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  • posted a message on Help a noob-brotha with his "competitive" Rhys the Redeemed
    What's goin on fellas. I need dire assistance with this Rhys the Redeemed deck. I've been playing for seven months, so if there are glaring issues, forgive a brotha.


    I'm going for an Elf-themed Rhys. The goal is simple: make elf tokens, beef them up via Elves and enchantments, and kill with one big swing or a few big swings.

    So far, this is by far my most successful version, but I feel like I'm missing more card draw as I've top-decked twice now. It used to be worse, because I used to top-deck and lose from board wipes, but now I've actually two wins after top-decking for an extended period of time (4 to 5 turns).

    If possible, my goal is to make a deck that can be played against 1 to 3 players in the commander format.

    All assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Posted in: Competitive Commander (cEDH)
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