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  • posted a message on Information regarding an ex girlfriend and what to do with it.
    I don't think you should get involved in any way. If you are afraid that she will get heartbroken by learning the truth(if the cheating is legit), then why telling it to her? It make no sense since you will do the exact thing you are afraid of. There is no good or bad way of telling her that she is cheated on. Being the bearer of ill news is something you should avoid. In the end you have a new life right now that doesnt involve her in any way, why even bother? I bet she wouldn't risk of doing the same thing for you anyway.
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  • posted a message on Asking someone out

    What I would focus on, is learning how to demonstrate higher value. This is not just important in trying to begin a relationship with someone, but also allows you a bit of personal growth.

    1. Introduce yourself, even after introductions are made they can just be an introduction to a conversation rather than yourself.

    2. Key into the conversation. You like her right? Actively listening and promoting the conversation should come naturally then.

    3. Demonstrate higher value. You don't want to sound arrogant and cocky as ****, but you do want to do what we call in the presentation world, DHV. As it's name implies, it demonstrates higher value which essentially encourages the audience (or in this case the girl) to "buy what you are selling".

    From here it is just a rinse an repeat process until you get to a kinetic stage in your relationship to where she is not freaked out by the idea of you also showing physical interest, such as a pat on the back (meh) or a flirtatious shoulder bump. Once here, you should be able to just confidently ask her out.

    You could try the abrupt approach and just ask her, but if you are an analytically inclined guy, you would understand that without building rapport, you are bound to her a lot of no's before you hear a yes and I would say be prepared for that.

    Incorrect in many levels. When trying to date someone you should always be yourself and not some kind of actor, since you want your ''future girlfriend'' to like your actual personality and not the fake qualities you presented to get laid. If you start something with lies then it will not end up well. And women are not ''products'' like you say, they can understand lies, that's why all ''good'' guys are stuck in the ''friendzone''. They are fakers. Seriously op this is not the advice i would follow.

    Regarding this thread, try to introduce yourself and get to know each other to see if you are interested in her. Don't rush things until you are sure. Now it is your time to ask her on a date. That's it, nothing more, nothing less it must be done. It's really easy, simply when you are alone with her somewhere, tell her you want to hang out for a drink. If she says no, she is probably not into you, deal with it you are a man. If she says yes then good luck on your date! Tongue
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Twitter preview - Prognostic Sphinx
    Not much to say here this card is overpowered. Also great design, it will see play.
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  • posted a message on How to help a friend suffering a painful medical condition?
    Auto-immune diseases like this unfortunately have no permanent cure, but with proper medication the symptoms tend to subside improving the life quality of the patients. There are side effects though. My advice is to help her psychologically and be by her side when she needs you. Try to be positive and make her happy. Just be yourself and stay close to her as a FRIEND(nothing more). That comes of course if you can handle the stress. If you are feeling uneasy with the situation and negative, you wouldn't be able to help her as much as you want and you are going to make the situation worse. Have in mind that tougher times will come, now it is easy for both of you since not much has changed in her appearance and lifestyle, thus you have no problems, but sometime in the future that might change and that's when she would really need you. If there is a slight chance that you are going to abandon her in the future since you wouldn't be able to see her ill(happens regularly believe me), even 1%, don't do anything. That would be worst for her. Can you stay close to her till the end? Do so. If you can't you are unable to help her. I hope for the best man!
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Why are Nylea and Thassa not Referred to as "Goddess" on their cards?
    Quote from Unskilled Ninja

    Are you people just not reading the thread?

    God is correct. God is not an inherently masculine term unless we are talking about YHWH or contrasting it with the word goddess. Do you see every single mention of the Greek pantheon use "gods and goddesses"? No, you see both that and, more often, the much more convenient "gods". It is shorter to say "gods" than "gods and goddesses", it makes card cycle names more consistent, and it drops the rather silly idea of referring to 100 foot tall enchantments by different titles according to whether they look like human females or not.

