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  • posted a message on Gif generator?
    moving to geeks corner.
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    Shipping off to Special Occasions.
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  • posted a message on German and Swedish law question
    I'll move this to RLA.
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  • posted a message on Goku vs Superman
    Quote from Iron Chef RDW
    Tl;DR, cry more please. I really don't care about this battle. I merely came in to prove how ridiculous it is that the "Goku Crew" are blindly running around in circles going "Popular opinion wins!" and that the actual facts say that Superman wins 99 times out of 100.

    I've done that. It's settled. This poll means nothing. Popular opinion means nothing. Facts are facts. Deal with it. Or keep crying. Whatever's cool with you.

    Quote from Wending
    The "actual facts" are merely interpretations and assumptions of some nerds that made an "official" internet video.

    You're the only one crying here. You're the one humiliated.

    Deal with it. =)

    Let's chill out a little guys.
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  • posted a message on Steubenville Rape Case Concludes: Rapists Found Guilty
    Good. There was no way they were getting around all the evidence. Really sick human beings.
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  • posted a message on Podcast Recommendations?
    What kind of podcasts do you like to listen to? There's so many that I kind of need a general idea of what you're into. I basically only listen to comedy podcasts and I think they're a great, fun way to kill time in the car.

    EDIT: The only comedy podcast I really listen to anymore is Call Chelsea Peretti, because I think it's hilarious how she is ruthlessly sarcastic to the people that call in to her show.
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  • posted a message on The Official "What is the Last Movie You Watched?"
    I just watched 50/50. Pretty good movie, the first one in a long time I haven't had a serious complaint about. It was charming yet dark, and I loved the cast. I liked it!
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  • posted a message on Hip-hop
    Quote from Zelderex
    The closest thing he's had to talking about an album. He mentioned that he recorded some songs with Action Bronson and Alchemist, which would be the best New York Rap Album in ages. But he said that they kinda said **** it and it's just a bunch of singles they might not release.

    I think he genuinely doesn't want to release an album.


    Earl and Gambino! Song is old, but I just found it. It's not bad, Earl's first verse is by far the best part, Gambino kinda disappointed, if you ask me.
    Gambino disappoints me now in general. I have lost really all interest I had in him after Royalty.

    Also, I'd say Macklemore is just about as mainstream as a non-Young Money rapper could get. He and Hoodie Allen are every girl's favorite new white rappers. I've heard Macklemore in like four different commercials in the past month.
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  • posted a message on Argo
    I thought it was a pretty good movie. A lot of the dialogue was really solid. However, it definitely felt like a "Let's make a Best Picture movie that the Academy will just drool over" movie. I guess that's okay, because obviously it paid off, but movies like that kind of irritate me.

    I also felt like the ending went by really fast. Like, it was so much of a climax that it actually seemed anti-climactic, possibly because I already knew what would happen, but also because it just went by really quickly. Obviously I know how storylines work with climaxes and stuff, but he just went in and got them and hooray, the end. Might just be me though, but I felt like the ending was a little weak.
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  • posted a message on 2013 music
    I'm extremely pleased with Youth Lagoon's new album, and Rhye's debut album Woman. Check them out.
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag
    I'm happy they're fixing AC3's problems, but this just screams "massive overkill" to me. The story sounds like bad fanfiction, I still wasn't pleased with AC3 as a whole, and the fact we're already on AC6 (overall) now and still chugging along on the Call of Duty schedule all factor in to me not being excited.
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  • posted a message on Hip-hop
    Quote from Zelderex
    You'd be amazed. He actually has a handful of decent songs. I mean, relative to his collection (probably upward of 1,000 songs by now, even I won't try and delve into most of that), the good music is probably less than 1%, but there's still probably two normal-human-being album's worth of good music.

    I'm pretty sure that his bad stuff is deliberate, in his interviews he lets on that he's a smart cat with varied taste in music, and a taste for modernist and postmodern poetry.
    My favorite song of his is "Realest Alive." I know he's got some real, inspirational stuff out there for sure. But it's just kind of sad when you realize only a small percentage of his work fits that description because of his own choosing.
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  • posted a message on Hip-hop
    Yeah, I can't figure out Lil B. His fanbase is ridiculous though and that's one of the main reasons I tolerate him. Stuff like Wonton Soup pisses me off, and I'll be honest, the majority of his music is ****ing horrible, but I still think the whole "thank you based god" thing is hilarious.

    You wouldn't catch me dead listening to Lil B for fun though. I would never put him on because I'm in the mood for some Lil B.
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  • posted a message on 2013 music
    Having listened to Foals' new album probably 20 times now, I can safely say it is going to be at the top of my 2013 list and we're only in February. It's so good.
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  • posted a message on Hip-hop
    New J Dilla is definitely exciting. I like that song too.
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