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  • posted a message on Arena Grind- Best strategies
    i am a beginner also. Best way to get started is do the tutorial and then continue for 10 more free decks. Check online for PROMOCDES. I got 30 free packs that way. Do the daily and weekly quests and buy the $4.99 newbie pack. I havent spent a dime since. You will earn a lot of Free wild cards and will be able to make a quite good deck within a few weeks.
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  • posted a message on Beginner Question regarding accumulated packs
    I have played ARENA for about a month. I would say I am pretty good beginner. i have made several decks, current luck best with mono red aggro: I have bought some rares w/ wildcards.

    And I have wasted many wild cards on a white deck that does not perform well.

    I have 13 packs i can purchase. Which series is best to buy at this point. Any thoughts on good budget decks or a deck list would be good.


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