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    posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Long time viewer, first time caller...
    I've personally been looking forward to seeing Kaya's backstory come to the front burner. That said: could she be on Kaldheim because its her home plane?
    She brokered into a deal with Bolas because of promises of healing her homeworld's "breaking sky"--I'm picturing something to the order of a borealis-type phemonenon that may have been weakened or warped/mutated.,.
    Consider this: scientifically speaking, our own borealis is "beautiful" because it's our magnetosphere interacting with lethal radiation. So picture this: long periods of winter thins the atmosphere; or is the result of a "dying" internal core which slows the dynamo effect that powers the magnetosphere...in other words, the breaking sky could be a weakening borealis under a different term...
    Thoughts? (That will bring this topic back on track)
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