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  • posted a message on Jund
    Is this website dead? Are there other forums I can look at that are more active?
    Posted in: Midrange
  • posted a message on BW Vampire Aristocrats
    Vampire tribal with aristocrat sub theme.

    4x viscera seer
    4x bloodghast
    4x blood artist
    4x cordial vampire
    2x cruel celebrant
    4x knight of the ebon legion
    4x captivating vampire
    2x oathsworn vampire
    2x kalastria highborn
    1x gatekeeper of malakir

    4x fatal push
    2x anguish unmaking
    1x deadly dispute

    2x mutavault
    3x castle lockthwain
    4x marsh flats
    4x godless shrine
    9x swamp[l
    Posted in: Deck Creation (Modern)
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