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    Hello everyone Grin

    I have been reading the Forum for quite some time now and now its the time i am creating my first post Smile

    I'd like to ask you for some tips, recommendations and thoughts about the cube im building for a year now.
    This is the List im working on so far:
    The reason why i have a peasant cube, is that i like an environment wich feels like Limited, but also contains some elements from constructed play, and also isn't too expensive as a student.
    I started off with an "average" cube list, i found on cubetutor at that time, that contained the most played cards in cube. From there i started to further define archetypes and added some cards i like for flavor reasons (e.g. Savage Punch).
    I also love to play high power level cards, but still avoided many "auto-picks" like Sensei's Divining Top, Force of Will or Sol Ring. Concerning focus on synergy- or raw-power-level cards i wanted to include enough cards to support synergistic decks, but also make "the classic control/aggro/midrange deck" work.
    I dont know if i walked into the trap of containing too many multicolored cards, though a lot of fixing is included in the cube(bounce-lands, gain-lands, signets,taplands(considered breaking the "peasant-rule" by swapping them for pain-lands or fastlands to support aggro more), and i love Gold cards ;). Some Cycles were included, just to contain the full cycle, but (especially in the uncommon planeswalker cycle) what cards do you think could be cut, because of thir powerlevel?

    The archetypes i decided on are the following, though im not sure if i will keep it this way:
    UW - Blink
    I just love the Blink archetype and like that it gives many opportunities for synergies across archetypes. This archetype might be a slight touch oversupported, but i can live with that.
    UB - Saboteurs/Unblockable
    For this archetype im a little scared that the cards contained are too generic-good, instead of synergistic. This might be okay, but i also might change some cards as i change other archetypes to create cross-synergies.
    RB - Sacrifice
    I dont know if the ratio of enablers,sacrifice outlets and payoffs is good. One reason, why i probably cant figure it out is that the synergies to RW and BG are very strong and i find myself being three colors in quite a lot of my test drafts.
    RG - Beatdown/Chonky Creatures
    Its also one of the coolest archetypes, though i dont know if the existing payoffs are good enough to include. Right now i also feel like im missing some agressive green creatures, instead of mana-dorks.
    GW - +1/+1 Counters
    This is the archetype im most unhappy with. I feel like most cards are only playable in this archetype and are too bad in other decks. I also thought about changing the archetype entirely for "Enchantments", or moving the tokens archetype to these colors(which i believe would have the best support and synergies).
    WB - Aristocrats
    Classic Aristocrats archetype. Also very good cross synergies to Rakdos and Boros.
    UG - Flash
    The UG Flash archetype is another archetype that doesnt have too strong synergies right now.
    UR - Spells matter
    This archetype might also be undersupported a little bit, but i think of it that basically any instant(/sorcery) spell is supporting this theme as long as you have the payoff.
    RW - Tokens
    Im a little bit scared that this archetype is oversupported (dont know if that would be a bad thing), because Rakdos and Orzhov basically can use any card contained in this archetype. I wanted to change this archetype to "Equipments", but i dont know if the power level of most equipments is good enough compared to the rest of the cube.
    BG - Graveyard shenanigans
    I dont know if this archetype is undersupported, but it can also make use of a lot of cards from Orzhov, and Rakdos cards.

    The biggest problems i see are:
    - Token strategies might be too present in the cube, which would make cards like Drown in Sorrow and Slice and Dice "must-pick"-cards. (I also think some cards, especially in green, that focus on tokens are a little out of place)
    - Too low amount of agressive (1-3 cmc) green creatures?

    What do you think about the cube? Any tips what could improve the playing experience? Any recommendations on the archetypes?

    Thanks for reading this and im looking forward on what you think Grin

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