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    Today’s installment was much too short for my tastes. What I do find interesting is that the parts that aren’t narrated by Tibalt are written from the perspective of an unknown narrator who tells the story from the perspective of Tibalt’s thoughts. Surely vorinclex, as a phyrexian, doesn’t care about Tibalt’s looks, and would probably consider him a weakling for not being compleat, but that’s not what Tibalt sees, and the narrator’s perspective reflects that.

    “The beast knew that a handsome and powerful planeswalker such as Tibalt would never stoop to helping a hideous, stupid monster...”
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    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Well from another card

    sadly yet another sign the phyrexians are gonna play the role of ragnarok on kaldheim

    what this tells me is Tyrite is how the gods stay immortal/alive on kaldheim but what does this have to Do with the phyrexians

    remmeber the art on kaya's onslaught

    see the background and if you look just above vorinclex head it’s the same tyrite thing

    and This is now confirmed her first encounter with vorinclex because she has daggers in the art and she lost them in chapter two by a bunch of trolls

    So vorinclex's blood/phyrexian oil must be in that cave and if it hit the tyrite vorinclex may have just gained immortality from that fight with Kaya (if a recall correctly anything the oil touch’s phyrexians can adapt to it please correct me on this)

    Basicly vorinclex might be immortal on kaldheim now

    The fact that Kaya has daggers instead of axes in Kaya’s Onslaught is far from conclusive evidence. We know that the art gets locked in long before the finer points of the story.

    The first story happened on Bretagard, and I seriously doubt that the Tyrite Sanctum, the source of the elixir that grants the gods their immortality and the material that is used to make their weapons, is in a random cave on Bretagard, especially since nothing in that story mentioned a glowing helix or a pool of molten rainbows.
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