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  • posted a message on [40K] Warhammer Community 9/12 — Noise Marine and Alternate Commanders
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    And Be'Lakor ends the wait for demon tribal legend (Kaalia of the Vast doesn't count because in her you Mostly see Dragons and Angels than demons)

    So these might spike hard

    honorable mention is prince of thrulls since that’s a underrated card but it specifically looks for sacrifice and it’s not a May if they don't pay the 3 and you may not want it like Phage the Untouchable, Codie, Vociferous Codex and anything from Zedruu the Greathearted/Blim, Comedic Genius/Jon Irenicus, Shattered One

    You left the r off at the end of Raphael, Fiendish Savior

    One card the space Marine might love is the Horn of Valhalla, basically it turns the x on the adventure as card draw.
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa and Theros in March of the Machine means Enchantment Creatures.
    Kamigawa and Theros in March of the Machine means Enchantment Creatures.
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  • posted a message on Theory: Caves of Ixalan is set in the Mayan underworld
    Rumour has it that Lost Caverns of Ixalan will have Venture into the Dungeon. I think its somekind of hollow earth story with ruins and other strange things to explore and I think these Caverns will connect all the continients.
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  • posted a message on Space Set
    We know what sets are coming next year (possibly they might not have announced some supplemental sets).

    Q1 has Dominaria Remastered & Phyrexia All Are One.

    Q2 has March of the Machine & March of the Machine: Aftermath (the first fifth Standard legal Set in a rotation),

    Q3 Lord of the Rings set

    Q4 Wilds of Eldraine and Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

    There is two Universes Beyond Space "Sets", the Warhammer 40k Commander Decks + Secret Lairs and next year Dr. Who Commander Decks + Secret Lairs.

    No space for, well none UB space sets in 2023, and given 24 is D&Ds 50th anniversary I suspect many of the early sets will play to that theme, so earliest for space sets (not counting UBs or Secret Lairs) would be Q4 2024.
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  • posted a message on March of the Machines Aftermath, New Netflix series, and a Cosmic Retcon
    Quote from Max Rebo »
    I think we are thinking too hard. The set names and arts seem to tell us everything.
    Teferi is in the past watching the [Brothers War] to figure out how to use the Sylex,
    in the meantime New Phyrexia will (consolidate, maybe the Urabrask Elspeth story line) (possibly gather more planeswalkers, (only Chandra in the art for MoM)and use the Seedcore Tree to branch to at least a few other planes[All will be One].
    The March of the Machines begin the invasions to other planes, heroes fight back in an infinity war, losing until Teferi zaps back in and uses the Sylex.
    [Aftermath] Many planeswalkers dead, Phyrexia defeated but the Branches still remain.

    I still think at least one or more of the branches will link to D&D world/s.
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  • posted a message on March of the Machines Aftermath, New Netflix series, and a Cosmic Retcon
    Yeah it could be like the thanos snap, killing all Phyrexians or something like that.

    It could also be used to retcon or explain why events of War of the Spark didn’t happen the way they’re portrayed in the books. Maybe some butterfly effect of time travel- though that would be counter to how we’ve seen time travel work on Tarkir, with serious changes only affecting the plane in question.

    If that’s the case they could also use the plot device to explain a new timeline (Netflix series) or why the current timeline is a little bit changed.

    I don’t think think the Non-Phyrexization of the settings afterwards means there **won’t** be a cosmic in-lore retcon, but rather it instead suggests that New Phyrexia likely loses or isn’t 100% successful.

    The Caverns of Ixalan set however mention the loss of the ‘Sun’ artefact as still being canonical so that is the biggest point against my theory unless some plot points remain the same.

    Some other ‘big’ options besides/in addition to a cosmic retcon:

    - all/some planes permanently connected via a multiverse tree (allows disparate legendaries to interact like in ‘commander’)

    - all/some universes perma connected by a multiverse tree (think ‘Universes Beyond’) yes. I hate this.

    - the Spark being changed (allows corporate to meddle with PW powers or roster)

    -ordering of the multiverse changed (unpopular planes fading/dying, popular planes more central < Shandalar destroyed, Dominaria’s placement shifts, Ravnica becomes center of the multiverse>)

    - maybe it will be the end of the current storyline and the epilogue will be meant to explain what happened to our favourite characters with future sets set in the far future as a soft reboot.

