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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I listened to the video/podcast. Idk... they seemed to be making pretty obvious points. Yes, aggro needs extra support; I assumed that was a known thing - especially in Peasant where all the dual-lands outside City of Brass CIPT. I disagree with what they were saying about cards like Palace Jailer, Timely Reinforcements, Pyroclasm, Slice and Dice, or all the Nekrataals potentially needing removed though. Just give aggro better tools, and more importantly - an abundance of tools - so that the aggro drafter doesn't have to choose between Lightning Bolt and some 2/1 for 1cmc that it really needs for it's deck to function. Like you said though... I think most people on MTGSalvation who are active are aware of this already. And maybe this is a commentary more on regular cubes than Peasant ones, but it has always amazed me at how little pros or people writing for SCG or something seem to know about modern cube design and seem to be stuck in the old days of "dragon cube" so to speak. I mean... Sea Gate Oracle? Really? It's a good card (though not what it used to be imo), but talking about axing it for power level concerns seems kind of crazy.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I think I'd have to agree with you. Alharu is looking ever-so-slightly the most appealing to me as well. While the Quartermaster does have flying (and I do support Flyers), having no other ability is a bummer. Constable of the Realm looks interesting, but I'm not sure my cube has enough effects that put counters on OTHER creatures to make it work, and while it can fuel itself with Renowned, a 3/3 for 5cmc that has to attack and connect to get the effect seems questionable. In fact, it worries me that all three are just 3/3s - a vulnerable body at 5cmc. Why the first two couldn't have been designed to able to put a counter on themselves, I don't know.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Obviously, Gaea's Anthem is a good card, but I think more than the "wrong color" argument, it's that Curse of Predation exists at virtually the same mana cost and is doing a very similar - if not superior, more on theme - job. I've often thought about running both myself, but I imagine there's not room for both at smaller sizes.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Here's another "This or That" question for you guys.

    Constable of the Realm vs. Alharu, Solemn Ritualist vs. Angelic Quartermaster

    This is from a +1/+1 Counters perspective in particular. I run Elite Scaleguard already, and it's great. However, I feel like the Counters deck could use another good curve topper.

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  • posted a message on Innistrad - Crimson Vow Pauper Spoiler Season
    Wow! That's kind of crazy. I don't have a Pauper cube, but it seems like there are a ton of great options for spells-matter in red (let alone blue or Izzet). I mean... besides this Kessig Flamebreather you have Firebrand Archer as mentioned, Thermo-Alchemist, Kiln Fiend, Burning Prophet, Ghitu Lavarunner, Ardent Elementalist, and all the great burn spells. I'm probably forgetting stuff too. That said, there are probably a ton of solid 3/1s or 3/2s for 2cmc that are fine on their own - just seems kind of boring.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Thoughts on Kessig Flamebreather?

    It directly compares to Firebrand Archer, Electrostatic Field, and Thermo-Alchemist. Indirectly it might be fighting for space with Kiln Fiend and Burning Prophet as well. Obviously, some of them give you more defensive bodies while others are more offensive, but they all share the desire to be played in a deck with a bunch of instants and sorceries. I feel like Izzet spells-matter decks in my cube can be built either more aggro or more control, depending on what you draft, so I'm not sure that one way is better than the other.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad - Crimson Vow Pauper Spoiler Season
    Kessig Flamebreather seems very cube-able. It's another take on Firebrand Archer, and I'm honestly not sure if spell-heavy red decks (or Izzet decks) prefer a 2/1 or a 1/3. I know I'm considering it for Peasant, so it has to be worth a look in Pauper.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    @Poster formerly known as Phitt77

    Oh... ok. You're right. I misread the card apparently. With two turns to play the cards (lands being played for free of course) and not playing it early I can definitely see it happening. For some reason I read "until the end of your turn" instead of "next turn." Reckless Impulse is indeed similar to Light up the Stage, and while I think I still prefer the latter, I'll probably find room for both because as you said, red card draw is somewhat limited. I have run things like Cathartic Reunion before, but they never took off; this should be better.



