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  • posted a message on RDW Elementals
    A long time ago I constructed a R/U Elemental deck for Extended for Supreme Exemplar and used Unsummon to get the creature back. I actually uploaded a modification for that deck a bit ago that put alot of duplication into the mix. This one uses the same mechanic, the old Incandescent Soulstoke/Flamekin Harbinger. But instead of using Blue it sticks to just Red and uses Nova Chaser instead of Supreme Exemplar because it works with Thunderkin Awakener. I made this on Moxfield as well to use their playtest feature and it seems to work very well.

    Any suggestions? I noticed a Nova Chaser deck the other day on Tappedout that included Tainted Strike as a win condition, and since it was now R/B it also could include Duress. I'm not really certain that Black is necessary though. As much damage as I'm doing in testing, I don't think poison will make that much of a difference. There is a small amount of utility in this one as well. And it could be Modern legal with Dormant Volcano and Flamekin Village being taken out but it'll lose it's Turn 3 Nova Chaser + Assault Strobe attack. I don't have a sideboard yet but it would be mostly utility 1 ofs to deal with things like enchantments.

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  • posted a message on Incandescent Soulstoke and Copies
    Quote from Villawhatever »
    The first Exemplar will be exiled by the copy-Exemplar, and the thing exiled by the first Exemplar will return to the battlefield. The delayed triggered ability from Soulstoke can't make you sacrifice the first Exemplar, because it's not even a permanent on the battlefield anymore.

    If that first Exemplar eventually returns to the battlefield, it's a new object with no memory of or relation to its previous existence. It won't need to be sacrificed, because it has no knowledge of Soulstoke (or vice versa).

    Excellent, thank you Villawhatever.
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  • posted a message on Incandescent Soulstoke and Copies
    It looked like this forum might still be active. Alot of MTG forums are not anymore.

    I'm updating one of my old Elemental themed decks. You might remember the whole Flamekin Harbinger/Nova Chaser synergy from back in the Lorwyn days. I built a deck around this just days after Lorwyn's release and evolved it over the years (It's been Red/Blue since Supreme Exemplar) but there is one thing I never thought about and I'm not sure exactly what would happen.

    If I use Incandescent Soulstoke to place Supreme Exemplar on the field championing whatever, and then make a copy of it and champion the first one what happens to the first one? Incandescent Soulstoke requires me to sacrifice it, but It can't be because it's been removed from the game. And the text for the Soulstoke reads "at end of turn". If I unsummon the copy or it is destroyed, the original comes back into play without Incandescent Soulstoke's assistance. Does the original now stay in play free of having to be sacrificed?

    There's only a small handful of circumstances where I would actually toss a copy like that but it could happen.
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