    How really now? God is a neutral term to describe a deity that has no gender. But that's not the case here, there are male and female ''gods''. In plural you are going to use the term ''gods'' since the male term in plural includes the female. If you have a simpleton god that is also a female then you call it goddess, that's why the word exists and is used. Another example from the language ''male dog''=dog, ''female dog''=bitch, ''many dogs''=dogs. It's like calling a waitress, waiter instead, we will get what you mean but it is still a bad use of words.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Why are Nylea and Thassa not Referred to as "Goddess" on their cards?
    Goddess should have been used instead of god, since they are female entities. Truth is that they probably never thought of that, and of course they won't admit it. It skiped design..
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  • posted a message on black and red planeswalker, yes or no?
    From what i remember sarkhan saw some play in jund decks. He wasn't bad.
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  • posted a message on Ashen Rider
    Quote from Beusapu
    Well, usually huge creatures see play in reanimator and EDH, that's fine.
    Why do you call it "she"? It's an archon.

    From the female rider, anyway it doesn't matter much.
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  • posted a message on Ashen Rider
    Something like reanimator or polymorph decks might like her. Apart from that it won't make any impact in decks who try to hardcast her, she has utility but she isn't the best game ender out there.
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  • posted a message on Will Theros be Kamigawa 2?
    Quote from Valarin
    No, it's not just you. So far the set is horrible and on track to be the worst MTG set ever printing in the history of the game, with the possible exceptions of Judgement and Planeshift.

    The cards are overcosted, weak, care more about top down design than actually being playable, and are targeting a demographic of players who see "99 extra creatures" and go "OMG THAT'S SO COOL!!"

    And when pressed about how terrible the cards are, the best defense we get is "wait for the rest of the set". They are literally saying this set is good because they are making up cards that don't exist and putting them in the set in thier head to make it good.

    It's a typical MaRo designed set. Zero originality in the design (everything we are seeing has all been done before), complete beat-you-over-the-head cliche's, top down design taking more importance than good cards (Another useless eyeball card? Really?) and even worse, the uncommons seem to be particularly terrible, which really bodes poorly for the set. Not that I'm going to play it, but limited is going to be TERRIBLY unbalanced. Just more evidence the man is simply terrible at his job.

    The spoilers would need to do a complete 180 from here on out to save the set, and sure, maybe it could happen, but I'm not holding my breath. And really, why should they, people are losing thier mind over terrible cards and calling this the best set ever, so WoTC has literally zero incentive to actually do any better, since the can just keep phoning in crappy sets and packs will fly off the shelves into the hands of people who think sacrificing lands for a 3/1 is "OMG AMAZING BROKEN!!" and the Pandoras Box card "slots right into Modern decks".

    On the upside, it will continue an era of very cheap MTG. I haven't bought a single M14 pack and never will, and the way it's going Theros is shaping up to be another set you couldn't pay me to get a booster of, so that's going to be what, a solid 6 or so months where I am spending literally $0 on Magic cards, which is nice after RtR block had so many staples to get. It will be the longest I have ever gone spending no money on cards.

    The history of users not able to properly evaluate new cards repeats itself. Since 2008 that i joined this site there are always threads like this saying the SAME thing ''this set is bad''. Really now?? I hate spikes! Always ruining the atmosphere of the preview season! Don't worry kids! The real pros who know this game and make money from it, we find the good cards and you will be able to play your competitive game. Now do us a favor and leave us enjoying the previews.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Theros Dual Lands aka- Scry Lands
    Quote from ActionJunkie

    It is strange that the power level thanks to the already good support from Gates is nearly identical with one being Rare and the other being COMMON.

    Ravnica was a multicolored set and they needed duals to support limited, so they made the gates common to have a lot of them in drafts. Theros is not a multi-colored set so they didn't care about their rarity and decided to make them rare instead. It has nothing to do with power, it's about limited.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Theros Dual Lands aka- Scry Lands
    Some of them will be really strong for standard. They give you mana fixing and improve your next draw. The design is pretty lazy if you ask me since they just took a basic uncommon dual land coastal tower, they added scry 1 and moved it to rare. Anyone can make hundreds of card cycles like this in one hour.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Best God in Standard Constructed?
    Quote from Biefall
    There was thread with stats that prove the best devotion color so far is Red but I wont go through the problem to find it.

    It is strong but probably not the strongest.

