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  • posted a message on Recon Elixir Cycle [Casual low budget]
    I had a very vague idea, but I made it work and after lots of tinkering, I think I made a pretty good budget deck. It's actually a modern deck (unintentionally) but I didn't want to post it in a forum flooded with competitive decks and I also wanted to get ideas for improving it as well.

    It ran me about $20, which is pretty good for what it actually does.

    The core premise was to fill it with 1-cost unblockable creatures and run 6 cards like Reconnaissance Mission, Coastal Piracy, and Bident of Thassa, then top it off with a play-set of Elixir of Immortality to turn the excessive draw disadvantage into an advantage.

    My first iteration didn't do very well. So I did a LOT of tinkering and re-testing all day.

    After much tinkering, I scavenged all of my cards for something to fill 3 spots and discovered Perilous Myr. One thing I realized when play-testing the deck, was the whole deck-thin-and-cycle thing with Elixir of Immortality worked nicely. So Perilous Myr really adds some value into the late game, because chump blocking is really important in this deck to stave off anything that Fog Bank can't. So you can chump block, deal damage back, use Elixir and keep drawing them back out.

    So here it is, a VERY low budget deck that snow-balls into lots of fun.

    4x Reconnaissance Mission
    2x Bident of Thassa

    4x Slither Blade
    4x Triton Shorestalker
    4x Guul Draz Vampire
    4x Fog Bank
    4x Mist-Cloaked Herald
    4x Tormented Soul
    4x Changeling Outcast

    4x Elixir of Immortality
    3x Perilous Myr

    10x Island
    9x Swamp
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  • posted a message on Emrakul's Little Helpers
    Thanks. Some of those cards are great, but yeah, a little pricey. It goes to show just how much room for improvement this deck really has, with some investment.

    And Fierce Empath, complete forgot about that card. I might be able to ditch the fetches altogether for that. I'm definitely getting some of those, so I'll tinker with them.

    I also considered Archdruid and for some dumb reason, I had moment where I said "Nah, I don't need a +1/+1 boost" and moved on without realizing that it has more to offer than Elvish Guidance as an extra Elf body. So I'm going to switch those out.
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  • posted a message on Emrakul's Little Helpers
    Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately some options are too expensive and a couple I'd disagree with.

    Demonic Tutor is banned in Legacy, so that's not an option. (I do own one)

    Diabolic Intent and Forbidden Orchard are amazing, but $18.00+ a pop is just too much.

    As for Diabolic Tutor, you're right, It's the BB. I figure, in a deck focused on generating massive mana, paying 1 more instead wont really be an issue.

    Torment of Hailfire is good, but I'm not entirely sure it's better for this deck, and definitely not by enough to justify paying over $22.00 on a set of 3. With my testing, the life gain from Exsanguinate has actually been a key factor from time to time. However, there were a few decks where Hailfire would have been better, such as my Exalted deck that could run on two creatures and equipment to avoid triggering Defense of the Heart. It would be a nice side-board option for sure, but I probably won't spend $7.50 a pop for some sideboard cards.

    As for Insist and Shusher, Emrakul doesn't need them, because it already can't be countered, which is a big part of what makes it the strongest creature drop in the game.

    Shusher could help me protect my other spells and that's nice, but in order for it to provide the necessary value to replace an Elf (Therefor cutting into my mana production), it would need something else to offer the deck. Besides, they'll use removal on Shusher and proceed to counter/remove my key components anyways.

    What I'm thinking I need is some kind of Instant like Autumn's Veil. I'll probably side-board it though. It would probably replace the two Asceticisms and maybe a forest.

    As for Spike Weaver, it's nice, but it's too susceptible to removal.

    I really also want some better way to bet black mana without paying $6.00+ a pop for dual lands that don't come into play tapped.

    I'm thinking on just settling for Llanowar Wastes or Twilight Mire. Think I'm going to go with Mire.

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  • posted a message on Emrakul's Little Helpers
    So several months ago, I bought a copy of Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn, for no other reason but because I wanted to own the strongest creature card (Not the best, per se, but merely strongest) in the game.