    - colour pie or card type/mechanical changes

    - Connect canonically the D&D universe and MtG multiverse on account of some deep cosmological screw up (I hope not)

    My main point is that if a major change to the multiverse is being hinted at as a plot point- you can ‘bet your butt’ that the reasoning behind the move will be a corporate one, though not necessarily good nor bad as that’s subjective and we don’t have a lot of info yet.

    Evidence from the past? The Mending was a way to make godlike planeswalkers grokable and bring the story online with contemporary tastes.

    Someone check to see if there’s been any shift or news about Hasbro grand IP plans though, as that might give us a better picture of what could possibly be realigned.

    Remember when Fox owned the film rights to the X-Men, while Marvel owned the comic book rights?

    - Marvel: No More Mutants/introd of Inhumans/less emphasis on mutants in the Comics

    Then Disney eventually acquired both.

    Magic isn’t just a story or a card game. It’s a franchise, and we can’t understand how the game and story evolves without taking larger interests into account.

    Maybe this is all just in my head, but we Vorthi are often Wizards’ greatest fans and most inconvenient critics. When the company tried to change Chandra’s sexuality in War of the Spark for marketing purposes, the community (vorthi in particular) let the company know that it was an unacceptable change.

    Not all change is bad, but we need to be similarly prepared to interrogate the larger interests at play behind any large changes in the future to both the game & story.

    My theory is that some past story elements will remain the same, but that the future Netflix series will be deemed ‘canon’ or ‘concurrent’ alongside/over the canon we know & love already. This will aide Hasbro’s possible larger franchise-building goal of keeping both streams consistent, and encouraging consumers to follow both.

    I think it was when AFR came out that Wizards said that while they weren't currently merging the D&D & MtG multuverses together, it's somthing they would do if folks were open to it, and given both D&D sets made a ton of money and MtG D&D books too, enough folks are open to it.

    This sort of connection is a bridge between MtG and D&D that won't require major structuring of either setting, one won't be contained in the other, simply a bridge between them.

    This will also make reprinting D&D cards in other sets easier, which was a major problem in the making.

    BUT this will NOT extend to UB, they don't want connections to IPs they don't own, that's legal nightmare.

    Some folks already think the merging of D&D & MtG already happened.

    And the practical value of the Antimending is that it fixes that box that the Mending put the story into.

    The Mending created the situation where MtG only had three major villians which their using up quickly. Bolas is used up, by the end of the arc the Phyrexians will need a break, and that leaves just the Eldrazi. That's it, all other big villians are locked to their planes or a minor villians like Tibalt, Oko, etc...,

    The Antimending allows say Heliod or Eberios to try and spread their faiths to other worlds, or feinds of Hell to unleash their fury or the undead of Amonkhet to spread to other worlds. This is just a taste of possible story lines the Antimending opens back up.

    Basicly the Mending painted the MtG story into a corner, the Antimending is them makinga new doors out of the corner. And a bridge to D&D.


    "As to whether the Forgotten Realms are now canonically part of Magic's Multiverse, for now, the answer is no. But we may change our minds in the future if it makes sense and is a fun net positive for Magic and D&D."

    That is not something you back out a few sets later with a Hulk snap.

    Looks like that future is 2023.
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  • posted a message on Brothers war Product info on Amazon May have confirmed Mystical archive type slot
    I wonder if next trip to Theros they will have an enchantment mystical archive.
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  • posted a message on Prediction: Next Year D&D Honour Among Thieves Set
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Ya know, given the reaction to the CLB release, I doubt we'll be returning to a D&D setting any time soon.

    The Professor opened three or four boxes and got abysmal EV from it. His final box getting only $35~ from it. His last pack got him Ink-Eyes, which made up majority of the value attained. For most of it he was sitting at just over US$7.


    If WOTC bases a set's success by the sales, then I think this Baldur's Gate set will foretell (!) no return to the D&D setting any time soon.


