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  • posted a message on Motorola Xoom
    Quote from sentimentGX4
    The Xoom is a seriously overpriced tablet. The iPad 2 is a much better value; unfortunately, supply is scarce. Asus is coming out with a tablet for $400 soon, though.


    Quote from sentimentGX4
    RIM's Playbook will be $500 as well but the display is smaller than that of the iPad.

    Which may be a plus for a lot of people.

    It depends on what you need (want?) the tablet for. If it's a stay-at-home type thing for just a portable media device for watching movies, playing some games, reading ebooks, etc. that you're only going to use on the couch or bed or whatever, lounging around the house, then I would go with the iPad. If you want something a lot more portable, that you can use on a daily commute, stick in a pocket and generally leave the house with, then the PlayBook is hard to beat. Additionally if you already have a BlackBerry with a nice data plan, you're essentially getting a 3G tablet for the price of a WiFi one (given that you can tether the PlayBook to your phone).

    I'm pretty sure that although they converge somewhat, there actually two different tablet markets, one for 7inches and one for 10inches. If the PlayBook is successful (and it probably will be), expect a 7inch iPad coming along shorty.
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  • posted a message on Firefox 4
    File > Options > Menu Bar

    Should give you what you want.

    Personally I like the new layout. I don't think I ever click on anything there, just use shortcuts (I understand this doesn't work for you). Taking two seconds longer the rare times I need to is worth it for me for having a less cluttered space.

    I could understand if no one was using them and they were taking up space, but honestly the space that they were in is just blank and empty and apple-ified now. They aren't using it for anything, couldn't they have left my interface alone?

    I'm not sure if you're including FF4 in this but if so you're wrong. In FF4 there's no blank space - they've completely removed that space.
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  • posted a message on 8.9 EARTHQUAKE HITS JAPAN
    Quote from dcartist

    Highest exposure of the workers is one guy who has had 100 millisieverts. How much is that? Doesn't sound like a "drop dead as you're walking", but I'd be very unhappy about receiving that much.


    Seems like that would put them at an increased risk for cancer but no immediate effects.
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  • posted a message on where does firefox store its Addon files
    Quote from TheRogue
    I've been having some trouble locating the actual folder that firefox stores the files in that operate its addon features. when I tried asking on firefoxes forums themselves they just kept telling me to operate them through the options/tools menu for the disable and uninstall buttons. i'm not looking to unistall i'm trying to find the sub folder that there housed in.

    does anyone know to get to the containing folder by chance?

    C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ProfileName\extensions

    or thereabouts. Might be a little different depending on what version of Windows you're running.
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  • posted a message on AT&T to Cap DSL
    Quote from ljossberir
    Yikes. Are the caps universal or are there holdouts that offer non-capped?

    There are some small ISP's that get the bandwidth from Bell that try to offer unlimited. With the recent changes though, Bell is allowed to charge them higher prices as well, making that business model unfeasible if the change doesn't get overturned.

    Quote from ljossberir
    So what kind of cap is typical in Canada, 150?

    Do you ever go over that?

    I don't think I would go over 150 in a month, but I would rather not find out. Last month, I got a week off just to veg... spent half of my time watching TV shows on Netflix. I probably went over that number that time.


    Have a read: http://business.financialpost.com/2011/03/14/usage-based-internet-billing-coming-to-the-united-states/

    The difference between the Canadian and American UBB proposals lie in the extreme disparity in cap size and overage charges. AT&T’s 150GB caps and $0.50/GB overage charges compare to Bell’s 25GB caps, with overage charges ranging anywhere from $1/GB to $5/GB.

    And this is why I made my initial comment about a 150 GB cap being luxury. Luckily, I am on an unlimited plan or I would be screwed.

    So any Americans who are upset by AT&T’s announcement should remember things could be worse.

