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  • posted a message on RUNFASTANDJUMPCO
    What kind of madness is this? Will the OP make an attempt to make sense? Or did someone read from the Necronomicon Ex-Motis? Maybe the OP is the Kandarian Demon, in human form...

    Klaatu barada nikto... there, did that fix the problem?
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  • posted a message on A truck load of cards from Commander legends bauldr gate leaked
    Quote from Xcric »
    Really good job with Nine-Fingers Keene. She requires 9 gates but can only play 4

    well, if you peruse the leak more that issue is solved within it.

    It's not, you'll only get to 7. Even if they print a couple of "colorless" gates, having only 9 in a deck of 100 cards is pitiful and won't work.

    There are at least 2 lands that can copy lands in play... Thespian's Stage & Vesuva...
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  • posted a message on [SNC] "Metropolis Angel" — MtG Chinese (Traditional) Facebook preview
    Limited fodder, at best. Actually decent in limited, but for casual constructed (as usual), 1 mana too much. At a 3 cost, playable.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Luxior, Giada's gift — IGN preview
    That is a very interesting way to play with Planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Black Market Tycoon — Matthew Heafy preview
    Now the best thing is to turn that "negative" into a positive, such as with Personal Sanctuary or Spirit Loop... it is a lot to do just to prevent the damage, but if wrapped into a "damage to you from permanents you own" themed Commander deck.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Security Rhox — Skybilz preview
    Outside of limited (and there better be a good amount of treasure-making options in limited to make this useful enough), not too sure how I feel about this. No other gimmick (read: keyword) to make it playable (like haste, trample/first strike (or at least those last 2 when attacking). I want to like it, but it feels like most of the time it would get cut when deck building/designing.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Join the Maestros — MTGNerdGirl preview
    So what do others feel about artificial power pumping? Like a card or effect that says "~ get's +1 [or more] until end of turn" to get to the 2 [or higher] of "Casualty 2 [or higher]"? I'm thinking it can be a cheap way to get the boost w/o having to actually commit to a 2 power... There are a lot of 1 power tokens out there. Finding decent enough fodder for the Casualty keyword can almost be an issue (unless one sets it up to have fodder.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Mage's Attendant and Rob the Archives — Mani Davoudi previews
    My thoughts:

    Mage's Attendant: Good, but limited fodder. Might make it into a Party-themed deck, as it gives a rogue and a wizard.

    Rob the Archives - Another solid red "draw" card, as it's not part of red's color pie to exile cards & get to play them, opposed to actually drawing them. Is also a good work around of cards that limit you to one draw a turn. I can see this as being part of the fast and mid-range red or red/x color(s) decks in Commander.
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  • posted a message on r/magicTCG has really become a toxic environment if you have an unpopular opinion
    So some have heard about the Michael Lynch/IHYD situation (NOT HERE TO DICUSS THIS).

    I chimed in on the discussion about it that Buzzfeed is run by a bunch of SJW's and that many have left Buzzfeed for it's toxic environment. So by either calling out Buzzfeed and calling them SJW's (why is that now a bad-word acronym???) or by linking a video compilation of prior employees of Buzzfeed explaining why they left. It was relevant, in a way, because it's not the first time Buzzfeed brought out of the woodwork an old article to slander another's name just for the clicks. I had also called out in my response how cancel culture is moving society in the wrong, dark direction that is getting worse and worse.

    So what happened? I was given the boot from the subreddit. Did a mod talk w/ me first? No. Did a mod tell me I'm on subreddit probation? No. Did I get a 1 day/week/month temp ban? No. Just a straight up "GTFO!"

    Well, I'll just have to make another avatar and start from scratch in the subreddit. But really, what's going on there? Is it like the cancel culture of the rest of the world? Cancel the norm-breaker? Censor thought? Are we heading into an era where the "Thought Police" will control what we say & type?

    Man, dystopia sucks...
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  • posted a message on MaRo's Streets of New Capenna Teaser
    Interesting... and I don't think someone has mentioned it.

    A RETURN OF THE CEPHALIDS!!!! Return of the Cthulu-esque Octo-people...

    Now I'm hungry for calamari...
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Minsc and Boo planeswalker, Battlebond duals, and the Commander Legends: Baldur's Gate prebeat — Weekly MTG previews
    I really hope the token's creature type IS gerbil... I want to make gerbil tribal as a Commander deck... and put in as many cards with tubes I can find!!! Then a Gruul Commander that looks remotely like Richard Gere... and if there is none, pay someone to make an alt. art depiction of Richard Gere for whatever legendary creature I choose as my Commander!!!

    What's that you say? Boo is a hamster, not a gerbil?!?!?! Well kiss my grits! I's gonna do it anyway... closest thing so far...

