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  • posted a message on [MID] - Innistrad Spoilers - Day, Night, Arlinn and Saryth.
    Quote from dylan101 »

    It does say on the token card is you keep track only after a daybound card enters play.

    It says you track day/night once it becomes day or night or a daybound permeant enters the battlefield.
    While it would need further clarification, with that reading it becomes night if your turn 1 is play a land pass as you cast no spells and thus day/night needs to be tracked for the rest of the game.

    But there is no permanent on the board checking for that to make it night or day. So you either start tracking when a daybound creature hits the table OR when some other effect like a spell or enchantment that doesn't have daybound cares about making the phase day or night, after that point you have to start tracking, but not before.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    I've got a feeling perpetual is going to be very bustable.
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  • posted a message on The Book of Exalted Deeds emergency ban for standard 2022
    Yeah, the concern here is that Standard 2022 isn't a real format. It's missing a lot of answers we would expect to have in a regular format. We shouldn't be surprised that a format that was never designed by R&D to be a format doesn't quite work, and this ban is both good for this format and not a symbol of what's to come.

    Also, I totally expect Ghost Quarter to get reprinted.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Good Morning Magic 07/02— Fighter Class
    Repeatable spot removal. Very strong.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Ebondeath and the Black, Green and Adult Gold Dragons— Dragon+ previews
    Quote from Lectrys »
    OK, since we have an Adult Gold Dragon, where's my Gold Dragon Whelp?

    We might get some common dragons and that would fit!
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Ebondeath and the Black, Green and Adult Gold Dragons— Dragon+ previews
    Ebondeath seems like a really strong control card. Bringing him out of the yard on your opponent's end step if they haven't played stuff for you to counter seems really good.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] [AFR] Full-Art fetches, reprint slot, and the first look at the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms— Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    Quote from foam_dome »
    It's funny because I predicted old-bordered enemy fetches in MH2 like half a year ago, back before TSR was released. I didn't think they'd actually do it, though!

    To all the people who think that Diamond Lion's ability isn't a mana ability and can be countered, or that it doesn't need the "activate as an instant" line, or that Urza's Saga's last ability can fetch things like Lotus Bloom or Engineered Explosives, even after having it explained to you: You don't understand the game. This is why we don't have higher-complexity cards in Standard sets.

    So only modern, a format characterized by the inclusion of former standard sets, gets "higher-complexity cards"? I guess I'm not smart enough to understand how that premise works.

    The more cards you have in a card pool vastly increases the number of interactions and complexity of a format. There is no question that Modern is a more complex format than any given Standard. Even though it is largely made up of cards that were once in standard. Similarly, Legacy is more complex than Modern is, the potential interactions are huge. If WotC is supporting Modern as their (lower case l) legacy format they undoubtedly feel they can increase the complexity in Modern because players who gravitate toward Modern over Standard are going to be more acclimated to a larger number of complex situations.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Retriever Phoenix - Magic Mics preview
    Hooked on Phoenix worked for me.
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  • posted a message on A couple of card names from the Arena STX Mastery Pass article
    I feel like all teachers have had to be professors of Zoomancy this year.
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  • posted a message on [STX] Wandering Archaic // Explore the Vastlands— MTGGoldfish preview
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    someone on Reddit claimed to me earlier that extus narr and his minions (the one Lukka got drag too) claimed to me they may be trying to resurrect kozilek since the original is on the list and Inquisition of Kozilek in the archive

    lolololololololol... Makes we wonder (if this is true) why have either Eldrazi or Phyrexians come into new sets that have nothing to do with said past antagonists. Yeah, I guess it ties in older stories to new stories; but I still find it ridiculous. Like how a Praetor ended up in Kaldheim
    Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl

    I suspect we are setting up for some longer term stories. A praetor being on Kaldheim is the tip of the iceberg there... the phyrexians are going to be a problem for everyone down the line. A group trying to resurrect Kozilek is a problem... not a today problem, but a someday problem. This is good. This is building new stories for future sets!
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  • posted a message on [STX] Codie, Vociferous Codex— Deathsie preview
    So now we have a card that has cascade on it without saying cascade, a card that has threshold on it without saying threshold and a card that has surveil on it without saying surveil. These Strixhaven mages might be on to something! Are there others I am missing? Seems like this has got to be intentional.
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