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  • posted a message on Psi Blast/Char clarification
    Quote from Perodequeso »
    Was watching a game online and scenario goes as follows: Player A attacks player B with a 2/2, player B casts Psionic Blast targeting the 2/2, in response player A sacrifices the 2/2 to Diamond Valley.
    So the rub is, they claimed that since the 2/2 was no longer on the battlefield when Psionic Blast resolved its caster would not take the 2 damage.
    I am under the impression that even if the target is no longer there when Psionic Blast resolves, its caster still takes the two damage. The two damage the caster is dealt is not contingent upon the first four damage being dealt. Am I (mostly) correct in this interpretation of things?

    You are correct in your interpretation. In the scenario you described, even though the 2/2 creature was sacrificed to Diamond Valley in response to Psionic Blast, the damage from Psionic Blast is not contingent on the target still being on the battlefield when it resolves.

    Psionic Blast deals 4 damage directly to the target player or creature, and this damage is independent of the 2 damage that would have been dealt to the 2/2 creature. In this case, Player B would still take 2 damage from Psionic Blast even though the 2/2 creature is no longer on the battlefield.

    The timing and resolution of spells and abilities can sometimes lead to interesting interactions, but in this instance, the damage from Psionic Blast is not affected by the sacrifice of the 2/2 creature.
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