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  • posted a message on Commander Archtypes Questions back in the game after 15 years!
    Basicly something like this yes. Just checking if I missed anything and someone with more knowledge about the best commanders for some archtypes.

    Some things you mention make it easier for me to find now cause I can just filter the commanders at Moxfield and most views to get optimized lists and look at the general playstyle

    sisay is something I already wanted 15 years ago , same with slivers and dragon but those where never on the level that commander can offer now. Things like Goblins and elves have always been a thing so obviously ill make those.
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  • posted a message on Commander Archtypes Questions back in the game after 15 years!
    Good day everyone , I have been out of MTG since Mirrodin got released.

    The past 4 weeks I spend over 30 hours looking at video's , every website I could find and read up on everything.

    For now I worked out these decks / Archtypes:

    Nekusar Wheel Deck
    Jhoira Artifact
    Brago Flicker
    Varina Zombie
    Karlov Lifegain
    Korvol Aristocrat
    Krenko Mob Boss Goblin
    Ur-Dragon Dragon
    Overlord Sliver Sliver
    Atraxa Superfriends
    Urza Polymorph Combo / Artifact
    Sisay Toolbox
    Lathril Elves
    Yuriko Ninja

    Probally could mention a couple more , anyway a few of those i'm not 100% if they are the best commander for the deck like Zombie but it was the best I could find. If you see something feel free to let me know.

    Other than that I was wondering if you guys/ladies know any other archtypes , graveyard for example seems to be big but not sure what commander and type of deck. Also not to sure about +1/+1 decks if they are fun to begin with. Same for Voltron (also various websites mention different commanders as the best for this)

    Theres some Random stuff like Najeela, the Blade-Blossom but allot of those decks seem very simular with a commander and some form of combo's not really a strong theme going on.

    Could probally still add a control deck not sure what yet. Not 100% sure if there are any more artifact focused decks than Urza and Jhaina.

    All in all do you know any Archtypes /Themes / playstyles that are in line with my list that i should play in commander? And what would be the best commanders for those. (Demon and Murloc for example are possibilties but not really serious) Basicly i'm looking for something like a top 20 archtypes I guess.
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