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  • posted a message on Liesa, Taxes of Angels
    Hi guys! This is my first time posting, as well as my first Commander deck. I've played some standard, but was never close enough, geographically, to enough friends interested in magic to Play EDH. Recently, I've moved to a place with an LGS nice and close, and my friends and I have discovered Spelltable.
    Now, I would like to ask for your help.

    My Maybeboard is 21 strong. haha!
    I would like some advice in general about the deck.
    I have many of the cards in the current list and money isn't really a problem.
    I've always loved Angel tribal, So when I saw Liesa, Shroud of Dusk, I immediately got inspired to make a "Gain and Drain" deck with her as my commander.

    Gain and Drain using flyers, Angel / Cleric Tribal synergy, Taxes and lifelink.
    Have Liesa out on the battlefield OFTEN. Smile

    Current Win-Cons:
    Drain Opponents.
    Felidar Sovereign
    Exquisite blood / Vito / Sanguine bond (Or similar) combo.
    Lightning greaves / Avacyn / Doomskar.

    Thanks in advance!


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