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    Quote from Ritokure »
    Clue #3 seems interesting. What kind of drawback could balance a Worst Fears for all opponents and in a permanent's Continuous effect? My first thought would be something like Underworld Breach, aka. a permanent with a spell-like effect that sacs itself after a while, but maybe it's something super narrow, like "You control your opponents while X is being targeted by a spell" or something.

    “You control opponents while they have no cards in hand”?
    “You control opponents while you have exactly 1 life.”?
    “You control opponents while there are no cards in your library”?

    there are certain effects I can imagine:

    You control opponents while they are on extra turns?

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    I think that the main reason x can’t be 0 is to avoid ambiguity in play. If I tap 1U and put this in play did I kick it or not? This way my opponent can’t go rules lawyering saying “you didn’t specifically say you kicked it, so you can’t steal my mox”.
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