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  • posted a message on Confusion in the ranks ruling.
    Thank you very much for clarifying this for me!
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    I'm new to the site, I looked around and couldn't find how to hyperlink a card name so it can be clicked on to see what it is. Could someone point me to the right place to find all the goodies like this so I can make the most of my posts?

    Thank you in advance!
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  • posted a message on Confusion in the ranks ruling.
    I've got a question on ruling for ETB and confusion in the ranks.

    Say there is a confusion in the ranks on the battlefield. I have a kiki jiki in play as well along with a llanowar elves. My opponent plays a creature, we'll say something simple like an Ornithopter. When the Ornithopter enters the battlefield confusion in the ranks will trigger and they choose Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to exchange control. With that on the stack I choose to use Kiki Jiki to make a copy of the llanowar elf. When the elf copy enters the battlefield it will trigger the confusion in the ranks and I choose to exchange control of the elf for the Ornithopter since it is already on the battlefield. The stack starts to resolve and the elf token is exchanged for the Ornithopter. At this point my opponent would control my elf token and I would control their Ornithopter and still have control of Kiki Jiki. However the trigger for the Ornithopter entering the battlefield is still on the stack with Kiki Jiki as the target.

    My question is, since I now control the Ornithopter, would my opponent's confusion in the ranks trigger for the Ornithopter entering the battlefield still grant them control of Kiki Jiki? Or because they no longer control the Ornithopter and therefore do not have the Ornithopter to exchange for Kiki Jiki would I retain control of Kiki Jiki?

    Thank you very much!

    Using card tags is mandatory in the Magic Rulings forum. Please check your private messages to learn how to use them. I've added them for this post.
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