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  • posted a message on Help How to build a cube with archetypes/Theatres in mind
    Welcome to the cube forum! I'll start by saying there's no "right" way to make a cube. So what follows will be my personal opinions on how to design a cube, but it's definitely not the only way!
    Do you build with this archetypes in mind first or is it more important to you to prioritise the theatres (aggro/control/midrange)?

    Short answer, prioritize the theaters first. Longer answer, most modern Magic sets are designed such that every color pair has its own archetype, so if you've ever drafted any of them, you'll have a good sense of what a cube designed in the same way will be like. I'm not a fan of this approach to designing a pool to draft from, as it causes the draft to revolve around picking the cards that perform well in the largest number of decks and identifying which archetypes are open.
    Do you clearly define an archetype as being in one particular theatre (like selesnia counters is going to be aggro and golgari dredge is going to be midrange)?

    While it'll likely turn out that certain archetypes will only ever be employed in one specific theater, I wouldn't restrict myself into thinking that way.
    Do you restrain some colors to specific theatre? (is it possible to support both aggro and control in mono-white/white based decks? Do you always have some control cards to your red cards?)

    This is a tough question. The best way I can think of to answer is to share with you my growing pains in trying to design a cube. When I first started out, I thought of White and Red as the aggro colors, Black and Green as the midrange colors, and Blue as the control color. And what ended up happening was that I never ever drafted Blue. If Blue was filled with control tools, and no other color wanted them or had anything to offer to control, there was no reason to touch Blue. It took me a LONG time to solve this problem. And the solution was to stop thinking of each color as only contributing to a single theater. Yes, a lot of Blue cards were made for control, but you need to also play the ones that work in the other theaters. Same with Red and aggro.

    That all being said, you shouldn't set out to make sure that every single color contributes equally to aggro, midrange, and control equally. Certain colors do lend themselves to certain theaters, so you should cater to their strengths. So how much should each color support each theater? That's the million dollar question, and well... I don't really know. It really just depends on what you're wanting out of cube. Like it sounds ideal that there'd be equal amounts of aggro, midrange, and control decks in every draft, but I'm not convinced that achieving a perfect balance is that important. And I would wager that trying to achieve perfect theater balance would cause the cube to suffer in other aspects. So to sum it all up, don't think that a certain color or color combination only supports a single theater, but also don't force yourself to support multiple theaters in a single color. Yes, I know I'm very helpful Rolleyes
    I try to favorise cards slotting in multiple archetypes like shipwreck dowser being in prowess and reanimator to recur a spell from the graveyard, but what if these archetypes are in totaly different theatre? does this makes sense? (If my prowess archetype is aggro doesn't shipwreck droawner come too late?)

    So in your given example, there's two ways of solving the dilemma: 1) Given that your Prowess archetype is aggro-oriented, you would just concede that Shipwreck Dowser doesn't actually support that archetype, or 2) You modify/expand your Prowess archetype so that it doesn't function purely as an aggressive deck. The second method is usually preferable, but there's only so much room in a cube!
    Does having highly visible archetypes like this turn drafting into an on-rail experience?

    This is pretty much the point I was trying to get at in my answer to your first question, and it's why I get bored of playing Limited quickly. The more archetype-specific cards you include in the cube, the less choices you have when it comes to drafting. Now, you can support archetypes without sacrificing draft freedom if you minimize the number of roleplayers (cards only good within respective archetypes) and maximize the number of cards that play well in multiple decks (in this old MTGS guide the author refers to them as anchors)
    Where does plain good cards fit in these kind of cubes and aren't they too powerfull for ahigh synergy cube? (like a jace the mind sculptor?)

    Short answer, it depends on how you feel about them. Longer answer, I want to have as many decisions as possible in the draft, and in order to achieve that, I want the cards to be as close to equally desirable as possible. Generally, the more decks that a card can function well in, the more desirable it is to draft. That means narrower cards have to be more powerful to make up for this deficit. If a card is both versatile AND powerful, it'll be highly sought after, and if it's competing against narrower AND weaker cards then there's no contest. So, for a cube which is focused on assembling synergies, I would recommend NOT including generically powerful cards (because they will ALWAYS get picked first).
    Where do Ramp and Combo fit in ? Is it too messy to have a splinter twin combo scattered in Jeskai even if it does not synergise with the archetypes?

    Ramp gave me a headache when I was starting out, and even now the only experience I have with combo is the Persist combo. I think you have to treat ramp as its own archetype. You need to give ramp its own set of enablers and payoffs, and ideally these cards are also strong on their own and/or work well in other archetypes. I think I'll leave it to someone with more experience with combo in cube to answer the rest of your question.
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  • posted a message on [C21][CUBE] Pest Infestation
    Quote from opterown »

    You can play this with no targets, since it's 'up to'

    Oh WOW. That's crazy. Well time to find a card to put on the chopping block!
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  • posted a message on [C21][CUBE] Pest Infestation
    A Disenchant version of Release the Gremlins? Sounds nice, but my understanding is that being a sorcery and not being playable when there was no legal targets were huge drawbacks for RtG. My gut tells me that hitting more targets and spreading the stats over more bodies is enough to overcome those drawbacks (and adding more spells to Green is nice), but I wouldn't replace Reclamation Sage or Manglehorn for it.
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  • posted a message on [C21][CUBE] Incarnation Technique
    I'm lukewarm on this card. If you're not playing multiple 7+ mana fatties, you're simply not going to want this in your deck. So, how does this fare within the fatty cheating archetypes? In reanimator, while I think you'd be satisfied running this, it'll be the worst reanimate effect. Mill 5 is both not a reliable enough method of getting your reanimate target into the bin and a huge risk when giving your opponent a copy of this spell. Where I think the card will function best is giving non-black fatty cheating decks an extra way of getting their cheat targets onto the battlefield. Decks which have a whole lot of fatties, but few ways to bin them, are the perfect home for this card.