    Awhile back, I started tinkering with ideas of how to actually run just 1 of him (It? lol) in a deck. My first concept of using black fetches to get him with Aetherplasm to cheat him out didn't work as well as I wanted. The biggest hang-up was that the whole strategy hinged on Aetherplasm not getting removed or my opponent not finding some way to get around it.

    My second idea has been surprisingly successful, however. The basic premise was that I didn't want to just cheat him out anymore. I wanted to cast him and get that extra turn. So I built what is essentially an Elf deck loaded with Fog & Moment's Peace and splashed with black fetch. The Elves serve the sole purpose of generating as much mana as possible as fast as possible and the Fogs/Peace's hold my opponent off long enough to pull the whole thing off. I can consistently generate over 15 mana by turn 5 and sometimes by turn 4. So all I usually need is a Fog or two.

    Right away though, I knew the deck had room to be better, since I had loads of excess mana and no backup win condition should the Emrakul thing not work out for whatever reason. So I went through my other decks to get an idea of what cards to best take advantage of that extra mana. As soon as I saw Exsanguinate, I knew it was the perfect backup. After all, I had already splashed enough black for the fetches.

    While I was searching for the backup, I also ran across Crystal Shard, which triggered a crazy idea... if I can generate at least 18 mana, it's an infinite turns combo with Emrakul. (Cast Emrakul, take extra turn & attack, use Shard during Main Phase 2 to return it to my hand and recast it for another extra turn etc).

    The deck was testing good, but it seemed that about 40% of games, it just couldn't get Emrakul or one of the fetches. I needed a little something more. I used an advanced search on EssentialMagic and discovered Defense of the Heart. This card is so busted, I almost feel dirty using it.

    It's testing very well now, as far as how consistently it can pull off its win conditions. So yeah, I'm really happy with this build.

    Before I share, yes I know this isn't a truly competitive deck. Not only do I play "Kitchen Table" Magic, but I play sub $150 budget as well. This deck could be even better if I threw another $100 into it (Dual lands, Diabolic Tutors etc), but it's not worth it to me. I also am aware that all it takes to beat this deck is to counter its Fog so the damage goes through, which is probably its biggest flaw. Maybe the deck could be amended to patch that flaw though. Suggestions are welcome.

    1x Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn

    4x Moment's Peace
    3x Fog

    4x Llanowar Elves
    3x Elvish Mystic
    4x Priest of Titania
    4x Urborg Elf
    3x Elvish Guidance

    4x Coveted Prize
    3x Crystal Shard
    3x Defense of the Heart
    3x Exsanguinate
    2x Asceticism

    4x Swamp
    16x Forest
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  • posted a message on New Budget Format Idea
    I remember I used to own a playset of Manamorphose that I got from some lots of common/uncommons on ebay for $15 per 1,000. I was shocked at how much they were worth several years later.

    But yeah, that's what keeps me from pushing for this format. No one wants to invest that kind of time into keeping up with an ever-changing format.

    My only idea right now is that maybe, regardless of price at any given moment, cards are only banned/unbanned at 6 month intervals. So every December 1st and July 1st the card prices are checked and legality is updated accordingly. It would be like a super affordable standard with over 15,000 cards to build from.
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  • posted a message on New Budget Format Idea
    That would be cool (The tools you speak of), but even dime dreadful would be too little, maybe Dollar lol.

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  • posted a message on New Budget Format Idea
    We're twins as far as this idea goes. I've been brewing on an idea exactly like this for awhile now, but the budget cap I wanted to work with was $100. $30 seems too restrictive as far as choices go, just as restrictive as Pauper is, I'd say, while $100 opens up some cards that have a lot of potential, but are not quite viable.

    One of two barriers for this idea is how much maintenance would need to be done to track prices. Do you price check each and every deck each event? Or just whenever someone challenges it?

    Barrier #2: how annoying it would be to build a, say $85 deck, and it suddenly be a $120 deck in a month and you have to start over or revise it into something sub-par. Also, imagine how frustrating it would be to be unaware of that price flux, show up to a group/tourney and get disqualified or turned out because someone pointed out that some of your cards bloated in price. At least in standard, you know exactly what cards are rotating out and when.

    I love this idea, but I think these two issues need a little something to appease the issues they cause before this idea would catch on.
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