    Stormchaser Drake works with stuff like Ghostly Flicker, as I mentioned above, but not with something like Blizzard Strix, since that's an ETB ability that is targeting it not a spell, right? I guess technically you could target it with Into the Roil or other Unsummon effects, but that's not really CA, and it's a definite loss of tempo. Ephemerate and Momentary Blink would work, but again, you're just trading the card with the blink effect for a new card. In those cases though I guess you have the second half to get value out of.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Thirst for Discovery is obviously great and an automatic add for everyone. Since my cube is bigger I'll find room for is alongside Compulsive Research.

    Scattered Thoughts seems pretty decent too. I'll find room for it alongside Fact or Fiction (unfortunately Deep Analysis is probably the cut; the sorcery speed is so frustrating every time I play it).

    Fell Stinger seems like a "natural" sac outlet; it's not repeatable like some cards, but it gives a better body and a strong ability. I'm new to the Sac.dec archetype, but in my limited experience, it's not often that I just want to go to town, and sac out my whole board (or that I even have a ton of creatures to sac). Hence enough powerful one-time use sac effects like this scorpion or Village Rites might make mediocre repeatable sac outlet unnecessary.

    Reclusive Taxidermist looks like a much better Werebear, which I too used to play, and have considered adding again. Besides being less fragile upfront, as mentioned, Taxidermist makes a mana of any color (a big upgrade compared to Werebear only being able to add a green), and I think having four or more creature cards in your graveyard is easier in Peasant to achieve than Threshold. No Fetches makes a difference there. Also, Spider Spawning type GY decks want a heavy concentration of creatures anyway.

    Let's be honest, Stormchaser Drake is a blue Mistral Charger/Stormfront Pegasus, nothing more, but that's fine. I looked through the blue spells I play that I'd be fine targeting it with, and the only one I could find was Ghostly Flicker. In my cube at least, blue is not the color of pump spells or auras. Maybe in combination with green or white I might find a few things that I'd be fine targeting it with, but even then it would be rare. Again, this is not to say I'm not interested in a blue Mistral Charger/Stormfront Pegasus.

    Markov Purifier is also somewhat interesting, for me at least, as Orzhov does life-gain stuff in my cube. It provides both the life-gain itself and the reward - a somewhat rare combination, as usually one card is the payoff (Ajani's Pridemate for instance) while another is the source of life-gain.

    Angelic Quartermaster and Whispering Wizard seem ok - worth considering - but I'm not sure they'll make the cut.

    I don't know about Reckless Impulse, Bramble Wurm, Wandering Mind or Sigardian Paladin. With Reckless Impulse the thing is, how often can you cast both cards off of it after paying two mana up front? While Reach is good, Bramble Wurm is probably worse than Sifter Wurm (which I just cut) because it doesn't even give you the illusion of card advantage. Wandering Mind seems ok, but the 3cmc slot is usually packed in Izzet Spells decks. Sure Sigardian Paladin is a 4/4 for 4cmc that will sometimes have lifelink and trample, but it doesn't really support the +1/+1 counters archetype itself like so many other Selesyna options do; it's fine but likely not worth a guild slot imo.

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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I've axed the rare lands from my Peasant+ cube, so I'm just Peasant now, and it feels like I'm in need of some better fixing. So...

    Yavimaya Elder vs. Civic Wayfinder vs. Springbloom Druid

    Which would you (or do you) run? Or maybe two out of the three? And why? Also, I'm open to considering other alternatives.
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  • posted a message on Flash Archetype
    Yeah, thanks for all the suggestions and general archetype advice. I think one of the greatest things about having a bigger cube is that I can go a little deeper with archetypes like Flash that aren't exactly all top-tier cards. However, just because I have a little more range doesn't mean I can go all-in on one particular archetype with a bunch of suspect - or even bad cards - because they'll only be played in that archetype. Also, I love the fact that I can support a large variety of archetypes that may or may not appear in a single draft, but I can't afford to over-support one at the expense of the others; this would just leave people pigeon-holed.

