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  • posted a message on Burning Reanimator
    Hi everyone, I was a simply br reanimator player before I found this discussion, and I felt in love with the burning variant!
    I've tested a bit, and my point is that we need both unmask and thoughtseize maindeck, and chancellor as well. The deck is very consinstent now and, with a good hand, can play through any counterspell or hate in G2 and G3. I personally prefer the green splash for the sideboard, I also put a taiga against leyline (burning wish/gamble for reverent silence), even if the scrubland is necessary sometimes for the unburial rites. Here is my list, I would appreciate any advice if anyone is still playing the deck.

    2 badlands
    1 scrubland
    1 bayou
    1 swamp
    3 verdant catacombs
    2 bloodstained mire

    4 chancellor of the annex
    2 griselbrand
    1 sire of insanity
    1 anger

    4 dark ritual
    4 LED
    4 lotus petal

    4 entomb
    4 exhume
    4 reanimate
    4 unburial rites
    4 gamble
    3 burning wish
    4 unmask
    3 thoughtseize

    1 coffin purge
    1 thoughtseize
    1 duress
    1 stitch together
    1 buried alive
    1 massacre
    1 empty the warrens
    1 shanenigans
    1 burning wish
    1 taiga
    1 hull breach
    4 reverent silence
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