    WotC made a 100 million+ dollars USD on every single major set this year up the Q2. That includes Kamigawa, New Capenna, and yes CLB, each made 100 million+ each. Did some LGSs & Dustributers over buy CLB and get burned? Yep. Does CEO Chris Cox who was able to tell investors that CLB made over a 100 million dollars give two *****s that selling an absolutely huge amount of CLB to Distributors based on misleading marketing left some other businesses holding the bag for WotC's giant profits? Not a chance, no more then they are care their huge profits make their excuses for increasingly over charging for product sound like complete BS.
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  • posted a message on [MTG Domains] Future Set Names?
    Anyone found anything post Wizards Presents 2022?
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  • posted a message on [Magic 2023 Line-up] Visit to Shandalar?
    Well no new planes in 2023 at all, likely I expect because it's MtG's 30th and they want to focus on their big Phyrexia arc and beloved planes for the 30th, although March & Aftermath might preview some up coming Planes like the Wild West.
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  • posted a message on March of the machines speculation thread
    My predictions are, Realmbreaker survives, that realmbreaker reaches beyond the blind eternities and forms a connection to the Forgotten Realms, that New Phyrexia survives, but changed, that when they use the new Sylex something unexpected happens, that Phyrexians interact with the metaphysics of Theros in strange ways (maybe a Phyrexian God arises, maybe confused Phyrexian dead end up in the Underworld because Theros decides having no soul is no excuse for skipping the afterlife, that they try and compleat Purphoros, but he instead gains control of their technology instead, that Nyxborn are immune to compleation, that Phyrexia tries to invade the Nyx, that Therosan religion spreads beyond Theros, that Heliod is released from the Underworld to lead Therosan forces against Phyrexia).

    Were could also get Planes lands, like a Theros Land, a Ravnica Land, Zendikar Land, Dominaria Land etc...
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  • posted a message on All Will Be One *is* the Aftermath
    Quote from blogatog »
    ricketyeng asked:

    "Today's stream said something about the multiverse changing following the March of the Machines. Will this change be something on a similar scale to the Mending?"


    "We'll have to wait and see."

    Beware! Spoilers for New Phyrexia: All Will be One follow!

    My speculation:
    "Invasion Tree Realmbreaker" (see Discover: New Phyrexia ) will break through the Blind Eternities and create
    permanent pathways between planes. This will mean that the creative restriction of only using planeswalkers on multiple planes will be lifted and we'll get to see legendary creatures moving to different planes if it serves the story.


    It took me a while to realize, that this is a nifty interpretation of "All Will Be One": All Planes Will Be One.

    Elesh Norn's vision to stitch all creatures together into one being extended to all worlds is actually a clever twist.

    I had expected that Realmbreaker was the key to rebuilding interconnection between planes, or possibly a subset of them (there could be future or even current planes outside of Realmbreaker's reach.

    But I didn't make the connection between the Phyrexia sets title and the function of Realmbreaker. Very clever.

    So Phryrexia will be where Realmbreaker connects that planes, March of the Machines will be where it's used as transportation/infrastructure in the Phyrexian War, and Aftermath will be the consquences of Realmbreaker undoing parts of the Mending and the Phyrexian War. Cool.

    Really out there possibility, but they may also use Realmbreaker to connect the Blind Eterntites to the 5e D&D Great Wheel universe. They have said that if they could find a cool way to merging the two multiverses they would. Realmbreaker could do it without radically changing either setting (beyond what they already want Realmbreaker to change in MtG I mean).

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  • posted a message on OMG! Wild West Set may be coming SOON!!!
    Not until 2024 at minimum
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  • posted a message on [MTG Domains] Future Set Names?
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Has anyone been able to see if WOTC registered any domains that could relate to future MTG set names?

    I think it was around this time last year or sooner that we discovered the names of sets for Dominaria United. I'm trying to look but coming up roses Frown


    Remind me how do I search for this stuff?
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  • posted a message on Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate (Arena only) being previewed
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    All of this background D&D lore stuff is wayyyy beyond me. I enjoy reading about it Smile

    I wish there was as much depth in MTG's lore as there is for D&D...


    D&D itself doesn't really have lore, but some specific places/settings do like Baldur's Gate, Dragonlance, and more.

    I'm more familiar with the Dragonlance setting than Baldur's Gate. I can thank the countless bus rides between my house and college reading the Dragons of Autumn Twilight series for that wealth of flavourful knowledge Grin


    The collective lore of all MtG settings combined is a kiddy pool compared to the Forgotten Reams.

    Well yeah, D&D's been around a lot longer than MTG, and MTG got its inspiration from D&D. Not sure what the point here is...


    You'd be surprised at how many folks don't realize that, like I've folks when CLB was first announced be like how are they going to find enough major characters for this set and I'm just laughing my ass off because you could make 50 Commander Legend Forgotten Realms sets and barely scratch the surface.

    Interestingly enough the Forgotten Realms is older then D&D in the sense that Ed Green would started building the setting and maps abd stuff back in the 60-70s's (this might be why there is so many naked Goddesses and sex in FR) and then TSR bought the setting off of Ed back in the 80's for dirt cheap.

    And made it a shared world setting and hafit devour a few other settings so the lore just grows and growa.

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