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  • posted a message on [Critique My Cube] Combo/Synergy Cube
    hey Purplemurasaki,

    thanks for the feedback!

    Had a draft yesterday so I can even share some insight of that.
    But first right into your remarks.

    Conspiracies: I view them first to third picks as well, not all drafters do so, this is something most will learn. Until that point it's nice to have the tension. Afterwards I need to reevaluate. Grin Thanks for pointing out :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Assemble the Rank and Vile and Secrets of Paradise should be there as well, but before I wasn't so sure about them, partly because they don't directly support a endless combo. (Well other don't either)

    Hermit Druid should be there, I agree.
    Reassembling Skeleton takes a value slot in an environment that cares mostly about #baneslayers or #comboPieces. As I try to keep #comboPieces general enough to fit other decks they often take up the slots of #valuePieces. Considering Assemble the Rank and Vile and Hermit Druid as addition, I like Reassambling Skeleton more than before, especially as black two drops are a bit low. The more I write about it, the better I like it. Thank you Wink

    Regarding the lands and fixing: did you save your drafts? I cant see any recurring user.
    The non-me online drafters during the last 4 days had 4,5,6,8,10 fixing lands in their colors. the 4/5 drafters were 2 color decks. In addition to that, the bounce lands basically count for two and the trilands for 2,5 pips. From 4 of 6 paper drafters (in European non covid area) were 3 colors, only one had mana issues. So I feel the fixing is quite decent. Still I added Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds, Ash Barrens again . The others feel bad for land untap combos, they could ease the pick pressure though ...

    Edit: I hope to trim about 20 - 30 cards still, this would make one land every 10 cards, therefor 4,5 per player. Assuming 4 2-color drafters with 3 lands and gives 4 3-color drafters with 6 lands. Actually that sounds too little indeed. Need to fix that!

    That was quite some thought evoking content, it helped me well. Thumbs Up
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  • posted a message on [Critique My Cube] Combo/Synergy Cube
    Hi everyone,

    (TL;DR bellow)

    I just had a mayor overhaul of my previously quite refined synergy driven peasant cube and would like some feedback regarding general oversights or problems.

    The changes were made to flatten the power spectrum and make more general archetypes better draftable. I hope Timmis and Spikes are given more equal space as Jhonny now. Still it's desined to give Jhonnys room and time to be creative: tempo, amount of premium removal and card quality are lower than most equally sized peasant cubes.

    Link: https://cubecobra.com/cube/list/tosynergyandbeyond

    Cube concept:

    No too hard 2-color archetypes, but rather generally playable multi purpose cards, that fit into strong synergies. Many micro "combo" archetypes opening up through 1-2 extra cards, that usually can be found when going into a third color. Picking up the right conspiracies super charges most of them, creating quite reliant powerful endless combos. 2-3 color decks should be normal, aggro (w/r) is supposed to be mono colored.

    Rough themes by 2-color combinations:

    UW - Resetting ETBs, tempo

    WB - Aristocats, go wide, value, removal

    WR - mass pump, go wide, (removal)

    WG - bonus for creature etb, tokens

    UB - value controll, reanimator

    UR - spells matter, tempo, creatures copying spells

    UG - creature/land untap, land enchantments, big ramp, tempo (multicolor seems bit one sided)

    BR - aristocats, spell controll, mass removal, suicide aggro

    BG - reanimator, creatures in grave, lands in grave

    RG - big mana ramp, big mana control, big aggro

    Some Shard Interaction

    Mardu: Aristocats with combo potential [sac outlet] + [drainer] + [ETB creature with reanimate cmc <= 3] + [cmc-3 creature with etb blink] (under supported)

    Abzan: persist combos of [sac outlet] + [drainer] + [persist] + [persist resetter]

    Jund: persist combos of [sac outlet] + [drainer] + [persist] + [persist resetter]

    Bant: between ETBs, Tap abilities, Blinking (from spells and permanents) many ways of infinite: ETB, mana, card draw, untaps

    Grixis: cast non-creature from grave/repeatedly [payoff + spells]

    Temur: Dramatic Reversal/similar + Isochron Scepter/similar + mana generating creatures / creature lands

    Jeskai: Spell copying + flicker spells + mana generating etb creatures / (untap creatures + tap for mana)

    For myself it sometimes feels a bit on rails, because I know all the potential "combo" engines, which I then try to make happen to prove they are valid. Therefor I like some feedback, if it feels on rails for uninvolved drafters as well.

    TL;DR: please suggest cuts/swaps and give oppinion about my high synergy cube
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