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    So my gaming group wanted to have a discussion about power level. We play mainly EDH. Everyone had a wildly different idea about what power level was, so a couple of us banded together to create this spreadsheet. Basically it tracks wins, losses, the turn the deck won, and how many people it eliminated. It then uses those to calculate a power level for the deck. I'm aware that's not how power level is actually calculated, but if you play with a consistent game group then having the decks all judged the same way and against each other, it's a fairly decent approximation.

    How to use:

    1. Before a game begins enter the deck name and owner into the All Deck Data sheet.

    2. Enter the deck name and owner into the Deck Stats sheet

    3. When the game is over enter the relevant information in the All Deck Data sheet.

    Having a countdown die nearby to keep track the current round helps.

    If you want to track player statistics there's also a sheet for that.

    Decks won't have accurate readings until they've had at least one loss. This is because the kill/death ratio won't work (divide by 0 rule). That being said, if a deck never loses... well... it might be high power level for the group.

    Lemme know if you guys have any suggestions to make this even better and more accurate.

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