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  • posted a message on [[Competitive]] Jhoira of the Ghitu - Comprehensive Guide
    Hello MrTyx

    I have read your guide on Jhoira and its a very good article to read, I really liked it. Its been like 10 years since you write this article and it still feels a very valid and actual deck.

    With the presentation of Time Spiral Remastered, Jhoira has been seen in many change folders and being taken as a "meh" card-commander in my LGS, commanders like Kerr, Golos, Yuriko have become top commanders in EDH format, at least in my LGS. Especially, in my LGS, we have seen how black with demonic consultationand blue with Thassa's Oracle are the new tools to break tables, or alike combos with heavy control cards. I am new into this massive aggresive commander tables and, with my friends in kitchen tables, I was really good using Sephara, Sky's Blade with angels and tokens, but in the LGS my deck, 6/10 times, is just a goldfish deck. I dont know why Mono White is so weak in commander having so many stapples on it. jajaja

    I was caught by the rage in the eyes of Jhoira as i see it in the folders and I tought in building a new deck that can help me survive and win in my LGS arround her. Now that 10 years have passed from your publication and we have seen more new expansions, some really good like Commander Legends, is it still valid and usefull to use Jhiora? Is her power still there? Have you made some changes to your deck or you moved to a better ones? Should I made the commander deck of her? Will i be able to at least be stand in a match with her?

    I love the card art, i love the agro and potence of the deck, but the deck is quite expensive, so I would like to know your comments on the matter before taking a decission on bluid the deck. I though on starting with something "budget" and go from there. (if you know any budget list that keep your deck phillosphy it wold be great)

    Also, I was shocked at reading that you do not include any time counter removers, it is the absolutly opposite everyone else says in internet, and your justification was very good, a mind blow. This was the best post of Jhiora in internet.

    Please illuminate my path here with her rage,
    I just made the account only to contact you, jaja

    Grettings from Costa Rica!!
    Pura vida!
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