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  • posted a message on Possessed Portal and Goblin Welder
    Perfect! That's what I thought. And thank you for explaining this to me!!
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  • posted a message on Possessed Portal and Goblin Welder
    Hi! I have a couple of questions here.

    Suppose I have a Tangle Wire with 4 counters on it, and a Goblin Welder in play, with a Possessed Portal in the graveyard.

    What I'm hoping to do is to use Welder's ability during my opponent's upkeep so that I can swap Tangle Wire for Possessed Portal. Thus forcing them to tap 4 permanents to Tangle Wire and also skip their draw. I'm pretty certain this is legal but I'm not sure how I would word it to my opponent in a tournament. Am I correct that this is legal? If so, how do I word it?

    Next question:

    Now suppose I do this and I actually happen to have a second untapped Goblin Welder in play, my opponent can't do anything so they pass the turn. During his/her end step we now both have to sacrifice a permanent or discard to the Portal. Is there some sort of ruling concerning the stack that would force my opponent to sac/discard and I in response swap Portal for something else in the yard using my second Welder and not have to sac/discard?

    My thoughts are that this doesn't work and that my best bet would be to just sac the Portal to itself and weld it back into play again on their next turn.

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