    They could be in Canada.
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  • posted a message on AT&T to Cap DSL
    Quote from dcartist

    There is actual cash value to every GB you download. Why should there be unlimited internet anymore than unlimited electricity? If you're using up a T1 you should pay for a T1. There's tons of competition in Internet delivery and I doubt that AT&T is setting caps unless bandwidth hogs are a problem. Please note that with widespread wifi and whatever else comes along later, people are able to share bandwidth like nobody's business. When the whole dorm is sharing a single, fast DSL or cable connection, it sucks to be the Internet provider. It's like electricity that you can share for free... Unlimited $25 a month and everybody can plug in to one room.

    Because unlike electricity, bandwidth is not used up. The problem is not how many GB people use. It's how many GB people are using at the same time.

    If the caps were to reflect this, I would be a lot happier. i.e. something like what the do with cell phone minutes. So instead of simply capping heavy users, restrict their usage to non-peak hours once they go over the cap.
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  • posted a message on AT&T to Cap DSL
    150 GB cap is luxury compared to what we have in Canada.

    But I'm really upset to see that this trend is spreading.
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  • posted a message on Getting my flash code to work. Button with mouse down and roll out.
    I don't ever use the timeline so I'm not sure if I completely understand your question. But from what I gather this is what you want to add onto what you have already:

    btn_01.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, mouseOutHandler);
    btn_02.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, mouseOutHandler);
    btn_03.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, mouseOutHandler);

    function mouseOutHandler(event:MouseEvent):void{

    Let me know if I'm misunderstanding something.
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  • posted a message on [The Family] Killed Your Father, Prepare to Die!
    I've been holding off a Song of Ice and Fire until (if?) it gets finished. Don't want to be invested and then have to deal with all the hold-ups and delays.
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  • posted a message on [The Family] Killed Your Father, Prepare to Die!
    I'm disappointed that Pale Mage's role in Ogre mafia died before it got used (it had a PR ability that I thought would be pretty interesting - I wonder if players would have found it fun or annoying).


    With that said, it would still be nice to see more people playing in character. Smile

    Yeah, I really liked the way you did that in Ogre. It was great for a chuckle and also served to breadcrumb your role Smile

    I don't like when roleplay completely takes over normal mafia posting though.

    EDIT: [The Family] We're Looking For CropCircles
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  • posted a message on Player's Choice Queue #2: Zindabad Wins!!

    I know which one I prefer but seeing as how I don't have time for either, it makes no sense for me to vote.
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  • posted a message on [The Family] Killed Your Father, Prepare to Die!
    Wow, didn't know Seppel had his own TCG going. Though not too surprised at the content...
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  • posted a message on Best Puzzle Games
    Portal obv.

    World Of Goo and Braid are pretty enjoyable too.

    Quote from Feathas
    Noone has mentioned Machinarium yet?

    I've had that sitting in my Steam for quite a while, but never actually found the time to start playing it.
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  • posted a message on makingFlash animation, where should 1 start?
    It depends on what you're looking for. If you simply want a IDE (i.e, working solely with ActionScript code) there's a good free program called FlashDevelop.

    If you're looking mainly from a design perspective, to do things graphically and only touch the code minimally, I'm not sure what alternative there is to Flash Pro.

    Flash Pro is not 1k but pretty close to it. If you're a student you can get it for around 200 bucks. As with all Adobe software you can get a free 30 day trial to test it out before deciding if you want to buy it. Or with Flash Pro you can actually get a full copy of Flash for free if you're a student but it's a non-commercial license.

    More than likely, if you plan on doing anything serious you'll need a graphics program as well (i.e. Photoshop or gimp). Adobe has bundle deals so you might want to look into that - but again, if you're not a student these things are really expensive.

    My advice would be to get the 30-day trial from Adobe. Go through their Getting Started tutorials, read up on the Internet and then if you decide this is something you're interested in, go from there.
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  • posted a message on I wanna name my son Jace.
    Quote from MandersHex


    I'm pretty sure this is from the Freakonomics book. Had the top 10 successful names and studies on how names like Lemonjello and Oranjello, or Winner and Loser affected their lives.

    IIRC, anyway.
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