time, patience and a little ingenuity, the secrets of The Core will reveal themselves.

    • Converted mana cost counts.
    Keywords/Ability thing-o's:

    Dementia x - Remove the top X cards from your library from the game.

    Ascend x - As long as your life total is equal to or greater than x, ~ gains Y.

    Symbiote - Whenever you play a creature spell, if ~ is in your hand, you may reveal it. If you do, Y.

    Chaos - As you play ~, flip a coin. If heads, X, if tails, Y.

    Text-based Black Spoiler:
    Suggestions welcome.

    Wicked Ultimatum

    When you play Wicked Ultimatum, put it on the stack under target opponents control.
    When Wicked Ultimatum resolves, choose one — Sacrifice a permanent; or lose 5 life; or discard a card at random.

    Solipsist's Edict

    Dementia 5 (Remove the top five cards of your library from the game.) and then destroy each nonland permanent that shares a card type with a card removed from the game with Solipsist's Edict.


    Target spell loses all rules text and gains "Sacrifice a permanent."

    A flick of the wrist, an explosion, and the mage was gone, reduced to cinders. The goblin, on the other hand, had never laughed so hard.

    Thoughtwither Familiar
    Creature - Beast

    When Thoughtwither Familiar comes into play, Dementia 4 (Remove the top four cards of your library from the game.)
    Sacrifice Thoughtwither Familiar: Return a card you own that was removed from the game this turn to your hand.


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  • posted a message on Enchanted Evening
    I'm not sure what you'd class this deck as, but most probably a combo. But once Enchanted Evening hits the board, it can do a pretty good job at control.

    It seems to work OK, and can pull a turn 5 win if you get lucky.

    The sideboard is. Well, dismal.

    Suggestions? Critique? So forth?

    Cheers in advance.
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