    Some double mana white and red cards worth mentioning:
    ajani's chosen, ajani, caller of the pride, gideon, champion of justice, archangel of thune, banisher priest, boros reckoner, fiendslayer paladin, Precinct Captain, elspeth, sun's champion, spear of heliod

    Ash Zealot, Awaken the Ancient, chandra, pyromaster, Boros Reckoner, Burning-Tree Emissary, Chandra's Phoenix, Ogre Battledriver, Rakdos Shred-Freak, hammer of puphoros, storm breath dragon.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Best God in Standard Constructed?
    Quote from Biefall
    If we had a God that put 2 lands into play or put 2 zombie tokens then Purphoros would be outclassed, but we dont have that kind of Gods, thats why he isnt outclassed.

    We got gods like nylea and heliod that can make it to devotion and become creatures quite easily, without much effort since we already got good cards for them, yet the gods that cant make it to devotion, or are strunggling to build around and fit in a deck, are claimed to be stronger by the community. Purphoros, thassa and erebos are already outclassed.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Best God in Standard Constructed?
    Quote from harlannowick
    Fair enough, allow me to explain myself. Thassa as just an enchantment is just OK. Scry 1 on upkeep and 1U unblockable isn't particularly powerful. Virtually any deck which would want the scry has better access to draw(UW: sphinxs rev, UB: underworld connections). So if you are playing Thassa, you are going to want it to become a powerful undercosted fatty as often as possible. In order for thassa to be a creature, you will probably want about half your permanents to have UU in their mana cost. Control, as far as I know, has never been able to rely on permanents to control the board, The only decks I know of which would want an undercosted fatty, and runs enough permanents to support thassa, is aggro or tempo. for example, here are the cards which are available in standard which can support blue devotion. (Which I define as a permanent with at least UU in mana cost and at least half of it's mana cost is U)

    frostburn weird
    tidebinder mage
    deathcult rogue
    nightveil specter
    phantom warrior
    simic manipulator
    vassal soul
    wall of frost
    lazav, dimir mastermind
    water servant
    jace, architect of thought
    bident of thassa

    I don't see the makings of a control deck there. What I do see is alot of evasive cards and a single psuedo removal. If wizards prints a few more decent UU merfolk (Which, what do you know, merfolk are a significant creature type in theros) then a thassa tempo or aggro deck exists. You can also note that in a tempo deck, you would be making use of all of thassa's abilities. You can use the unblockable to get through for the kill or race through a locked boardstate. The scry allows you to skip extra lands once you have the 3-4 lands you need to make the deck work. And you also have a solid chance of having an indestructible 3 drop which could swing for 5 on turn 4. While in a control deck, the only ability you'd be using is scry. Scry 1 simply isn't very good, especially on Thassa as it won't effect your draws untill turn 5. (unless you have another form of draw) So Is there a problem with any of my logic? Is there any cards that I missed? If not, then my conclusion stands and thassa should be better in a tempo or aggro deck than a control deck.

    There is also the fact that thassa fits right into the same deck as master of waves. Both cards want the same thing. and in a blue devotion deck, both cards become impressively powerful.

    Personally i am not a fun of thassa since i find her devotion to be quite problematic to get. You are probably right about everything you said above, at least i agree with your logic. The problem with this thread is that most people make imaginary decks and think that the gods will be powerhouses in. They insist that purphroros will be a beast in a token deck while we don't have cards to make it. They call on a blue control deck, which needs modifications to make it work and playtesting and even then we are unsure if scry is going to matter much in the new meta, and believe that thassa is going to be strong there. This is misleading to other users.

    Quote from lloend
    Inferno Titan was a 6 drop, versus Perphoros being 4. He's also indestructible, gives firebreathing to your team and has a nice ETB trigger for reach. Not exactly comparable. I'm not saying he's better, worse or anything since we don't have everything spoiled to see if he'll be amazing, but he certainly isn't any slouch.

    Inferno titan ETB effect is stronger, Purphoros might come into play turn 4 but deals damage by turn five while inferno deals damage by turn 6, and inferno titan has a firebreathing ability too. I am not saying that we can actually compare the two cards to get a winner but they are probably at the same power level and inferno didn't make it back then. I made a reference on him to more or less prove that cards which seem good on paper sometimes don't get played because they cant fit in the meta.
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