    Yeah, that so? Well, THIS square peg is going to be FORCED into THAT round hole... like the gerbil, forced into a round hole...
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  • posted a message on Streets of New capenna sneak preview tomorrow (bonus new evergreen mechanic for mostly commander involved stuff)
    I'm sure I'm the only who is bothered by this, and I'm sure no one else here cares... but throwing caution to the wind, I'll ask anyways:

    Once the "tomorrow" (mentioned in the title of this thread) passes, can the OP alter the title to no longer say "tomorrow," as each time I see it, I briefly get hyped thinking there's something new coming, then it hits me: this is old news.

    Tomorrow came & went, the title can be changed to "Streets of New Capenna; new mechanic revealed." Trust me, it's not going to change the content or alter the conversation like my request is.

    Abd yes, I know this is off topic, a moot point, and is banal. But what's the worst that can happen?
    (hope those aren't my last words...)
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  • posted a message on Leak on Facebook marketplace Packaging, Dice, one art card, card from the list of New capena
    This begs a couple BIIIIG questions:
    1) Were these seized by WotC right away or sold to another?
    2) How'd this product end up in England, of all places?
    3) If sold before seized, wondering what the chances the purchaser will slow (Id prefer all at once, but we know how the jerks do things) leak the cards cracked?
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  • posted a message on Black Lotus and Duel Master's - this something new or just a necro'd thing?
    The Game Duel Masters has had some MTG crossover cards in it in the past (I believe it has had Emrakul, for example) as they are both owned by wizards. I recall hearing a while back that the Duel Masters show/manga was originally devised to show off MTG rather than a new card game so the two games hold a bit of a connection. As they don't use the same rules, however, I can guarantee that the Duel Masters Black Lotus does not have the same game text as the one in MTG and would not be legal as a game piece for MTG (which explains why the Reserved List is a non-factor here). From what I've heard, that Black Lotus duel master card actually functions as something closer to a lotus bloom when you translate it.

    so... yeah. It's a half-decent proxy if that's your thing but it's not a magic card so there's no problem.

    So, in a vacuum (looking at this w/o emotion or Legacy connectivity), is it an acceptable investment (no, I don't see this ever breaking ten thousand, let alone a thousand.... but just about anything w/ the old border and Lotus-look can fetch a premium, ie the oversized comic book insert Black Lotus is currently over $100)? Being one of the only legit sources that can find a way around the Reserved List while still officially printing it (again, I know, a proxy, doesn't really affect the RL) should count for something. It's not like some cheaply done Etsy/Alibaba proxy. And no other company can legally, w/o permission (like anyone in WotC would allow homage or a copy of the most iconic Magic card ever) print a Black Lotus.

    I'm on the fence w/ if it is/was a smart choice to buy it off of eBay for $45. It's seeing lower prices currently, but it feels like a piranha feeding frenzy on eBay right now. There will be finite printing. And once the cap is reached, those who have will keep pushing the price up until the fair market feels it tapering off, leveling out. But I can guarantee it won't stay below $50.

    If anything, it'll compliment those playing w/ Garth, One-Eye. For others, it'll just be a blinged out proxy. But really, who plays Vintage tournaments where it'll be a make or break situation? Most people are not that hardcore to go jerk-mode and deny this version. It doesn't look like it was scribbled on a 4th Edition Island by a 5 year old w/ a black crayon. Or written on a once-blank DFC token from the past 3 years.

    And even w/ all of this mumbo-jumbo I'm speaking that sounds like defense of spending $45, I'm still on the fence. Well, what is done, is done. It's not going to break the bank for me.
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  • posted a message on Black Lotus and Duel Master's - this something new or just a necro'd thing?
    Well, guess I'm just a sheep in the crowd... Read on Reddit (of course, it's where the 'latest' Magic news comes out of, heh)...

    Yup, there's a foiled out Black Lotus, all in Japanese, that's selling like hotcakes on eBay. So I decide to search it up, curious to know if it's a limited release. Instead I see a post on Reddit from 2 years ago mentioning this.

    So either 2 things have happened:

    1) We're all late to the party. This has been out for 2 years now & no one in Southern California is talking about it...

    (unlikely... but #2 is just as banal)

    2) This was leaked 2 years ago, but because of the pandemic (or something else entirely) this special Duel Master's set was delayed, held back, on the back burner, or some other reason to have a 2 year release window.

    (or #3, less banal, but more mysterious):

    3) Something else weird is going on & I cannot figure it out.

    Is this some parallels universe crashing into ours? Won't owners of A/B/U or CE Black Lotus's be up in arms over this? How come the secondary market doesn't have their metaphorical panties in a twist that WotC just found a way to circumvent (in a way) their Orobos, the Reserved List?

    Please, someone, clue this man in... What in the ^&#%!@% is going on?!?!?!

    Here's it mentioned 2 years ago:
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