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    If you're wanting to play tokens, and why wouldn't you, they're fun, you just have to find a way to get your tokens pumped up out of that x/1 range. There's lots of anthems/lords out there. If I was looking to get past Chainwhirler, I'd look for enchantment based anthems over artifact based and lords. Both decks run Abrade giving them an easy way to get your tokens small enough to be smacked around by a chain. There are other cards too. Heroic Intervention is good.

    Personally, my main deck is UW Embalm/Eternalize and Cats mashed together. Typically, it takes more than just a chainwhirler to kill my lifelink cat tokens, and my Sacred Cats and Adorned Pouncer just come back, and in the case of Pouncer, even meaner.

    Chainwhirler is a good card, but not unbeatable. I don't think it should be banned. Red-based aggro was already the boogeyman of the format. It makes Chainwhirler seem amazing because it slotted right in. In a few months when most of the red aggro cards rotate out, Chainwhirler won't have a home and won't be so burdensome.

    Not sure how good this is in general, but I'm building a Selesnya tokens deck, and several things I'm running anyway answer 'whirler. Several token makers are 2/2's and Conclave Cavalier beats 'whirler by itself, Song of Freyalise chapter 3, Divine Visitation making new tokens 4/4's instead

    That's not to say that there won't be any fun for the resistance until rotation. In my FNM-level metas, most players have too good manners to play 'whirlers. Not everyone has the option, but metas do exist that are not heavily infested. At the grinder level, they don't get to pick the best deck and they have to deal with a ton of it anyway. I'm probably looking at it wrong, but play the best deck or try to beat it seems like the grinders' curse anyway.
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