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  • posted a message on Why blue? Please help!
    like someone else said discarding from deck is called milling ...but my opinion of blue is similar to the others i like some blue i like the draw ability and the large number of fliers....i also like bounce (returning cards to there hands ) used in moderation i often have a few unsummons in my blue decks cause its also good for saving your own creatures or to recast a creature that triggers an effect when it comes into play ....thats the fun way to play blue but what your talking about the counterspells the stalls and locking up up other player its just not fun to play nor play against ...i call them masturbation decks (sorry if thats to vulgar) because its like the people that play those decks would rather play by themselves
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  • posted a message on Introduce Yourself
    Howdy new to the Forum if ya cant figure it from my name ( i worry for ya son )im a 45 year old MTG player love the game been playing about a week after invasion came out quit for many years shortly after fifth dawn (not by choice) and started up again about a year ago ...look forward to some decent Conversations....

    P>S read through the first to pages of the Banned/suspended list its sad how many get banned/suspended for flaming and trolling how hard is it to disagree respectfully ....though i gotta say i found the moderators comments funny lol
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