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  • posted a message on Question about Stack order and rulings
    So my understanding of the stack is,

    And action is played
    a response is played
    response 2 is played
    response 3 is played

    Response 3 resolves
    Response 2 resolves (obviously dependant on Response 3)
    Response 1 resolves (again like above)
    Original action resolves (dependant on above resolves)

    So in this specific case, I can only find people complaining about the speed of Saccing (which isnt my problem).

    So the opponent has around 10 tokens and a Goblin Bombardmentamongst other non-important things.
    I have Anowon, the Ruin Thief, some rouges, and Obelisk of Urd

    I play In Garruk's Wake, in response opponent sac's his tokens to Goblin Bombardment
    He targets Anonwon first with 6 (obelisk giving it +2) and then the 4 on some random rogues.

    My argument was because he targeted Anowon first and then the other rogues. Based on stack resolution order, Anowon would die last.
    So my other rogues he targeted would still be getting their +1 off him.

    However, opponent and opponent 2 argued that "he's letting the 6 hits resolve first and then adding more".

    I've always been under the impression you can add to the stack but once it starts to resolve, you cant stop it.
    Because surely if you've accidentally not played a counterspell, you just wait until the stack resolves until the spell you want to counter and then just nope it.

    I would've won regardless of the rules, but I think this just needs clearing up.
    My playgroup is uhhhh known to have certain rules that apply when it benefits them but not when it benefits other people.

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