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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.
    Quote from bradstone »
    Anyone with a more trained eye think they could help me put a ballpark estimate on the value of this card ?

    today 99% THE MISCUT ARE FAKE ==> nfc (no factury cut)
    a real miscut have a different back and front

    i have severalm tru miscut pre 2010 all have different offset between the back and the front

    if the offset is the same beetween back and front it s probably a nfc
    (the guy buy a uncut sheet and cut after)

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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.
    Quote from nokturne007 »

    I got 3 different FBB Bad Moon, a 4th edition Korean, a Rev German and a Rev Italian. I did some research and the results was unexepected, Ebay was showing that the Italian was higher than the Korean and from my point of view it is not suppose to be that way. But i just think i don`t have enough experience and knowledge to tag them right. Can i have a hand pls?

    the true fbb is 3th like revised but black border (italian german and french) rarer that 4th koren japanese spanish
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  • posted a message on buy or trade misprint
    hi at all (i'm french and my english is very bad , sorry)

    i hope to be in a good place

    i'm collector of misprint
    i looking for a lot things (i buy and i trade)

    example ==> https://www.casimages.com/i/18011606484322983615470627.jpg.html

    i have some extra misprint to trade (some cyanless)
    and several fun card (dual , p9 , fetch original edition and foil , several staple foil tarmo lili jtms and co)==> SCAN AVAIBALE OF COURSE



    i looking for:
    textless (specially urza foil and m15)
    land with 2 different print color
    harry potter back
    pokemon back
    albino card

    i looking for also still some alpha and beta (no dual no p9 ==> i have already)

    summer edgar

    1 blast zone korean foil
    1 bojuka bog russian foil
    1 Botanical Sanctum korean foil
    1 Breeding Pool (ravnica) russian foil
    1 cascad bluff korean foil
    1 command tower arsenal
    1 fabled passage korean foil or japanese extra foil
    1 field of ruin korean foil
    1 hallowed foutain (ravnica) russian foil
    1 mystic sanctuary korean foil
    1 prismatic vista korean foil
    10 island snow covered modern horizon korean foil
    5 moutain snow covered modern horizon korean foil
    5 swamp snow covered korean foil
    5 forest snow covered korean foil
    1 steam vent guild (guildpact) russian foil
    1 stomping ground (guild) russian foil
    1 sulfur fall (inni) korean foil
    1 tectonic edge ww russian foil
    1 temple epiphany korean foil 2020 or 2021
    1 temple of the false god japanese foil
    1 wandering fumarol korean foil
    1 blooming marsh japanese foil
    1 overgrown tomb ( disco) russian foil
    1 khalni garden japanese foil
    1 okina grand father japanese foil
    1 nurturing peatland korean foil
    1 dryad arbor russian foil
    1 twilight mire (eventide) russian foil
    1 woodland cemetery (innistrad) korean foil
    1 isolated chapel (innistrad) korean foil
    1 hinterland arbor (innistrad) korean foil
    1 watery grave (ravnica) russian foil
    1 waterlogged grove korean foil
    1 fiery islet korean foil
    1 blacleave cliff russian or t chinese foil
    1 darkslick shore russian or t chinese foil
    1 seachrome russian or t chinese foil
    1 copperline gorge russian or t chinese foil
    1 razoverge tiket russian or t chinese foil
    1 ketria triome korean foil
    1 zagoth triome korean foil
    1 raugrin triome korean foil
    1 indatha triome korean foil
    1 savai triome korean foil

    1 brazen borrower korean foil
    1 ponder korean foil 2012
    1 dreadhorde arcanist korean foil
    1 snapcaster korean foil
    1 the locust korean foil
    1 hogaak arisen korean foil
    1 Arbor Elf (20132) korean foil
    1 Basking Rootwalla japanese foil
    1 Boreal Druid japanese foil
    1 Brain Maggot korean foil
    1 Caustic Caterpillar korean foil
    1 Elves of Deep Shadow (guold rav) korean foil
    1 Elvish Mystic (2014 or 2015) korean foil
    1 Elvish Reclaimer korean foil
    1 Elvish Visionary (2013) korean foil
    1 Fauna Shaman (2011) russian foil
    1 Fyndhorn Elves ftv
    1 Gilded Goose (extra) japanese foil
    1 Glowspore Shaman korena foil
    1 Grim Flayer korean foil
    1 Hexdrinker korean foil
    1 Kitesail Freebooter (2013) korean foil
    1 Lazotep Reaver korean foil
    1 Mesmeric Fiend (torment) japanese foil
    1 Questing Beast korean foil
    1 Satyr Wayfinder (2015) korean foil
    1 Stitcher's Supplier korean foil
    1 Sylvan Safekeeper (judgement) japanese foil
    1 Treefolk Harbinger russian foil
    1 Ulvenwald Tracker (avacyn) korean foil
    1 Vengevine (eldrazi) russian foil
    1 Wall of Roots (time spiral) russian foil

    1 umezawa jitte japanese foil

    1 abrade korean foil
    1 Anger of the Gods theros korean foil
    1 Blink of an Eye korena foil
    1 brainstorm masque (misprint cyanless) ==(big card trade)
    1 Burst Lightning zen foil japanese
    1 Counterspell alpha
    1 Cryptic Command lorwyn japanese foil
    1 Flame Slash japanese foil
    1 Flash of Insight japanese foil
    1 Force Spike 7th japanese foil
    1 Force of Negation korean foil
    1 Force of Will 2xm japanese foil
    1 Gifts Ungiven kami japanese foil
    1 Harvest Pyre korean foil
    1 Incinerate 2012 korean foil
    1 Into the Roil zendi rising korean foil
    1 Lightning Strike 2015 korean foil
    1 Logic Knot FS russian foil
    1 Magmatic Sinkhole korean foil
    1 Mana Leak (misprint cyanless strongold) or 9th russian foil
    1 Memory Lapse 7th japanese foil
    1 Mental Misstep russian foil
    1 Miscalculation japanese foil
    1 Mizzium Mortars korean foil
    1 Mystic Confluence jr
    1 Negate (morningtide) russian foil or (ixalan-2020) korean foil
    1 Opt (dominaria) korean foil
    1 Order of Succession japanese foil
    1 Ponder (2012) korean foil
    1 Preordain (2011) russian foil
    1 Searing Spear (2013) korean foil
    1 Serum Visions (dawn) japanese foil
    1 Skred russian foil
    1 Spell Snare (dissension) russian foil
    1 Subterranean Tremors japanese foil
    1 Supreme Will korean foil
    1 Sweltering Suns korean foil
    1 Tale's End korean foil
    1 Thassa's Intervention korean foil
    1 Think Twice (innis) korean foil

    let me know

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