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  • posted a message on Help a newbie out? Nethroi, Apex of Death
    Hey everyone. So i used to play MTG competitively but that was a bit over 5 years ago and fell out of the hobby due to school and starting my career. I just started really having the time to get back into it and my friends have brought me into their group. I mainly played standard but they play commander, I am not super familiar but a good enough player to hold my own. I had a stock Prosh, The Skyraider of Kher deck and got whomped, their decks simply out preformed and were more tailored. I wanna build a deck around this card Nethroi, Apex of Death and would appreciate anyones help and suggestions. I want to stick to this animalistic and evolving type theme. Like lots of beasts, ramp, and deterrence. Thank you for you suggestions
    Posted in: Competitive Commander (cEDH)
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