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  • posted a message on Mana Blast
    I was thinking it had to be templated the way I mentioned because the targeting has to happen when casting the spell -- I could be wrong.

    As far as a consolation prize, yeah I thought adding "otherwise draw a card", but thought that would actually make it too good.

    And yeah, the new kaldheim red counterspell got me thinking, and just thought up that one. I like your version. I think making either only target instants/sorceries only makes flavor sense but might make them just too bad.
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  • posted a message on Mana Blast
    Mana Blast R
    Choose target spell. Flip a coin. If you win, counter that spell.

    I keep going back on forth if this would be too good or just unplayable, lol. What do you all think?
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  • posted a message on Expanding Opportunities
    Expanding Opportunities 1UR
    When a player chooses a mode, that player chooses all modes instead.

    So I was looking at some modal spells and thought "what if there was something that let you choose all modes", and then "oooh what something forced you to choose all modes".

    I've made a lot of custom cards in the past and am pretty good at templating, but I have no idea how to template this one. Are the modal modes even referred to as modes by the rules? And how do you template it something as "you can normally only do one thing but now you can do all the things even if it breaks the rules"?

    But anyway, thought it would be an interesting and fun card. UR was chosen because of manipulating reality as well as the chaotic aspect of requiring all modes to be chosen.
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