    Some of those cards you mentioned like Breaching Hippocamp, Illusory Ambusher, Winged Coatl, and Horizon Chimera just seem too underpowered to consider - even at 720 (heck, even at like 1000 for a couple of them). Others like Nebelgast Intruder, Scion of Stygia, Nebelgast Herald, Deceiver Exarch just seem like worse Pestermites.

    That said, Faerie Vandal and Faerie Duelist are decent cards that I definitely overlooked and should at least consider if I plan on keeping Spellstutter Sprite (though it is suspect itself). Additionally, I have cubed Ambush Viper in the past, and it was ok, nothing special, but it usually did what you wanted it to do; I could see putting it back in.

    Threnody Singer, Briarpack Alpha, Pack Guardian, and Fleetfeather Cockatrice are also decent, and worth consideration, but are probably slightly worse versions of already borderline includes. 720 is deeper than you think. Maybe not in this archetype (unfortunately), but the bench of "cubable" cards is deep!

    Let me ask about a couple you didn't mention (yes, the latter two aren't Flash per say, but Ninjutsu). What do you think about Brinebarrow Intruder, Ingenious Infiltrator, and Okiba-Gang Shinobi?
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  • posted a message on Flash Archetype
    This is something that I've been trying to make work for quite some time either as a mono-blue or Simic archetype. In theory, both places seem like great homes for a tempo deck along these lines, but in my experience it doesn't seem to come together that often, and I think that's because it's lacking a density of good flash creatures. I really want it to work. I remember fondly coming back to Magic after my first break during Lorwyn block when Faeries was a deck; I also greatly enjoyed the TarmoTwin deck with Bounding Krasis in Modern, and more recently I recall getting stomped by the U/G Flash deck with Frilled Mystic when I was playing on Arena a couple of years ago.

    I think I've heard others speak about playing around with a "Flash" archetype before, but maybe that was in the rare cube section. Is it possible in Peasant?

    What are your experiences?

    For reference, these are the creatures I'm currently cubing that I think help make up this archetype (I'm a bigger cube - 720 - but even for that some of these, while "cubeable," are admittedly a stretch).

    Spectral Sailor
    Spellstutter Sprite
    Cunning Nightbonder (probably a signpost)
    Merfolk Trickster
    Brineborn Cutthroat (another signpost)
    Pestermite (many equivalencies)
    Ninja of the Deep Hours (Ninjutsu is kind of like Flash)
    Moonblade Shinobi (Ninjutsu)
    Pouncing Shoreshark
    Blizzard Strix

    Swift Warden
    Wolfir Avenger
    Beast Within (an Instant-speed pseudo-creature in addition to being removal)
    Snapping Sailback
    Beast Attack (another Instant-speed pseudo-creature)
    Great Oak Guardian

    Bounding Krasis
    Frilled Mystic

    There are obviously plenty of others that I'm not playing, but I think I've definitely got the strongest ones. Let me know if I'm missing something. Also, there are some flash creatures in other colors (I think U/B Ninja's if anyone plays such a thing could be kind of a "Flash" deck). Finally, all of these, for obvious reasons, play well with Instants, whether that be card-draw, Unsummon-effects, and/or especially counterspells.

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  • posted a message on [[Peasant MCD]] Snow Cards
    Yeah... unfortunately.

    Oh, I just remembered another card that could lend to the creation of a "Snow archetype" - The Three Seasons. While not Snow itself, it is sort of an engine. It wouldn't be good enough with just Snow basics, but it could become a draw-two in a deck jam-packed with Snow cards. Still... it's a bit underpowered imo.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant MCD]] Snow Cards
    Since most of the best Snow cards are green and blue, it definitely could be called a Simic "archetype." However, I feel it doesn't have as strong of an identity as the archetypes in many of the other two-color combinations because most of the Snow cards seem to be good enough on their own (assuming you're allowing Snow basics).

