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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    1 - Never played any of these green cards but Bramble Sovereign has the potential to do funnier things than the other two. First Iroan Games seems the least questionable card from the three though.

    2 - Despite higher mana and color cost, Quarantine Field scales and targets more thing. Scry on Prison realm is not worth the loss of targets.

    3 - Played with this Liliana for a while and even though it is not bad, it always felt I never got what I wanted for the mana I invested on it. But Ob-Nixilis is just an over costed Chupacabra so Liliana seems the default pick.
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  • posted a message on Modal DFC Checklist Card Use
    I don't think it is a silly question, since dfc are a bit unpractical.
    At first, I went for checklists but people I draft with didn't like seeing checklists during the draft in terms of aesthetics.
    Next step for me was to not bother with that and have the card itself: flipping the card takes 3-4 seconds during a game so no big deal.
    No big deal until we started seeing cards unflipped from previous drafts showing up in boosters. And in my group, when sawn during drafts, people tended to immediately flip them back and the others were aware that the guy had dfc in his booster.
    To make up for both aesthetics and practiality, the easy way for me was for each dfc I have to get an extra copy in a sleeve of a different color that is already flipped. Added bonus: you show off more if they are foil Wink

    Edit: well, nevermind, I visibly cannot read correctly a question. You are asking solutions that involves using checklists. Outside of printing (either text or image), writing or drawing on them...
    If it was me, since I don't know anyone good at drawing, I would have any temporary solution and when live events are back, I would have an artist I like doing illustrations on those blank checklists for each dfc I have in my cube. A win win since you get to have something unique and you pay someone you like for it.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Glasspool Mimic // Glasspool Shore
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Quote from JuiceBOX »
    I do expect folks to double down on their stance after testing these cards, and not because they are actually any good, but because it is easy for them to feel they were right when they have the ability to confirm their own thoughts without disproving the naysayers.

    Good lord, what an awful take. I mean, the exact same thing could be said about the MDFC haters ...but nobody's making that argument because it's a complete garbage take.

    But whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess. Rolleyes

    Hey people.

    Been a while I haven't posted in this forum, so long in fact that I had to get a new account since I don't remember the previous one. I apologize in advance: I don't do internet well and my speech could feel a bit rough though no harm intended. But seing how the conversation went from making me laugh to making me...sad? I wanted to provide with an insight of what you probably know but might be needed to be reminded with: how a cube could be managed.

    First time seing these cards, I found them bad plain and simple. So I went to check on with the people I play and got the same response: "I don't wanna draft tap lands/bad spells in your cube", "If I want lands I can pick them at the end of my draft: they are better since they come untapped" etc.
    Seeing other cube managers I know and respect also almost dismiss those cards made me wondering why people in this forum were so ridiculously into it.

    So what do you do? You don't like them, people who usually play with don't like them so one way would be to not play them. As simple as that. No need to think about it twice, no need to lose time to demean or enrage with people who has the opposite opinion on the internet to attempt to prove them wrong.

    But now you may think that seing these people so into playing those weird spell-taplands, that might be an indicator that you might be missing something big. So because you want the best for your cube group and you want to make them grow into the game, you have to be open minded and you might now be thinking: "Ok, I don't like those cards, but let's confirm this by actually play the cards".

    Next cube is coming and you got some of them for cheap at the prerelease and made proxies of the rest. But remember, your group is relunctant and so you are. You don't want to even draft them. What do you do?
    Well, I am in this situation and what I plan to do is at the end of the draft having every player telling me one of the colors they play and they will get one of the appropriate color at random. So eveybody can experiment them and I can get multiple feedback through two/three drafts. And at the end, we take a collegial decision: are they worth it? If yes, which one?

    As simple as that. No harm done, people from your group feels like they are participating in making the cube and you avoid missing anything relevant because of a punctual lack of open mindedness.
    I do the same for every card everyone is relunctant with except some weird guy that is into with a defendeable opinion of it.

    So guys, no need to internet-fight, no need for those one liners that hurts to see. Just find a way to try them and have your actual own opinion of it.

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