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    Love the aether grid idea and it's synergy with pentad prism is even more enticing essentially turning a do nothing artifact into 1/2 a damage. It also allows me to throw in Engineered Explosives a card I really like just potentially hindering yourself at times. However with the inclusion of a small splash of red and the use of more pentads the explosives becomes much more useful and can act as an oh no button or board wipe. I feel like a true prison deck would also need Chalice of the Void as well but I am having trouble deciding where to make cuts. But all of your suggestions have been extremely helpful so far and I appreciate the input!
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret Prison
    Appreciate your suggestions Dave. I have sort of fleshed out the 36 without the manabase with some of your consideration. Thirst is probably my best draw and can pitch cards for the bridge. I like Sai as a sideboard option as well. I also completely forgot about master of the bridge. His cmc is quite high but perhaps a one of isn't a terrible idea. Just not sure where to fit it as i am sitting at 20 artifacts so far. I probably should put him in there though considering my only way to win the game is with Agent of Bolas.
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    Hello fellow chums this is an attempt at a Tezz prison deck with zero restrictions on anything banned by a format or anything else. Aside from a few usual courtesy rules such as a single copy of Sol Ring. I am curious for input on what this deck is missing. I am still fiddling with the mana base so I have not added it here but I will eventually. I am aware of thopter/meek combo as i have used it before but have decided to shy away from that as I would like to try something else. I know that I am missing something in this deck I am just not sure where to go with it. As in more spot removal or perhaps more draw or filter maybe. I would even consider hand disruption as well. I am sure I need more consistent ways to draw my tezz or whir's I just don't know the best avenue to do so. I believe I would like to be creatureless however I can change that stance if need be. Any input or advice is very much welcome and appreciated. Also budget is somewhat a factor excluding a few high costing cards such as the like of Mana Vault. Cheers folks and here is my list:

    Main deck:
    Mishra's Bauble x4
    Welding Jar x2
    Mox Opal x1
    Thoughtseize x3
    Nihil Spellbomb x1
    Sol Ring x1
    Sensei's Divining Top x1
    Demonic Tutor x1
    Pentad Prism x4
    Sorcerous Spyglass x1
    Ghirapur Aether Grid x2
    Ensnaring Bridge x3
    Thirst for Knowledge x3
    Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas x3
    Jace, the Mind Sculptor x1
    Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge x1
    Whir of Invention x3
    Engineered Explosives x1

    Damping Sphere x2
    Mirrodin Besieged x2

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