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  • posted a message on [update] I've been elected...AND got my CHRP Designation!!!
    Congratulations dude!
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  • posted a message on Hey there!
    I wonder...are there guys from the WotC boards here? As in the gleemax forums?
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  • posted a message on New planeswalkers
    Quote from Maybe Eid
    Bolas - "Okay, I'm back. What the hell happened?

    Jace - "Hi, I'm a planeswalker! Wanna play Yu-Gi-Oh?"

    Bolas - "That's nice, kid. Your last name isn't Umezawa, is it?"

    Jace - "My mommy loves me thiiiiis much." *holds out arms very wide*

    Bolas - "Wait, you're not a 'walker. Can you do this?" *creates his own world* *wields an arsenal of mana* *is involved in a plot that requires character depth*

    Jace - "I like anime."

    Bolas - "... You did say your last name was Umezawa, right?"

    hahahahaha funny!
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  • posted a message on [EVE] Huge amounts of art found on ArtFight
    Anyone knows whats the one that has the art that looks like the ff:

    1. Samara/Sadako coming out of the water

    2. Donkey-headed man

    3. Possessed/Evil looking Kithkins
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  • posted a message on What EVE deals have you all gotten so far?
    The stuff hasn't come out yet and they're getting pricey.
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  • posted a message on How many is enough?
    The answer t0 that varies upon deck and situation. Lets say mono green elf.

    Turn one-1 creature
    Turn two-2-3 creatures. (if the first drop is a Llanowar elves you might afford another one drop.) or an imperous perfect
    Turn three-Another imperous and then maybe tokens.

    After then, there is gonna be a lot of elves. (This is an ideal situation)

    Another example, merfolk mill (white blue)

    Turn one-1 creature
    Turn two-Two creatures or one creature to be dropped. OR a Merrow Commerce
    Turn three-StonyBrook Schoolmaster or Drowner of secrets
    Turn four-either one of the above that was not dropped last turn.

    then you know the dril, start tapping and making merfolks and soon you got a meatshield and and army at the same time. (ideal situation)
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  • posted a message on Whats the best age to teach a youngling
    Try maybe 10, trust me I tried a 6 year old and it wouldn't help. A 10-year-old's vocabulary's budding enough to maybe understand most of the basics and the words on the cards without eating or destroying the merchandise.
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  • posted a message on Hey there!
    Hi there, the names ecthelionv2, ec for short if you want. More of a visitor to the main forums site of the official MtG site. came here to see a bit more. I do a lot of YMTC stuff, in other words, you make the card stuff. Hahaha.:D Hope we can all get along.
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  • posted a message on Username Guide
    uh oh...looks like I seemed to have violated something. Sorry, I was reading LoTR some time ago, a long time ago, the name ecthelion stuck so I decided to use it. Well, I added v2 out of whim so sue me. hahaha. Sorry, it stuck and became my user name all around now.
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