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    Wow~! I'm super surprised how many people commented! Thanks for the feedback guys. I had been thinking about it for a while and you all brought up really good points. Especially the doomsday idea!
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    Ok now hear me out.

    I have an idea to change how all formats are played to improve the quality of every game.

    Here's the TLDR: Two decks.

    Now, 95% of the rules stay the same (ie card interactions, phases, etc.)
    but there is one small but important change.

    You now have two decks. One that is all of your lands. And one that is everything else.

    -Both decks still have to add up to the min. amount of cards, 40,60,100
    -At the beginning of each draw step the player chooses which one to draw from, 1 from lands or 1 from the other deck with everything else in it.
    -Starting hand is a combination of both decks (player chooses how many and from which ones. ie play can draw 3 cards from the land deck and 4 from the other.)
    -Tutoring/cracking, you still can look at both decks if you want and shuffle each afterwards.
    -Wheeling, players will put the lands back into the lands deck and shuffle, and the other cards in the other deck and shuffle that took.
    -Milling, when you have to mill cards, the player that is discarding can choose where that one spell is milling to. Either the lands deck or the other deck (this adds a new layer of strategy defensively).
    -Losing the game due to lack of cards. Players will loose the game when both decks are depleted. (again making mill not feel so terrible to play against.)

    -Makes wheeling a lot less terrible and players can strategically choose how many lands or cards they want to draw.
    -More reliable and fun games.
    -Adds a new layer of choosing what you want your cards to be each turn.

    Let me know what you guys think. Or if you have any questions about this idea.
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