    Basically, I'd divide the Snow cards into four categories:

    1.) Cards like Saddled Rimestag, Boreal Druid, Coldsteel Heart, and Moritte of the Frost are Snow, but don't care at all about Snow. Any cube can play these - even without Snow basics.
    2.) Cards like the aforementioned Icehide Troll, Boreal Outrider, Avalanche Caller, Blizzard Strix, Winter's Rest, Berg Strider, Sculptor of Winter, Icebind Pillar, Icehide Golem, Arcum's Astrolabe, Frostwalk Bastion, and Mouth of Ronom need Snow basics to exist, but don't care about other Snow spells/permanents.
    3.) Cards like Abominable Treefolk, Conifer Wurm, Spirit of the Aldergard, and Blizzard Brawl that improve slightly in combination with other Snow cards, but they're definitely good enough with just Snow lands and don't require a single other Snow spell/permanent in the deck to be fine - even good.
    4.) Cards like Frost Augur, Rime Tender, and Iceberg Cancrix that get a bigger boost from other Snow spells/permanents in addition to just lands - possibly pushing them from fringe in a generic deck with Snow basics to good in a Snow archetype.

    Unfortunately, only the latter two categories really "make" a Snow archetype imo; the previous two are support. Too bad Narfi, Betrayer King isn't a Simic card.
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  • posted a message on Madness
    Is your Madness experiment still going, and have you incorporated Terminal Agony? Seems like an auto-include, but I didn't see it in your initial list of cards despite other MH2 stuff being listed.

    Also, what about stuff like Careful Study, Cathartic Reunion, Desperate Ravings, Tormenting Voice, etc... as enablers? oh... Fissure Wizard too.

    Additionally, I'm sure certain mechanics "play nice" with the Madness archetype as well - providing pseudo-support, if you will. Stuff like Retrace, Flashback, Jumpstart, Cycling, etc... can either provide stuff you wouldn't feel horrible about discarding or stuff that provides easy discard outlets on the side.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant MCD]] Snow Cards
    Quote from Leelue »
    Abominable Treefolk and Conifer Wurm are both extremely silly and should be on that list.

    Oh, I agree with you about them being silly, they definitely are, but they were already in my list from before. I was asking specifically about Kaldheim snow cards, since Kaldheim came out during my most recent hiatus.

    Quote from rancoredmalone »
    Thinking about all these cards makes me want to re-add the black fliers and possible test some more cards, like Blizzard Strix, Icehide Troll, and Conifer Wurm. Vannatar, what are your experiences with Strix and Wurm?

    Conifer Wurm has been great. I mean, sure, anything that doesn't have a CiP ability falls to the old "dies to Terminate" argument, but even then, it's a card for a card. When you untap your mana with it though, and it turns into a 10/10 trampler at minimum (5 snow lands + itself = +6/+6) it's a house that will kill them in a turn or two regardless of blockers. And if you have other snow permanents (say a Boreal Druid or Saddled Rimestag or something) or have the eight mana for a double pump, they're done without the removal. As for it helping get board control, my green decks generally have that through bigger creatures and/or getting stuff out ahead of curve via a Llanowar Elf. I don't really see Conifer Wurm being played in ramp decks; those decks need to reestablish board control and maybe gain some life with Arborback Stomper and Pelakka Wurm type creatures. It's more of a curve-topper for green aggro/midrange.

    Blizzard Strix has been pretty decent. A role player that fits a number of things blue is doing in my cube. It's a flyer for W/U Skies, it Blinks something for value, and it has flash, which is always helpful for holding up countermagic. The problem is the body; it's underwhelming. Three power is ok for a 5cmc flying attacker I guess, but it not only gets killed by virtually any removal, it always dies in combat because of two defense. That said, it's already got me some kind of value with it's CiP ability, so it's fine.


    I've been looking over my list, and I've already found cuts for Frost Bite, Avalanche Caller, Boreal Outrider, and Spirit of the Aldergard. I'd like to find room for a few more of the new snow cards though. I'm not sure about that Icehide Troll; it's hard to kill, but I'm not looking to dump mana early just to get a 4/3 attacker, and a 2/3 attacker where I'm holding up mana just won't get blocked. On defense it's good again if I have the mana available, but then again... I'm holding up the mana and not curving out with a 4cmc spell in that scenario. Idk. I want to find room for Icebind Pillar and Berg Strider, but they both seem slightly overcosted. Blizzard Brawl will probably find its way in though.

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