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  • posted a message on Thoughts on a new custom format? I call it Rivalry
    I like this format idea! Have you played it? How does it feel to you?

    I play kitchen table MtG with family and friends so this could be a really fun way for us to make use of older card sets and use lots of cards that we don’t normally use.
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  • posted a message on Budget Limit Format for Kitchen Table
    I like the idea because the cost dictates perceived “power” and value of the cards. However, Mtg is funny that way. A particular “expensive”/powerful card may not combo well if not paired with other expensive rares. So it’s hard to value (with money) any particular card, especially with casual play. At least that’s my humble opinion. But if you’re happy then go for it!

    For casual kitchen table play, we’ve always enjoyed NOBLE FORMAT where you make a 60 card deck, 1R, 4U and the rest Commons. We choose to start with the rare card in the Commander spot and can be cast any time (like normal commander rules). We’ve found that this creates a really fun decision making problem of which U/R cards to choose. Plus, the process of building decks is very very simple and never changes (whereas prices may change over time).
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  • posted a message on WANTED: casual players for remote play
    Hello, I’m a casual player who enjoys making new decks and trying new combinations of the cards I own. I’d like to find a few nice, adult guys to play with remotely.

    I’m 46, a professional and I’ve got a family. I live in Buffalo NY USA. I don’t have time to play often but I’d like to find a likeminded player to play with when our schedules allow.

    Here’s an example of my idea: we randomly choose two colors (or one if they both match) and build a deck and play. I’m fine with proxy cards so this doesn’t have to be expensive. The focus would be having fun and trying new decks and exploring new card combos. I favor casual, fun play over serious highly-tuned competitive play. I’ve found that I like it more when I’m using cards I’ve never used before.
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