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  • posted a message on Strangest things you've seen playing Magic
    OK...here we go!

    I am in a playgroup that only plays casual EDH.
    A few months back I decided I wanted to play a chaos deck. The idea sounded hilarious to me, and when looking at potential colours I settled on Britain, with Narset, Enlightened Master at the helm. (I know it’s a CEDH potential commander, but I find it much more fun to cheat out a Shared Fate than a Beacon of Tomorrow!)

    Anyway, this is halfway through the pandemic, and finally I get a chance to play this deck in person as the restrictions over here eased a little.
    In our very first game I have a Hive Mind on the field, and my opponent (playing a landfall deck) plays Nahiri’s Lithoforming, where X is all the lands he has.
    It was only after we had all declared no responses that we remember the Hive Mind.
    That is the only time our playgroup has witnessed an Armageddon effect. And the moment of sudden realisation on everyone’s face was everything I built the deck for - pure comedy! That’s certainly a game I’ll never forget!
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  • posted a message on Help for a Mardu Blim deck
    Hi Everyone!

    My group of friends have been playing in a casual league for a few weeks, similar to commander vs. This time the theme is Commander Identity +1, where we each get to add one colour of our choice to our commander's identity as we build.

    I have been wanting an excuse to build Blim, Comedic Genius for a while now, and this sounds like a great opportunity. I'm looking to build a Bad Gifts/Slug deck, but whilst there's loads of suggestions online for rakdos builds, there's obviously not a lot of help for mardu versions! So far i've stumbled across Transcendence, but not much else.

    I'm wondering what other cards exist out there that are either white themselves, or that overlap into white, whilst still being in a mardu identity. Any help is much appreciated!

    NB I want to run this deck after the league as well so i'm not too concerned about prices.
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