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  • posted a message on [540][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    Hi wtwlf123! A few years back I found your cube online and I just straight out copied it. I don't play that much, but I still update it once or twice a year according to your current list. Just wanted to thank you for all the fun!

    I used to play mainly sealed deck, because we were 2 people most of the time, but recently we started doing impulse/glimpse/sight drafts and it is so much better. I still want play sealed deck, to change it up sometimes or when introducing new players. How many cards would you recommend for each player based on your current list? Do you have any other recommendations?
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  • posted a message on Request to change display name

    Would it be possible for someone to update my display name from 'BluesSnake' to 'BlueSnake' please?

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