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  • posted a message on Rumor Mill Forum Helpdesk
    How can I sort the card spoiler? I find that sometimes when I open it, the cards are sorted alphabetically, and sometimes when I open it, that cards are sorted in order of when they were added to the spoiler. However I don’t see an option anywhere for me to change the sort method. When they are sorted alphabetically, it makes it frustrating for me to easily catch up on what has been spoiled since the last time I checked the spoiler.
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  • posted a message on MaRo's AFR Teaser
    MINSC and BOO!!!
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  • posted a message on MaRo's AFR Teaser
    Quote from lynnalynn »
    "a legendary creature that makes a legendary Hamster creature token" Minsc and Boo
    "a card that creates a legendary creature token named Vecna" Hand and Eye of Vecna or some combination.
    "Legendary Creature – Devil God" We have already seen Tiamat. So its a safe bet that its Asmodeus
    "Legendary Creature – Beholder" Most likely Xanathar

    The Devil God could also be Orcus though! IDK, I just think of Orcus first even though Asmodeus is more powerful.

    Orcus is a demon, not a devil. Asmodeus is a devil.
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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Quote from Ritokure »
    Clue #3 seems interesting. What kind of drawback could balance a Worst Fears for all opponents and in a permanent's Continuous effect? My first thought would be something like Underworld Breach, aka. a permanent with a spell-like effect that sacs itself after a while, but maybe it's something super narrow, like "You control your opponents while X is being targeted by a spell" or something.

    “You control opponents while they have no cards in hand”?
    “You control opponents while you have exactly 1 life.”?
    “You control opponents while there are no cards in your library”?

    there are certain effects I can imagine:

    You control opponents while they are on extra turns?

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  • posted a message on [ZNR] TCGPlayer's party
    I think that the main reason x can’t be 0 is to avoid ambiguity in play. If I tap 1U and put this in play did I kick it or not? This way my opponent can’t go rules lawyering saying “you didn’t specifically say you kicked it, so you can’t steal my mox”.
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