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  • posted a message on Yuriko Ninjutsu brewing
    thanks alot everyone i was able to cut down my deck from 120 to 100 cards,
    i updated the link of the decklist, and im still open to suggestion, that you guys might have on the deck itself Grin
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  • posted a message on Yuriko Ninjutsu brewing
    hi, im back from a long break, and found out this new commander that got me super exited,
    here is the decklist :


    since a few days ago, i have done alot of modification to the deck, the maybelist is now huge,
    but the deck now has 100 cards !

    thoughts i have so far
    1. don't get me wrong, i love ninja's, but pure ninja tribal isnt what i'm trying to go for, so... i think i should remove the weaker ninja's, or the slower hitters like : Azra Smokeshaper/ Phantom Ninja Mist-Syndicate NagaVela the Night-Clad
    2. I love faeries, i was always a huge fan of the Faerie Impostor / Spellstutter Sprite/ any ninjutsu ninja interactions.
    3. but.... it feels like i'm over-extending my deck.... but i really have a fealing that whit cutting the weakest ninja's, adding the best faeries that loves bouncing back my ninja's, and a few changeling that can be both, i might be onto something
    4. i know double spells, are great whit yuriko, but i have a feeling that even whit Faerie Seer/Spire Owl type cards, they will loose most of their efficiency because i am not running (Sensei's Divining Top , Scroll Rack)
    5. ... and i feel like i have to much of them, maybe removing a few like : Discovery // Dispersal might be worth it

    so any help for culling a few cards, brewing new idea's, or telling me i'm completely wrong and nuts, anything would be appreciated

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