    In the type of deck I just described, it'll be a blast to slam this card down and copy it with nothing in the bin. But I think the result will be less than stellar a good deal of the time. This is a card that only functions well in a narrow range of decks but isn't strong enough to pull me into those decks, so it's a pass for me.
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  • posted a message on [C21] [CUBE] Triplicate Titan
    Ancient Stone Idol is a house, and now you're telling me I can have two?! You lose the ability to randomly flash this out against token boards, but I think the flying/vigilance and the better death trigger more than make up for it.
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  • posted a message on [C21] [CUBE] Laelia, the Blade Reforged
    Oh boy, another strong aggressive 3-drop. What is a MadRobot to do Uhh

    A scaling creature with haste which can generate card advantage if it untaps (sometimes even without untapping) is definitely cubeable, but I prefer all the Rabblemaster variants because they're so much more abusable than this. Maybe if I really wanted to push for warriors...
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Strixhaven (STX) cards for the cube!
    It's always a joy reading your set (p)reviews! I've gained so much insight into evaluating cards from them. When I first started I would just rip the top whatever X cards from your countdown and put them into my cube. Now that I've developed a keener sense, I get a bit of self-satisfaction when one of my own evaluations is similar to yours, heh! This time around I was on the mark for the top 4... so the really obvious ones, and probably not in the same order Rolleyes But I'll get there damnit!
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][STX] Includes & Testing Thread
    I have a bit of leeway at 630, but here's my swaps for 540:

    Spectral Procession -> Elite Spellbinder
    Nighthawk Scavenger -> Sedgemoor Witch
    Heartless Act -> Baleful Mastery
    Fire//Ice -> Prismari Command
    Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice -> Rip Apart

    And I'm holding off deciding on Abundant Harvest until MH2.
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  • posted a message on [STX][CUBE] Callous Bloodmage
    Having a choice between Phyrexian Rager and Yavimaya Sapherd isn't all that appealing. The option to exile a graveyard is quite powerful, but I would never feel great about maindecking this card. I think this card needed to let you choose two modes in order for it to compete with Black's other 3-drops.
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  • posted a message on [STX] [CUBE] Sedgemoor Witch
    I'll try to temper my excitement for a FREAKIN' BLACK YOUNG PYROMANCER... ahem.

    As mentioned above, taking advantage of this effect is harder in Black than in Red. And for decks which are primarily interested in the triggered ability, costing 1 more is a real downside... But each trigger is stronger. The tokens are more abusable in Black. Black has Snuff Out and Dark Ritual. The Witch herself is a nontrivial attacker. And even on the off-chance that the card isn't an all-star in your current cube configuration, it opens the door for Spells Matter and Storm support in the future. Yep, I'm slamming this card into my cube.

    cackles in Grixis
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] [STX] Fracture
    I can see this card coming out of the sideboard and turning around so many series. But I can't justify including a gold card that can airball when maindecked. Shame!
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  • posted a message on [SCD] - [CUBE][STX] Vanishing Verse
    There's a bit of a vacuum after Orzhov's top 3, but I'm not convinced this is the card to fill it. This is most reminiscent of Ultimate Price, a card that hasn't been in contention for years. In exchange for requiring W to cast, Vanishing Verse gets the ability to remove mono-colored enchantments (which is nearly all of them) and planeswalkers, plus it exiles which is a nice little bonus. It's a substantial upgrade, and if you're looking for more answers to those specific targets, then the card is shoo-in. But this card can't hit the most problematic planeswalkers, and I don't feel the need for more enchantment removal, so I'll be keeping it sidelined.
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  • posted a message on [STX] [CUBE] Baleful Mastery
    This is far-and-away the best Vraska's Contempt variant, and being able to cleanly remove Wurmcoil Engine, Ancient Stone Idol, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, or Blightsteel Colossus for 1B gives it an edge over all the Doom Blade and Hero's Downfall variants. Of course, if you're not playing in an environment where you're facing down monsters T2, the card loses a lot of its appeal. And not being able to get around protections (*cough* Emrakul *cough* ) keeps it from being the stone-cold nuts. That all said, I think I'd be willing to replace any of the aforementioned removal options with this card. Having an Arcane Denial mode on Feed the Serpent is just absurd.
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  • posted a message on [STX] [CUBE] Rip Apart
    If this were an instant, I think it cracks the top 3 of Boros. As it stands, I think it's comfortably 4th. A definite include for me.
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  • posted a message on [STX] [CUBE] Elite Spellbinder
    A splashable 3-cost, 3/1 flier that generates two mana worth of tempo when it ETBs is a solid card to me. Of course, it won't get there when your opponent's hand is empty or all land. But on the flip side, sometimes you'll play this against a fatty cheating deck, and exiling one of their top-end targets (say, an Ulamog) from their hand effectively removes it from the game. The card shines in tempo and blink strategies, but I would never feel bad about including it in just about any other type of deck. I like the card enough to find a cut for it even without a blink theme, and I think it's a surefire include with one.
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