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  • posted a message on Green the best EDH color?
    Can we all agree that the best color in Magic is the one we enjoy to play?

    Think about it. This is a fun format. If you have the most fun playing green, then green is the best color. It provides you with the most fun.

    For me, that color is black.
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  • posted a message on [EDH] Elder Dragon Highlander is now Commander; EDH Precons with new cards!
    Nothing but good news came from this announcement.

    Name change? Big deal. Kind of sucks, but I can also understand it. EDH initially was played with the Elder Dragons. Well that's no longer true, so it makes sense to kind of shy away from that name.

    New Cards? Awesome! Precon decks? Awesome! Not taking over? Awesome!

    This may be the only good thing Wizards has announced lately after all the crap that's been going on. Lack of 4 color generals... oops commander... is understandable. 3 colors is difficult enough without a lot of dual lands, so adding a 4th just doesn't make sense. But I'm sure in the future they'll think of something.

    Now that they're officially supporting it, we can expect a lot of good cards to come out of it. That new general is awesome. The dragon card isn't, though.
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  • posted a message on Dec. 2nd – EDH Announcement from Wizards?
    I'm hoping it's precons. But knowing Wizards they're probably going to sanction it or something.

    But let's say they sanction it. Wouldn't the next logical step be precons? What better way than to get people into a new format than providing them with decks to play with?
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  • posted a message on Mill in EDH
    I made a Mill deck about a year ago using Oona. The list is really outdated I'm sure, but you can definitely get a good look here. There were quite a few useful suggestions as well.

    Here you go.


    Why is Glimpse the Unthinkable so expensive?
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  • posted a message on Build me a Cube
    Quote from Silex Flint
    Build a peasant cube, just commons and uncommons, it's far cheaper and can be just as fun.

    Used to have a cube just like this, but when I moved apartments, I lost it. This is why I'm creating a new one. I don't feel like spending the time I did creating that cube doing another cube. And since I'm using proxies this time, I have to use sleeves, which is why I have other questions about how much land to include. My common/uncommon cube was roughly 200 cards for 4 person drafts only.

    Quote from Magic
    Well take a small cube subtract all the cards you don't like, then add every card from this thread:
    to your list that you don't already have.

    You won't want every gold card though in a list that small, so use the top cards. You should be not too far from 360 at that point. Either cut it down to 360, or if you are under 360 post your results and I am sure the community will get you to 360 in a hot second.


    I primarily view these forums at work, which blocks youtube, so I can't see that video.

    And I don't mean that your cube is bad, but for what I want my cube to do with colors, I just don't like your cube. But your initial suggestion above is something I guess I'll do. I just didn't want to spend a lot of time looking through every single Magic card and deciding which ones to cut and which ones to add. I figured this would be a fun way of people helping me build my cube. Once it's built, I can customize it based on card performance.
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  • posted a message on Build me a Cube
    See, I tried that. And because I want a small cube, the only small option there is for me to go off of is Magic's cube, which is 350. Your cube says 350 in that link, but it looks to have grown to 450.

    A lot of Magic's choices I don't agree with.

    I could go off of one of the larger lists, but the problem with that is cutting cards becomes a giant hassle. I've tried. I've been lurking this subforum for the last two weeks just reading up on things thinking I could do that, but I've had no luck. Frown

    Also, there doesn't seem to be much discussion about how much basic land to sleeve up for cubes. My only real budget I have is sleeves, and I want to use dragonshield sleeves, so to budget, I need to know how many sleeves I'll need combined.
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  • posted a message on Build me a Cube
    I'm not much into magic anymore. Just way too expensive to keep up with the metagame. But I love drafting, which is way more expensive than just buying cards off ebay for a standard deck.

    So I'm putting together a cube. But the cube is going to be 100% proxies. I haven't even started yet aside from sleeving up the basic lands for the proxied cards. I'm going to print the image of the card off and put it in front of the basic land. Makes the best proxy. No having to read crappy handwriting and you get the art of the card, which helps make recognizing the card a lot easier.

    The cube is going to be standardly for 4 person drafts, but I would like it to be able to handle 6 person drafts easily. I may upgrade to 8 person drafts, but for now let's keep it smaller.

    First thing is, how much basic land should I sleeve up for the cube to ensure that 4 - 6 people will have enough land? I would assume 35 - 40 of each color. That may be over doing it, though. Then let's decide the card breakdown. How many of each color? Do we combine hybrids/gold or separate them? How many of gold/hybrids/artifacts/lands do I add?

    After we determine the number of cards, let's start building the cube one color at a time. I'll suggest how I want the color to work in draft and we can then discuss what cards to add.

    Let's start off with blue. Obviously I want it to be a controlling color. Blue should primarily focus on 3 mechanics. Counter, Draw, Bounce. Creatures for blue should have these attached to it.

    I'll start off with a few cards I know I'm including. These are just off the top of my head at the moment, and I know I'm forgetting a lot of obvious includes. But that's why I'm coming to you with this thread (which should be fun for all :)), because I want to make sure I get a cube that's perfect for what I want.

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  • posted a message on Collection of Cube locations
    Quote from calibretto
    Morristown, TN, USA (about an hour north east from Knoxville and 3 hours east of Nashville)

    How far from Chattanooga? I'm guessing 2 hours or so, since it's like an hour 1 1/2 south of Knoxville.
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  • posted a message on [RoE] Sleeves, Binder, Deck Boxes
    Quote from Caranthir
    That's Sarkhan Vol indeed. Quite probably a walker card art, too. It does not confirm anything yet, but the probability of new Sarkhan card in RoE just increased significantly.

    Kozilek we already know, the demon is quite minimalistic...and the Dragon Deathknight reminds me of Kulrath Knight.

    The last box has promo arts, not card arts on it.

    Thanks for reporting.

    Thought the same thing about the Kulrath Knight thing.

    Because planeswalkers help sell sets, I'm sure Mr. Vol will be a new card. It'd be dumb to have something like "Sarkhan's stupid card that does nothing" in a set with this artwork and no planeswalker. Plus with the Eldrazari waking up, then it would just make sense to have a planeswalker or two in the set to fight them.
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  • posted a message on [RoE] Sleeves, Binder, Deck Boxes
    That looks like Sarkhan Vol to me.
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  • posted a message on [M11] Rules Change
    Quote from Trancebam
    My guess is changing the mana pool emptying at the end of each step and phase to simply the end of each phase.

    This could be it. It could also be lifelink isn't static anymore, not that that's a big deal.

    I'm sure deathtouch rules are going to stay put because it fits with the current rulings and they would be making a lot of rule changes just to "fix" this.
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  • posted a message on imprinting on scepter
    Quote from aurorasparrow
    also, if I tarfire someone can i play a card with prowl?

    I'm no rules guru or expert, but since the scepter says to copy the card, you are copying all properties of the card. You will be able to prowl a card into play.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Rosewater's Hint
    Hey! It's Mad Libs!

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure these things that MaRo is doing recently is annoying. Hey look, I'm giving you NO INFORMATION about this set, but I'm going to act like I am. Why not give us some information instead of doing this?
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  • posted a message on Garruk in Zendikar Block?
    I know it's nit-picking, but it's Garruk.

    While I don't think Zendikar is his home plane, I do believe he's expected to make a possible appearance in this set.
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  • posted a message on [EDH] Ihsan's Shade
    Very very cool deck idea. I saw the general and was like... well that's a waste. There are better mono black generals, but then again who am I to judge when someone creates an awesome deck around a card they have personal love for?

    I tip my hat to you.

    As far as suggestions go, Damnation is the only one I can see that I would add personally.
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