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  • posted a message on New to MTG, EDH and zombie help! :(
    Thank you so much for the advice! I really really appreciate it. So if I were to buy a pharexian alter, what cards would you definitely put in?
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  • posted a message on New to MTG, EDH and zombie help! :(
    Hey guys!

    I'm pretty new to mtg, and I've been playing the commander format exclusively.

    I've purchased the Adaptive enchantment Precon, and the Innistrad Undead Unleashed precon. I've played the Adaptive enchantment every now and then, and I do enjoy it, but I intended on building a zombie themed deck initially. I've purchased a few cards which are as follows:
    • The scarab God
    • GrimGrin Corpse Born
    • Mikaeus the Unhallowed
    • Lich Lord of Unx
    • Sidisi, undead vizier
    • Acererak the Archlich
    • Poppet Sticher/factory
    • Gravecrawler
    • Undead Warchief
    • Zombie Master
    • Lord of the Undead
    • Noxious Ghoul
    • Murderous Rider
    • Grave titan
    • Cryptbreaker
    • Gray merchant of Asphodel
    • Cabal Coffers
    • Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    • Cyclonic Rift
    • Damnation
    • Entomb
    • Malicious affliction
    • Buried Alive
    • Call to the Grave
    • Vampiric tutor
    • Demonic Tutor
    • Living Death
    • Dictate of Erebos
    • The Meathook Massacre
    • Reflections of Littjara
    • Vanquishers Banner
    • Ashnods Alter
    • Wand of Orcus
    • Necromantic selection
    • Victimize

    I hope I'm going down the right path, if anyone can help me out? I've been told by multiple sources that zombies aren't the strongest way to build commander decks. =(. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My first step was to swap out Willhelt for The scarab God
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