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  • posted a message on Best deck for Quest for Ula's Temple?
    I have a B/U Ula Wrexial (commander) Deck…(the 60 card mono blue version was banned by my peers): almost all cards are creatures (to satisfy Ula’s counter requirements ). Early drops are Augry Owl, Sage Owl, Gomazoa, phantom warrior, and creatures with useful activated abilities for removal of opponents enchantments, creatures and artifacts. Creatures to scry/tutor Ula’s Temple and that set the stage for the onslaught of big scary beasties: Grozoth, Deep-Sea Kraken (potential early drop w suspend),
    Inkwell Leviathan, Tidal Kraken. Lorthos.

    Don’t play ulas temple until you also have the ability to get the three counters quick: Clockspinning (one of the few cards that adds “any counter”) an/or Paradox Haze, and enough Cancel and redirect to protect it.

    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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