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  • posted a message on Infinite mana combo deck
    Here a recent turn 4 kill (turn 4 is consitent with some of the agro deck on the format without disruption.)

    Kill T4
    T1: Forest, go
    T2: Plain, Ilysian Caryatid
    T3: Faeburrow Elder
    - Biomancer's Familiar with forest / Ilysian Caryatid
    - Gauntlets of Light on Faeburrow, casting on itself
    - Untap with the last mana -> infinit green/blue mana.
    - Kinnan -> Casting all creature of the deck
    - One of those are Red, infinite red mana as well
    - Cavalier, haste, kill

    To be honest a lucky one, didn't use any tutor.

    Another one, with a tutor into Kinnan and double leyline:

    Second Leyline was not needed:
    - T1: Tutor into Kinnan
    - T2: Druid
    - T3 (EOT): Adapt druid (3 land + druid + leyline)
    - T4: Druid for WWWG -> Gauntlet on druid, untap druid, infinite mana, Kinnan -> infinite creature

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  • posted a message on Infinite mana combo deck
    Thanks, that mean I will just play it as a non-companion. Probably for the white casting cost, where the red part will also help Faeburrow Elder in order to have 4 colors.
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  • posted a message on Infinite mana combo deck
    Hi here,

    I need some help to build an infinite mana deck (and way to spent them) bases around:

    Several card can help the build from the latest extension:
    to reduce the untap to 1 white mana, which is great
    which can help to have a two mana producer, and spent our mana on a kill.

    After that we can include the basic:
    - Idyllic Tutor that fetch our main combo card
    Some mana producer, ideally full color for having W to untap, and mana infinite in any color
    - Paradise Druid
    - Incubation Druid
    - Ilysian Caryatid
    - Faeburrow Elder
    In order to keep the combo working without Zirda, we need mana produceur doing 4 mana.
    Faeburrow Elder with some good permanent, or Incubation Druid boosted by Leyline of Abundance and/or Kinnan should do the trick.

    With Faeburrow Elder and Idyllic Tutor, Theater of Horrors can be a kill potential as a one-of.
    Target to Kinnan can be Fae of Wishes -> kill in side. Or Cavalier of Flame for infinite boost, and hast a good number of fresly Kinnanized creature.

    Now, I need your help for:
    - Did you have some idea I miss
    - How the hell I will balance the mana producer with other element. Should I play card like Incubation ?

    Zirda work nicely with Kinnan and Incubation. Also help with Leyline to get token.
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